15 Free Crochet Bib Patterns For Your Baby

Let your kids feed themselves and feel this happy moment watching them without having any tension of getting their clothes dirty or messy with these crochet baby bib patterns. It is such a delightful and most precious moment when you feed your baby for the first time, and as time goes after that, too, it becomes very important and valuable.

These crochet baby bibs are so cute and comfortable they will become a favorite of your little ones. They will be able to enjoy all the perks of being little while enjoying the comfort of having these on their heads. Such a warm welcome would never leave them, no matter how busy they might get or how attached they become to their primary daycare or school outfit. Not only that but these crochet bibs can also be used to make a great impression on visitors to your home, especially when they come to check out your

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Free Crochet Full Coverage Baby Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Full Coverage Baby Bib Pattern

Let your babies feed themselves freely and without taking care of getting dirty their clothes by crocheting this Crochet Full Coverage Baby Bib Pattern for them. It will provide full coverage, and your baby’s whole outfit will protective. And I am damn sure parents will thank you for your creation. It is such an easy and nice pattern that uses double crochet, chain stitch, single crochet into the back loops and the side of rows.

And its ribbed collar will allow your baby to wear this bib comfortably and for a long time without any irritation. The bib is designed to cover the shoulders of your baby, so it will also keep them cozier during winter days. So, make it for your little ones and gift it to your relatives that will appreciate you for this mind-blowing and really useful present!


Free Crochet Sweet Pea Dribble Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Sweet Pea Dribble Bib Pattern

Here is a very stylish and fabulous crochet baby bib pattern that will be a very nice baby shower gift. Its advanced level crochet technique and unique design make it every mother’s favorite baby staple. Whether you are looking for a bib pattern to absorb the slobber of a teething infant or protect the clothes while the baby starts feeding himself, this Crochet Sweet Pea Dribble Bib Pattern will cover your all desires. And you will be able to change the bib only instead of the whole dress.  Adding a pacifier clip to secure the bib really beautifies its back instead of using a button that can hurt your baby’s gentle skin. It uses Sweet Pea and picot mesh edging that creates wonderful finishing.


Free Crochet Granny Square Bandana Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Granny Square Bandana Bib Pattern

This stylish and pretty Crochet Granny Square Bandana Bib Pattern will be a very nice addition to your baby’s crochet accessories. It will give your baby a more fabulous look and add a modern touch to his outfit, along with keeping them protective. Just grab DK/8ply cotton yarn to create this easy-to-tackle crochet bib pattern using the granny square pattern. As the name shows, this pattern is more than a bib, so you can also stylize it as a bandana when your baby gets started to feed himself.


Free Crochet Watermelon Baby Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Watermelon Baby Bib Pattern

It is the magic of Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn and the crafty talent of the crafter who crocheted this wonderful Watermelon Baby Bib Pattern. It will not only save your baby’s attire from spills and spit-up but add a pop of color and fun to your loved one’s outlook. You will find this pattern very easy that could complete within two hours. And if you want, then you can go leaving embellishments of seeds and skipping bow motif. to personalize this pattern. Moreover, the color combination is completely customizable, so choose those colors that suit your style and taste.


Free Crochet Animal Friends Bibs Pattern:

Free Crochet Animal Friends Bibs Pattern

Give your babies an animal compony but safely with this Crochet Animal Friends Bibs Pattern. These are so cute that they will also adorn your child too. the project is very simple. And easily transform into any animal just by bring a few changes into facial features. it will be a nice addition to your string baby’s wardrobe. You can line the inside with absorbent terry fabric for a comfy and functional finishing look.



Easy Baby Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Easy Baby Bib Pattern

Do you love simplicity and modernization combination in one place? This lovely Crochet Easy Baby Bib Pattern will meet your criteria very easily. The beautiful addition of fabric motifs gives this pattern a new look and elegance, but you can go without these motifs to keep these rectangular bibs plain. The pattern follows easy stitch texture with Size H, 5.00 mm hook, and 100% cotton Lily Sugar’ n Cream yarn in several colours to make for yourself and your relatives too!


Baby Bandana Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Baby Bandana Bib Pattern

This is an easy and simple pattern that will work up fast and even be completed from scraps or stash yarn. Its beautiful shape makes it interesting and very adorable than an average rectangular baby bib. Use any cotton yarn in any of your leftover coloured yarn. Make a wonderful crochet Baby Bandana Bib Pattern following this idea and size H crochet hook and 100% cotton yarn and increasing stitch texture! Make several for an awesome addition to your baby’s accessory collection!

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The Dreamcatcher Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet The Dreamcatcher Bib Pattern

Here is a fabulous crochet pattern for a baby bib that you will love to crochet right now. Its long fringes give it a boho touch and add style and beautification to its appearance. It will be beneficial and fun to wear simultaneously, especially if you are in the mood for photo shooting of your baby to save these precious moments forever.  This Crochet, The Dreamcatcher Bib Pattern, has used a soft pink color, but you are free to choose the color that suits your style.

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Bandana Scarf Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet Bandana Scarf Bib Pattern

This drooling Crochet Bandana Scarf Bib Pattern will make a stylish and multi-functional accessory for your baby of 6-18 months old. Use it as emergency cleanups or a burp cloth by unfolding this bib or button it up for double-thick texture and extra protection. It’s quite easy and fast to work project that will not too much time of yours. Plus, the use of moss stitches in decreasing and increasing will provide you with a chance to practice on these stitches.  Now, you will not have to see spills and spit over your baby’s clothes, and he will look fancier and prettier wearing this trendy drooling bib!


The Wheya Dribble Bib Pattern:

Free Crochet The Wheya Dribble Bib Pattern

Now keep your baby’s clothes nat and clean even during the teething period with this Crochet The Wheya Dribble Bib Pattern. It will prove more absorbent for dribbles and keep their chin dryer and clean. Use Garnstudio DROPS Paris yarn and a 5.0 mm (H) size hook to make this bib pattern perfectly. It’s a very soft and textural bib that will prove gentle to your baby’s skin!


Daisy Baby Bib:

Free Crochet Daisy Baby Bib Pattern

Try this lovely Crochet Daisy Baby Bib Pattern during the teething months of your baby and keep him clean and safe from dribbles and germs. The daisy motif and two green leaves add too much beauty and embellishments to this pattern, and its zigzag edges come due to the use of shell stitches that give this bib a cute and fabulous touch. The pattern is easy to construct, and the stitches are solid interfaces to create dense texture to absorb more. It will surely give your baby a safe and cute look.

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Classic Baby Bib:

Free Crochet Classic Baby Bib Pattern

Make this simple yet stylish Crochet Classic Baby Bib Pattern that will surely prove very fast to complete. You will find this pattern beginner-friendly and quick to make with zero sewings. Its rounded and curved edges give it a classic look that every mama would love to try during his baby’s feeding and teething period. It is designed without long thin straps; instead, a wide strap has been crocheted, attached with Velcro from both sides of the bib.  The pattern is simple to follow and easy to work on right now!

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Formal Baby Drool Bibs:

Free Crochet Formal Baby Drool Bibs Pattern

Forget old and boring designed bibs and try something really innovative and fun to crochet bib patterns. These fabulous and interesting Crochet Formal Baby Drool Bibs will be such a wonderful addition to your baby’s wearing accessories. The Tuxedo bib and Ruffled Dress with Pearls bib can be a fun and interesting project to work on, and the finishing result will be really rewarding as your babies will look superbly cool and just like a real prince and princess!

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Animal Friends Bibs:

Free Crochet Animal Friends Bibs Pattern

Do you love to add animal features to your cute little ones’ accessories? These fabulous Crochet Animal Friends Bibs Pattern will not only be very practical but prove the best friend of your babies too. You can add the features of your favorite animals to the bibs and create fun and interest in your personalized pattern. These Chick, bunny, and lamb bibs will bring a sure smile to your little ones’ faces and make them always ready to have a memorable dinner with their mama. These will also be a great last-minute gift too!


Minnie Mouse Basic Bib:

Free Minnie Mouse Basic Pattern

Make your little princess ready for a fantastic dinner at home or a party with this Crochet Minnie Mouse Basic Bib Pattern.  A great opportunity will be for you to use it as simple or add motifs, bows, or even letters to give it a more sophisticated and stylish look. So easy and quick to make, you would love to have so many ways to personalize this cute Disney character-shaped bib!

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