Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas For Inspiration

Do you love plants? Are you looking for some new and creative ways to display your plants? Maybe you’re tired of spending money on expensive plant pots and have wanted to start farming yourself. Or maybe you’ve started a garden in your backyard and are looking for ways to make it more aesthetic. This list is going to be very helpful and useful for you to display and your plants in a unique as well as decorative way. These DIY plant stand ideas are going to prove a centerpiece or a showcase of your home decor. These awesome plant stands will serve you with more functionality and a beautiful home look at the same time.

Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas For Inspiration:

Whether you want a modern decor theme or want to add a classic touch to your interior, from rustic to luxurious styles flower pots, we have added all kinds of stunning and fabulous ways to make your own DIY plant stand ideas to become a focal point of your home decor. Using materials you may have around the house, you can create a display that not only makes a beautiful impression on visitors to your home but also showcases your gardening expertise. While you may be tempted to use basic materials like plastic or styrofoam, you will be surprised at how well these displays work with wood and other natural materials.

Many people who check out these types of displays end up buying additional items based on how beautiful they are. DIY Plant stand ideas are a great way to put plant leaves and blooming flowers on display. If you have ever wondered how to make the DIY plant stand ideas out among all the other plants in your home or garden, these step-by-step photos will show you how. I’ll start by giving you a few different options for making DIY plant stands that are made out of the material you have in your home. So let’s get started!

DIY Modern Wood Plant Stands:

DIY Modern Wood Plant Stands

Home décor ideas are always the subject of interest for every person and with this guide, you can start planting your very own minimalist plant along with adding a perfect piece of the wood plant stand to your home. It will be an excellent beautifying piece for your home and the admirable easier making will surely be great to add the minimal space occupier stands for your plant pots.


DIY Floating Plant Shelf:

DIY Floating Plant Shelf

Here is an easy-to-make DIY floating shelf you can make yourself. This style of shelf has been around for a long time and has excellent use abilities, which make it everyone’s favorite. This simple but modern styled floating shelf can be a great styling piece for your home decor or even a small workstation if put in the right location. The rope added also gives it another layer of style that makes this shelf looks extremely attractive and amazing! Add succulents on top of this floating shelf to make it great for your bedroom.


DIY Wooden Plant Stands:

DIY Wooden Plant Stands

We all love the fresh green touch of plants in homes and apartments. But it becomes difficult, especially in summers, to buy those indoor plants. So we came up with the idea of DIY wooden plant stands. It is very useful in winters also. These DIY wooden plant stands can easily be made using a bit of wood and creativity. Then bring home your favorite plants and enjoy the freshness created by them for a longer time.


DIY Copper Round Plant Stand:

DIY Copper Round Plant Stand

This DIY Copper Round Plant Stand is great efficient to be a part of your home decor. But, it is easier than you think. We are here to make it easier for you. You have to get a simple 2″ copper pipe and mold it in admirable round shape to make this superb DIY plant stand. In addition to being a great decorative element, this DIY Copper Round Plant Stand can hold a glass or flower pot so that you can put some flowers inside your room and sit back to enjoy its beautiful sight.


DIY Plant Stand With Free Plans:

DIY Plant Stand With Free Plans

Here we come with an easy-to-make little housewarming gift for your loved ones. This amazing DIY plant stand will be great to hold your plant pots and have many other useabities; you can put a glass jar or pot on the top to fill with candies for the children’s party or flowers for the decorations.


DIY Plant Stand:

DIY Plant Stand

Are you looking for an elegant and budget-friendly DIY plant stand? Look no further; this easy-to-make plant stand is a great way to display your favorite flowers in your home without spending too much. The construction is simple and easier with the solid wood you can find at your local store, while the piece features a stool-inspired design that will fit well with other wooden objects. You can use it for the main door entrance to put a huge nature-inspired decorative essence.


Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand:

Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this plant stand is a decorative touch to any room or landscape. Its simple assembly makes this piece a snap to build, and its concrete top offers you years of contemporary design. The sturdy wooden legs and the rustic appearance of the concrete top will make this pant stand an excellent option to keep the succulent pots and enhance the admirabiltiy of your home décor.


DIY Modern Plant Stand:

DIY Modern Plant Stand

Celebrate the arrival of the new year by adding this simple and unique DIY Modern Plant Stand to your home. Before the summer, it will be a great practice to keep the space reserve for your plant pots to add beautiful colored summer flowers to your home décor. It fits excellent along with your sofa and also be great to put along with the side table in the bedroom. You can modify the size of the legs and change the width to fit your desire and needs.


DIY Japanese Plant Stand:

DIY Japanese Plant Stand

Try this Japanese Plant Stand to make adorable and unique additions to your home décor without spending too much. Because of the stylized appearance and unique design, it will surely be great to be a part of modern stylizations. It’s wider at the bottom and a bit congested at the top. It provides a decent and unique touch to this plant stand and makes it well fit for modern stylization.


DIY Pallet Plant Stand:

DIY Pallet Plant Stand

What makes this project so much fun is its versatility. This easy-to-build plant stand is made with pallet wood and can be customized to fit on any part of your house. All you need is a few tools and some boards from the local hardware store. It fits almost everyone’s budget and also be a versatile option to welcome everyone at your home’s entrance.



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