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Drawing And Sketching

We are an online platform dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: drawing. Drawing is a fantastic way to express your creativity, boost your confidence, and perhaps make some money by selling your artwork too. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with some articles where we have gathered super exciting and unique drawing guides for kids and adults to follow.

Free Crochet Patterns

We have free crochet patterns every season, including cute baby and toddler patterns. Plus, we offer a range of easy crochet projects for beginners to experts. Check out our featured patterns or browse through all the categories below.

DIY Projects

So many inexpensive, creative ways to completely transform your space with these easy DIY projects. Ideal for creative types who love to decorate, design, and build.

DIY Crafts

Crafting is much more than just a weekend activity or a way to pass idle time. Discover a wide range of craft ideas that are easy and fun to make. Start creating handmade gifts for friends and family, plus home decoration items today, with minimal effort!

DIY For Pet

Looking for the perfect gift for your pet? This collection of crafts is a do-it-yourself kit and is great for anyone with a pet. These are easy, fun, and are great to make with your children or grandchildren. You will be the talk of friends when they see you make these wonderful creations. Put the smiles on their faces they way they do on yours!

DIY Automotive

DIY Automotive section provides a constant source of automotive inspiration, supplying the modern man and woman with ideas for creative improvements, modifications, and functions.

Tie Dye Projects

Learn how to create colorful tie-dye shirts, hoodies, socks, and more with these easy tie-dye tutorials for beginners. I’ll share all of the essential tips and tricks you need to know to make all sorts of tie-dye designs – including bleach tie-dye, ice dye, and that perfect rainbow spiral – right at home.


Our mission is to make sewing easy, fun, and accessible. We have gathered sewing patterns for apparel, home decor, accessory, and beautiful sewing options by independent designers worldwide.