24 DIY Stamp Ideas To Use Anywhere

DIY Stamp Ideas 1

Do you want a handmade stamp that is perfect for a personalized card? If you love creating cards, scrapbook pages, and other DIY projects, a great way to make your projects even more special is by adding a stamp. Stamps are a fun, simple, and effective way to mark belongings. However, if you do not want to spend the money on buying a brand new one or make it yourself with little or no effort. DIY Stamp Ideas are easy to make; even kids can join in making them. All you need is some craft paper, glue, and a few small items that can be used as a pattern. It is also safe to make because it does not involve any chemicals or other potentially harmful substances.

With this DIY guide, you will learn how to create adorable stamps as well as give amazing craft ideas while doing so. You can make it as big or as small as you need and customize it for any occasion. It may take a little more time, but it is worth it because you will never have to worry about buying a new one again.

DIY Stamp Ideas

24 DIY Stamp Ideas To Use Anywhere

It can be done in various ways like stamping on paper or stamped onto fabric or other items that can be used as a decal. Well, we have covered you with a list of 24 DIY stamp ideas you can make at home. Have fun with these DIY stamp ideas with your kids and make them. You can use different kinds of materials like plastic, paper, wood, etc., and tools such as paint brushes and pens to create unique stamps for your home. These stamps can also add character to your scrapbooking projects or be used as decoration in offices or homes.

DIY Stamp Tutorial


You can easily make a stamp home and reuse it as often as you want. This DIY stamp is easy, inexpensive, and fun. You need foam paper, a cutting board, woodblocks to help paste the designs on them, UHU glue, etc. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. A perfect present for your loved ones either at a party or just as a stocking filler. This kit makes a great gift for kids – they can create their own designs and make things they love during their free time or after-school activities!

How To Stamp Without Stamps

How To Stamp Without Stamps

Stamps are great for creating your own distinct designs that you can use to stamp an endless number of objects. But what if you don’t want to buy lots of stamps? Or maybe, you have a unique material that wouldn’t work with any existing stamp. A clean, crisp printing stamp can be made by using everyday materials. When creating a design, think about how a letter or image can be incorporated into your art and have fun creating with them! Take time to plan your design and make sure that it is handmade and not off-the-shelf store-bought. That will help add credibility to your business, as well as increase the amount of money you could potentially make by selling these stamps or making stencils out of them.

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DIY Rubber Stamps

Get your colored pencils out and start doodling! This video demonstrates how to make your very own rubber stamps from erasers. This is a DIY Eraser Stamp that you might enjoy making. You need to carve out your design on the eraser under a protective layer of tape, then cover in ink and stamp away. Be sure to use ink pads that work well with your project since all ink will not be the same.

How To Carve A Rubber Stamp

How To Carve A DIY Rubber Stamp

Carving a rubber stamp can be difficult, but with the right tools and technique, carving a stamp is simple. Making a rubber stamp is easy with these simple steps. 1. Get your carving rubber, pencil, white paper, and other required tools. 2. Get creative and design. 3. Place the carving rubber on top of the design, using a pencil to trace over the lines of your design. 4. Cut out your design with an X-acto knife and remove any excess from around the edge with a hobby knife or scissors.

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Homemade Stamp Tutorial

With the DIY Stamp ideas, you can make your own stamps in any shape or size. The video above walks you through the simple process of creating and applying your stamp design to a sponge. Once you have created your stamp, pop in a box, add ink, and stamp away! You can use any sponge or sponge-like object to make a stamp. Here are the steps:1) Wrap the sponge or sponge-like object in plastic wrap, then place it in the center of the ring box. 2) Mix paint, varnish, and glue together until you get your stamp’s desired consistency. 3) Squeeze some paint onto your stamp and stamp away!

How To Make Steel Stamp

A steel stamp is a different type of stamp than a regular wax, the most important difference being the hardness and strength of this stamp. A steel stamp can be made in 30 minutes by a professional, whereas beginners need to work hard just like apprentices who would learn by doing. This stamp requires high carbon steel for making it and requires some machines for cutting the steel.

DIY Cork Stamp Idea

DIY Cork Stamps

If you love to write, this DIY cork stamp will be a great thing for you to do. It is a fun way to make your own stamps for personal or professional use. You can make a custom stamp in any size by drawing its design on any corkboard. The stamp pad or ink for deep impression can be used as well. It will leave an impression on your artwork on paper and make your handwritten notes more beautiful and stylish.

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Custom Rubber Stamp

This DIY tutorial teaches how to make a custom rubber stamp at home. This guide will show you how to make your own stamped images using several different materials, including silicone patches, cornstarch, and silicone putty. The final product is a very functional tool that can be created in minutes, without having to spend a fortune on store-bought stamp sets.

Easy To Make Rubber Stamps

DIY Rubber Stamps

You should start with a block of linoleum and carve it into a stamp using a craft knife. Make sure you have the logo or design you want to use for your stamp carved into a smooth surface for stamping. You can then use epoxy to glue the handle onto the block. Get started with making your own custom-made rubber stamps today!

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How To Make A Stamp

How To Make A Stamp

Rubber stamps serve as a quick, easy and inexpensive way to show off your personality. If you’re into crafting and like to add a creative touch of your own to any project, then you probably need one! This tutorial will show you how to make a stamp from scratch so you can create custom designs on anything from t-shirts and scrapbook pages, to upholstery and even decorated cupcakes! Making stamps is one of the easiest things to actually do as long as you get them right. You need to put your body in the right place so that you can make sure that you are delivering them properly and it’s all about how you feel when you deliver your punches. The best way to do this is just to practice until you get used to what it feels like when you hit your target.

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How To Make Your Stamp

How To Carve Your Stamps

This tutorial teaches you how to make stamps out of erasers and then use them. You will gain various skills during the tutorial, including design, carving, and imprinting. You will also get creative ideas for using your stamp once it is done. Transferring your design to the eraser requires some planning. You must decide what you want to carve and how big or small it should be. Before you begin, drawing a tracing image on your design paper is best. Once you’ve got your design on paper, place the paper over the eraser and trace around the design onto it. Take care not to press too hard on the eraser, as this can rip or chip it away.

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How To Make A Stamp

How To Make A Stamp In 3 Ways

Stamps are used to make a print on paper or fabric. They can be used in patterns and give the pattern a 3d effect. Making stamps from rubber erasers, sponges and potatoes is the easiest way to get started and have your own personalized design! Since these materials are easy to come by in your home and office, you can start making them now. Before you begin to make a stamp, it is important to know how the stamps are made and the different kinds of materials that can make a stamp. The rubber eraser is soft and easy to use, allowing you better control over your design. The stamp made using the potato method is a washable one as it has paint on it. Each method will be explained in detail and the advantages and disadvantages of each will be highlighted.

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Words Stamps From Foam

To make your own word stamps, you will need to print out the letters you have created on paper. When transferring them onto the foam sheet, these can be used as your reference. You will also need a pen for tracing and painting, glue or a hot glue gun if using foam sheets, a stamp pad, and ink. Once you have laid out the letters on your foam sheet and traced them around each letter, you can then start decorating them by filling them in with ink or watercolor paints.

Eraser Stamp Idea

Eraser stamps are used to create a design on stamping paper. They’re one of the simplest stamps for beginners, as you only need an eraser and some tracing paper. This post will show you how to make your own eraser stamp using my favorite blendable ink by Ranger called Dylusions Ink (I promise it’s so much easier than it sounds!). When looking for materials, we recommend picking up a package of foam sheets.

Since eraser stamps are fairly unforgiving when it comes to transferring designs onto them they need something they can easily cling to–foam sheets are just what the doctor ordered. At first glance, they may seem like plain old colored pieces of paper, but these little boogers have many uses! For one thing: They’re fantastic at absorbing moisture, so if you’re working with a wet medium (watercolor paints) or even oil-based paints, simply place sheets underneath your painting surface as an extra barrier between your painting surface and your artwork.

DIY Stamp Idea

DIY stamps are a fun crafting tool for children and adults alike. With their range of uses and minimal effort, they can become a favorite in your household. Built out of simple materials and easy to create with basic skills, creating DIY stamps can be done in a matter of hours. DIY stamp ideas are a great way to add an unexpected touch to your crafting projects. Whether making a custom stamp for yourself or creating a unique party invitation, you can easily make one from any design you have in mind. But before you start cutting and sticking, there are some things to remember.

Metal Stamping

DIY Metal Stamping

Creating a DIY metal stamp is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add some bling to your craft. It’s also a great way to customize your trinkets, gifts, and signage. With just a couple of tools and an online tutorial, you can make your own metal stamps in about an hour. Learn how to make a metal stamp for your artwork. In this class, we will show you how to create a positive and negative die from 3D models that are then printed in plastic, cast in metal, and then used to stamp the aluminum sheet. This project begins drafting your drawing in fusion 360 and ends with a custom-made stamp.

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Silicone Stamp Idea

In this DIY, we’ll show you how to make your own custom stamps. Step 1 is to make an impression of your design on paper with a pencil.  The next step is to cut out the shape made in Step 1 and apply it to the silicone that will form your stamp. Step 3 is to tape the edges of both sides of your stamp together, leaving a small gap at one end just big enough for a toothpick handle. And finally, fill in the gap with silicone sealant and let dry before trying out your new stamp.

How To Make Rubber Stamp

How To Make Pro Rubber Stamps

This tutorial will teach you how to make a professional rubber stamp. The process includes engraving a plaster tile and carving a design into it, making a stamp, making an ink well, and making a tool to engrave with. At the beginning of this video, you will learn how to make a plaster tile for your stamp. You need to create an image of your own or use one that came with your kit. Then you can create paths for the CNC machine to follow when engraving it by using any program such as Solidworks or Sketchup before taking it over for engraving on the CNC machine using CAM software like KiCAD, OpenSCAD, or Synchronous Wavefront Designer.

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DIY Foam Stamp For Kids

DIY Foam Stamps For Kids

These DIY Foam Stamps are a great way to help children learn about design and art and be super fun! They’re perfect for any artwork or crafts project. This great beginner craft project can be done in one afternoon. It uses a medium of foam shapes and can be made for any occasion or for holiday decorating.  It’s super easy to make, and the results are really fantastic.

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DIY Rubber Stamp Idea

If you love writing and journaling, this DIY rubber stamp can add a personal touch to your planner. DIY isn’t difficult but requires patience, creativity, and imagination to create the design you envision. This project can be done in several steps. This tutorial will make a quick-printable stamp using an eraser and a clear file folder. To complete this project you will need scissors, a permanent marker/Sharpie (black), and a file folder with backing: clear or white brandishing your own name. After you’ve drawn out what you want it to look like, cut it out with scissors and trace over it with your permanent marker (or sharpie). Once satisfied with how it looks, place the outline against your rubber stamp, paint the inside with glue, and put a heavy book on top until the glue dries completely.

Homemade Stamp For Kids

Homemade Stamps For Kids

Crafty kids will love making their own stamps using common household items like buttons, sponges, and paper. Kids can customize their stamps by color-coding them with paint or markers. Once you have the basic design of your stamp, you can use the same template with different materials to create a whole set. The tutorial below shows you six different ways to make stamps using common household items and these stamps can be customized for any theme or holiday.

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Rubber Stamp Making

This is a great project for anyone who is looking to make their own rubber stamps. This kit includes all the materials you will need to make one stamp, including a photopolymer, transparency film, printer, inkjet printer, clips, and stamp handle. You will also need a lightbox or other UV light source, brushes, and cleaning materials. The process is simple but involves a bit of trial and error – there is no one right way to do it; you have to be creative! Once you see how easy it is to make your own stamps this way, you will never want to buy them again!

Wax Seal Stamp

Wax Seal Stamp DIY

If you are crafty and want to decorate your letters, this stamp tutorial could be great. The wax seal stamp is very easy to make and can be used in a letter to enhance and make it more special. They can make a letter or package more special and meaningful. This is also a great way to create a handmade card for someone who will love it. In making these, you will need pieces of dowel 2cm wide and 6cm long, manuscripts pink sealing wax, card and envelope, lighter, glue, etc.

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DIY Vintage Foam Stamp Idea

Vintage Foam Stamps

This vintage foam stamp is a great DIY project that can be made repeatedly. The maker used their favorite images, colors, and supplies to do this project. She used blank ink, blush avocado dyed fabric, Eva foam sheet, and mod podge to create this unique shape. Materials include double-sided adhesive sheets and other regular crafting items. Each stamped piece will come out uniquely different every time you use your handmade stamps!


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