16 DIY Cat Fountain Plans For Kitties

DIY Cat Fountain Plans

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves the outside water fountain more than his pet fountain? Cats evolved by living in environments with plenty of fresh, flowing water. Many cats would never drink from their bowl unless it were fresh. Cats are also very aware of their environment and like to check out new things that they come across. And if you do not want your cat doing unhygienic or unhealthy things, then getting them their own water fountain has been proven to be the best result. DIY Cat Fountain Plans are a great way to help your fussy cat drink more water to stay healthy and avoid urinary tract disease and bladder infections.

DIY Cat Fountain Plans

16 DIY Cat Fountain Plans For Kitties

Cat fountains are also incredibly easy to make so you can make your own for very little money. The best cat fountain ensures that the cat has fresh, clean water so he can drink as much of it as he wants. It also protects the water from stagnating, reducing the chances of algae and bacteria developing in the bowl. Pet fountains are ideal for cats who have grown bored by their water bowl and would rather get a drink while enjoying other activities.

I have compiled an epic list of 16 DIY cat fountain plans to help you make your drinking fountain for your cat. This compilation includes some of the most innovative and interesting indoor and outdoor cat fountains I have ever seen. No matter what skill level you are at or what type of budget you have, I guarantee you will find a DIY cat fountain here that suits your needs perfectly.

Simple Cat Water Fountain

Your cat will love this water fountain, so you won’t have to keep filling her bowl. This cat water fountain comprises a plastic bucket, water pipe, and a battery-operated pump. The free-falling stream of water gives your cat hours of entertainment she’ll be sure to enjoy. It also has an adjustable flow rate, so you can control how much water comes from it for an optimal drinking experience! It’s super easy to assemble and simple enough for anyone to use! You can even customize it with different colored buckets and paint!

DIY Cat Fountain Idea

DIY Cat Fountain

Do you have a family cat constantly thirsty and running after you for water? Are you tired of dumping your cat’s water bowl daily to keep it from getting smelly? This simple DIY cat fountain can completely change that. This can be all yours with just a fountain and some popsicle sticks. This DIY cat fountain is incredibly simple and easy to make, and it will ensure that your cat always has water at their disposal. You only need a few supplies, including a small fountain, popsicle sticks, and hot glue. The project is also inexpensive and rewarding since once you have made this fountain, you can customize it in any way you want.

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Cool Cat Water Fountain With PVC Pipe

While cat water bowls are useful and necessary, they lack a certain amount of excitement. What if we could turn our cat’s water bowl into more like a park? This DIY Cat Water Fountain is a little fountain for your kitty to drink from that also includes a waterfall, so your kitty can enjoy both exercise and hydration. The water flow makes a light sound, enticing cats to drink more frequently than they would from a traditional bowl.

DIY Cat Fountain Filter

Filtered Cat Fountain

Thanks to this DIY cat fountain, your cat will love clean drinking water that’s free of bacteria, and you won’t have to worry about refilling the bowl. The materials you need are a bottle top (for creating an air bubble in the water), a water filter, and a large bowl. You’ll also need plastic or wood pieces (as shims) to stabilize the filter inside the bowl. This DIY cat fountain is a simple project that can be completed in about an hour. You will need to decide whether you want your cat fountain to sit on the floor or hang from the wall, depending on how much space you have and where you’d like the cat drinking water to be.

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DIY Water Fountain For Cats

If you have a cat and live in an apartment, you probably want to provide your cat with a water fountain. This is the cheapest DIY fountain you can find around. It is made from a stainless steel pot, dog feeding bowl, USB adapter, tube, and water pump. The pump pumps filtered water from the bottom up through tiny holes in the tube and into the bowl. This fountain keeps your pet hydrated while discouraging them from drinking pool or standing water and reducing their chances of getting Giardia, Cryptosporidium, or Feline Calicivirus (FCV). You can also use this bowl for dog food, and cats will use it as their drinking bowl.

Nature Style DIY Cat Fountain

DIY Cat Fountain 1

This cat fountain is the perfect addition to your patio or garden. It features an interactive water fountain that keeps cats hydrated and a large ceramic bowl or salad bowl for your pets to drink from. This unique and functional piece of art features a beautiful, colorful design that instantly adds ambiance to any room. The sturdy bamboo accent is sturdy and long-lasting, while the ceramic bowl or salad bowl makes it easy to clean. It is made from bamboo accents and includes gemstones that add a touch of elegance and make it stand out in your yard or garden.

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Easy To Make Pet Fountain

If you love the sound of running water and you want to provide your cat or dog with fresher, cleaner, and tastier water, this DIY Pet Fountain is a fantastic option. The DIY pet fountain brings water closer to your cat for a great, healthy drinking experience. A waterfall helps circulate the water through the fountain, keeping it fresh and oxygenated. The simple design has a built-in filter that keeps your water always clean, a ceramic bowl, and a pet feeding bowl. The entire fountain is made from food-grade plastic, so it’s safe for any pets that want to drink from it.

How To Make A Cat Water Fountain

How To Make A Cat Water tank

If you want to ensure that your cat has plenty of water, a cat fountain can be a great option. It’s simple to make and easy to keep clean. This DIY fountain uses a fish tank filter and a power surge strip protector to create the fountain’s running water source. By filtering the water first through the filter, you’ll ensure that it’s clean and safe for your pet while preventing any dangerous electrical shocks. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a water feature to your home that will help keep unnecessary toxins away from your furry friend. The fish tank filter keeps the water clean while keeping the noise down.

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Easy Cat Water Fountain

The easiest way to keep your cat hydrated is with a water fountain. Most cats prefer running water, and some might not be fond of drinking from bowls. A DIY cat water fountain can also make a great addition to your home décor or room decorating ideas. One of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy cat is ensuring they are drinking enough water each day. Cats can get dehydrated very quickly and even get stressed out if they don’t feel well because they cannot drink when they want to. To help combat this, many pet owners have purchased pet fountains for their feline companions to increase the likelihood that their cats will be able to keep themselves hydrated at all times.

Cat Water Fountain Plan

 Cat Water bowl

Keep your cat’s water supply fresh with this easy DIY fountain. Use two porcelain bowls and a recycled aquarium pump to create a water catchment area for your cat, or fill it with running water. This fountain is perfect for cats who prefer running water to stagnant, unlike most pet fountains and bowls. This DIY cat fountain project is the perfect way to save money, eliminate plastic bottles and keep your cats hydrated!


Water Fountain For Cat

This do-it-yourself project is easy, so you don’t need to be a handyman to create one. This video shows a simple way to create your water fountain for your feline friend. You can make this DIY water fountain by anyone handy with tools. The materials needed are a stainless steel bowl, a water pump, activated carbon, and filtration media bags. The PVC pipe that holds everything together can be found at any home improvement store. To finish it off, you will also need silicone caulk and an air pump rated for aquariums or ponds.

Water Fountain For Multiple Cats

This DIY Water Fountain For Cats is an easy solution to a cat’s water problem. Your cat will be amused when they see their drink gush out of this fountain. You can easily make it home with a small pot, pump, activated carbon, ceramic filter rings, and any filter material. This idea may seem simple initially, but it will keep your cat healthy and hydrated all day long. If your furry friend likes to drink lots of water, upgrade to a larger water pump at a pet store or online store such as Amazon.

Cat Water Fountain

The cat water fountain DIY is easy to make and provides a great way for your pet to get fresh water. This is an excellent option if you have multiple cats or dogs because they often prefer drinking from moving water rather than stagnant bowls of water. You can decorate this wall-mounted fountain to match any décor with a low maintenance factor. With their sleek modern design, fountains are also aesthetically pleasing, so that this one will look great in your living room, bedroom or kitchen! It’s also a great addition to any home or apartment and will make your cats feel right at home. While fun to watch, fountains can also urge cats to drink more water.

Automatic Cat Water Fountain

For a fun and quick DIY project, turn a water bottle into an auto-watering fountain for your cat. It’s the perfect solution to avoid messy dripping and dripping, which can go through furniture or carpets. Easy to use, you’ll need a plastic bottle, bowl, glue, pump, and hose. This automatic cat water fountain is easy to make and will make your cat happy. Cut the upper part of a water bottle, drill a small hole in it, and glue the hose to the pump. Place the pump inside, then drill another hole by opening the bottle and passing the hose through it. Place a small bowl on top of the bottle and ensure that it allows the hose to pass through it while covering most of its opening.

Large Cat Water Fountain

The DIY Cat Water Fountain helps to keep your cat happy and hydrated. Create a cat water fountain using rocks, hot glue, and pipe. The DIY version of a fountain is designed specifically for your cat to drink from and created from 2 pieces of stocker foam, super glue, and hot glue. Run a piece of PVC pipe through the middle of the foam board, attach it to a fountain pump, and let it fill up with water. The cat must paw at the rocks until they fall into the water below to get its drink.

Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

The materials needed are a Ceramic bowl, ceramic pump cover, water pump, and hose. First, you will want to clean the bowl of any hair or grease build-up on it. The easiest way to do this is to wash it in the kitchen sink with soap and warm water. Next, you will want to place the pump onto the bottom of the bowl with an adhesive pad or glue. Then put in your hose and ensure enough slack on either side so that when you turn on your fountain, it will not get caught under water pressure.

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