17 DIY Fender Flares Ideas For You

We often go for off-road riding in our 4-wheelers. It demands us to make certain upgrades to ensure safety, better performance & increased lifespan. One such necessary modification is fender flares. These accessories go with the wheels and tires of vehicles. They cover the sides, preventing fenders from dust, water & mud. Moreover, the flares improve the tire clearance of the vehicle by widening it. Again, you can install aftermarket options to boost your 4-wheeler’s appearance from a practical point of view. To lower the cost of customization, you can salvage the plastic fenders from a junkyard. These functional DIY Fender Flares Ideas will help you get rid of mud from tires and prevent rusting in the wheel wells.

DIY Fender Flares Ideas

17 DIY Fender Flares Ideas For You

In this write-up, we have 12 DIY Fender Flares Ideas to create fender flares for your own or someone else’s 4-wheeler. You can adapt any of these methods as per your requirements and available resources. Various models, sizes & shapes come built with plenty of customizing options. Regardless of whether you want a complicated or simple look, these DIY fender flares are ideal for your needs. How about putting that creativity to a better purpose? With a bit of effort and some essential tools, you can build affordable custom fender flares for all your vehicles. Let’s check them out!

17 DIY Fender Flares Ideas For You

7. Fender Flares Home Made And Cheap

Fender Flares Home Made And Cheap

DIY fender flares are a great mod that can transform the look of your truck, car, or jeep. They add a nice rugged look to your vehicle and come in many different styles. Looking for some fender flares but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck today because we will go over how to make fender flares on your own. With a few tools, materials, and a little bit of patience, you can create some amazing-looking flares for your vehicle for not too much money.


8. DIY 4×4 Fender Flare

DIY fender flares are one of those simple DIY projects that can make a huge difference in how your vehicle looks. If you’ve ever wanted to add fender flares to any of your vehicles but didn’t want to fork over hundreds of dollars for aftermarket ones, this video will show you how easy it can be. These DIY fender flares can easily be modified to fit any vehicle and help you gain that custom look without the custom price tag. You don’t have to be a metal fabricator. Just take your time, and you’ll be fine.

9. Cheap DIY Fender Flare

Now you only need to follow the tutorial throughout to have your passenger side and driver side fender flares installed. This could be a huge relief for your vehicle. You don’t have to pay someone else to install these on your car, nor do you need to spend a lot of money and time figuring out how they work and then getting them working by yourself. And don’t worry about what kind of vehicle you own either. These flares are designed for almost any type of car or truck with outer fenders.

10. Custom Steel Fender Flare

Your vehicle may be missing something. It was designed to hold a smaller tire and fender combo. If your tires are more extensive, you’ll want this tutorial. You’ll learn all the steps to create your own custom flares using steel and a welder. We believe in keeping things simple and easy, so we make sure you can understand them quickly. This makes this project even more important since you save yourself a lot of money by avoiding those costly repairs. This is a fun project that will make you proud to be one of the few who know how this is done!

11. Plastic Fender Flare Buildup

This DIY project video helps you build a fender flare quickly. The tutorial outlines the steps in detail and tells you the necessary materials to be used and the tools needed to make your flares. You can cut out a piece of PVC plastic, tape it with some cardboard to get the shape, then take it for etching using a cutter and wrap it around the wheel well. To make necessary cuts, measure the wheel well from the inside and use a bumper guard molded nose before applying glue or adhesive.

12. Metal Widebody DIY Fender

We know that sound alone sells. But this fender is going to need a video. We’re making a complete tutorial to go with it, and we want you to be able to follow it in sequence from start to finish. Along with the actual build, we’ll be including some real-time walk-through of the process and perhaps a few fun extras like additional pictures and maybe some “behind-the-scenes” footage of the build process. We have already done a ton of work pulling out all the old rusty metal and custom ordering everything for our new wider fenders.

13. Custom Widebody Fender Flare

This custom-painting tutorial allows the viewers to learn about fender flares on pickup truck vehicles. It is designed for pickup trucks’ body mods, especially for its panels. Your vehicle would be more stylized by it. Fiberglass fender flares are easy to apply compared to metal or plastic variants. However, fiberglass requires heat to fit your truck panel precisely and perfectly. In addition, you must make an additional effort to remove its sharp edges before installing. Our widebody flares provide a stylish and durable way to modify your tire specs. Look great, drive better!

14. Off-Road Vehicle Fender Flares

Fender flares, or mudguards, are often used first and foremost to protect the vehicle’s paint and body. But they’ve also become a characteristic of specific types of automobiles that have undergone modifications. They offer protection against road debris from just about anywhere, thanks to the custom brackets built alongside each wheel. Aside from vehicle tires, the trend of rugged off-road accessories has grown in recent years. Indeed, it allows you to adapt the driving style on any terrain yet get stuck. If necessary, this section provides more details.

15. $100 Or Less Homemade Fender Flares

$100 Or Less Homemade Fender Flares

Have you ever wondered how people get those cool fender flares on their trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps? Do you want to add a personal touch to your car or truck? Or maybe you have recently bought a used car or truck and want to add some flare to it? Well, look no further! You can now add those cool fender flares that are so popular but don’t break the bank! This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to make your own fender flares using parts found at most hardware stores. The end result looks professional and is a fraction of the cost of aftermarket fenders!


16. Lawn Edging Fender Flares

Lawn Edging Fender Flares

These lawn edging fender flares are easy to keep grass and soil from building up against your mower tires. The edging material is made from flexible plastic that bends easily without breaking so that it fits around the tires in any position. The lawn edging fender flares are powerful and will not tear when you pull on them, but they will flex and bend back into their original shape as soon as you stop pulling on them. Lawnmowers with larger tires will not work well with this product. The project is inexpensive and straightforward, works on both front and rear tires, and only takes an afternoon to create.


17. Make Custom Fender Flares

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