25 Cheap DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

DIY Kitchen Island Ideas 1

Kitchen islands are the perfect way to give your kitchen an upgrade that brings style, space, and extra storage. Enhance your cooking experience and create a unique atmosphere in your home with a kitchen island from Crate & Barrel! Kitchen islands aren’t just for looks—they have a lot of practical uses. They serve as extra prep space, so you can get food prepped ahead of time, and they make it easy to keep an eye on how things are coming along. There are several designs for you to choose from. From DIY square islands to concrete ones and corner islands, these 25 amazing DIY kitchen island ideas will inspire you to redo your space.

DIY Kitchen Island Plans

25 Cheap DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

Your kitchen islands can be both useful and stylish, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 23 DIY kitchen island with seating ideas to get you inspired. Whether you have enough space and the tools to build one from scratch or are on a tight budget, we’ve got plenty of ideas that are easy to do at home. These Small DIY Kitchen island ideas inspire you to get creative and help you find the perfect piece for your home. We have a design for you if you’re hoping to jazz up your kitchen or create an additional eating and gathering area.

DIY Small Kitchen Island Ideas For Indoor

A kitchen island allows you to have a more seamless and unified look. It also allows you to add functionality to your space, like extra storage or additional seating. If you’re considering adding a kitchen island, many options suit your needs. You can choose wood, metal, or even glass for the base of your island. The top can be made out of stone, wood, or marble and is designed to fit seamlessly with other pieces in your kitchen.

Benefits Of Upcycled DIY Kitchen Island

  • Space: You’ll want to ensure that the area where you plan to place the island has enough space. If your kitchen is too small and crowded, it could be time to consider adding another room or renovating your existing one.
  • Style: Do you want your island to complement or contrast with the rest of your kitchen? Are you going for a more traditional look or something more modern? Answering these questions will help determine what materials and colors you should use when building it.
  • Functionality: What will be most important to you when designing this area? Is it going to be used as an extra workspace or just somewhere else to put stuff while cooking? How much storage space do you need? Before starting construction, it’s important to figure out exactly how much use this part of your home will get so that it doesn’t end up being wasted space (which can happen if an item isn’t used properly).
  • Price: How much money do you have aside for this project? When building something from scratch (rather than buying something pre-

Low Budget Kitchen Island:

Low Budget Kitchen Island
Have you ever dreamed of having a space in your kitchen where you can do what you want? This kitchen island has everything you need! Its elegant design and durable surface make it a great piece to fit any room decor. Whether your family or friends stop by, they will be impressed by this unique piece and its functionality. A kitchen island is a great way to create an efficient, effective, and welcoming space. You can use one for extra counter space to handle those big projects, or you can use it as a breakfast bar with stools to make the most out of your dining area.


DIY Kitchen Island For Small Kitchen:

DIY Kitchen Island For Small Kitchen
Finding a home with a spacious kitchen is difficult, but it’s easy to transform your small place into a kitchen you’ll love cooking in—with a DIY island. Because this too-good-to-be-true addition surfaces when you need extra counter space and is hidden when it’s not in use, it’s perfect for home cooks focused on efficiency. A custom island could be built of butcher block or laminate countertops, and the look can range from sleek and modern to traditional, with plenty of storage space under the surface. This kitchen island do-it-yourself project is the perfect solution for freeing up your countertops so you can finally give them some much-needed love and attention.


DIY Pantry Kitchen Island:

DIY Pantry Kitchen Island
A kitchen pantry island with a DIY, multifunctional style can be used as an extra storage space or kitchen island. The design is simple and practical. This storage cabinet features three pullout baskets on either side of the cabinet and one at the bottom. The pulled-out drawers on the right side offer storage and display space for your plates, giving you more space in the kitchen while keeping everything organized. Update your cooking space with this easy-to-build pantry kitchen island. Whether a DIYer or an amateur, it’s a great way to add more storage and counter space to your kitchen.


4. DIY Classy Kitchen Island

If you love to work in the kitchen or have it as a place to entertain guests, then this DIY Classy Kitchen Island is perfect. It is compact and can be made easily so that you can enjoy its presence at home. This is a stylish way to add extra counter space to your kitchen without removing the warmth and coziness that a beautiful wooden island can add. With this DIY Classy Kitchen Island, you get a perfect mixture of style and function in one handy package. A nice addition to any kitchen, this kitchen island is easy to make and inexpensive.

DIY Farm House Kitchen Island:

DIY Farm House Kitchen Island
Bring the farmhouse feel to your kitchen with this DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Island. This project takes a couple of hours and gives you a beautiful piece of furniture with tons of storage space! A farmhouse kitchen island is the focal point of your kitchen and a great way to increase storage, prep space, and seating. This project is perfect for beginners or those looking to add some rustic charm to their homes. If you have a basic knowledge of power tools but aren’t confident with carpentry, this build will be the perfect challenge!


DIY Kitchen Island For Large Family:

DIY Kitchen Island For Large Family
DIY Kitchen Island For Large Family is a great solution for your kitchen problem. This beautiful island allows you to have space to work and cook. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can create more room with this trendy Kitchen Island. In addition, this piece is made of high-quality solid wood and a natural finish that makes it durable and sturdy. This DIY kitchen island for large families gets the most out of your kitchen. This DIY project requires assembly skills but does not require special tools or materials. Follow our instructions, and create this functional island with a granite countertop, sink, and storage below!


Small Kitchen Island With Pull Out Drawers:

Small Kitchen Island With Pull Out Drawers
This small island provides additional counter space and storage, a compact kitchen island with two pullout drawers. The drawers are ideal for silverware, plates, and bowls, while the slatted top provides an opportunity to display cookware, spices, or other items. Designed to rest on top of your existing countertop, this Kitchen Island is incredibly easy to install and use. This island is an ideal solution if you’re short on counter space in your kitchen. It has a small countertop, great for prepping food, and a pullout drawer for extra storage.


Kitchen Island From Wood Pallets:

Kitchen Island From Wood Pallets
A kitchen can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to create a cozy, warm space. The custom kitchen island shown here is made from pallets that have been joined together. This project is especially easy if you have access to a circular saw, drill, and some screws. All you need to do is place wooden brackets along the edge of each pallet which will hold them together, forming one solid piece of wood. The project is simple and easy, but it will take some time to complete, depending on how fast you work.


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DIY Kitchen Island From Wood Pallets:

DIY Kitchen Island From Wood Pallets
Are you looking for a new kitchen island? Maybe you want to build your own. Well, you’re in luck! This project will show you how to make a DIY kitchen island from wood pallets. It is affordable and requires no power tools or cutting angles on site. This article will walk you through all the steps necessary to build your custom prefab kitchen island using simple hand tools. It will beautify the look of your kitchen and provide a functional area for working on recipes or cutting vegetables and other groceries to prepare food.


From Dresser To Kitchen Island:

From Dresser To Kitchen Island
This dresser-to-kitchen-island transformation is a project that you’ll be proud to display. The directions are clear, and the results are incredible, so this is a project even beginners can tackle successfully. When you’re done, your kitchen or dining area will be the focal point of your home. The best part about this project is that you can customize your new island to match anything you already have in your home. You can paint them whatever color matches your décor and then add on hardware as desired. The clever design makes it easy to save space and get more creative with your storage. The ultimate result is a unique piece of furniture that will last for years!


DIY Kitchen Island With Wine Rack:

DIY Kitchen Island With Wine Rack
Let’s face it, space is at a premium in many homes, and no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, there’s never enough room to hang everything. Our kitchens are still full of clutter like pots, pans, and utensils, even though we have cabinets that can accommodate them. Try this DIY Kitchen Island With Wine Rack for the ultimate solution to messy kitchens. This DIY kitchen island with a wine rack is a perfect addition to your home bar. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how to build this simple island that can easily store all your favorite wines while providing extra entertainment counter space.


DIY L-Shaped Kitchen Island:

DIY L-Shaped Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island is one of the most important features of the kitchen. You might have seen that L-shaped kitchen islands are the best option for your kitchen if you don’t want to sacrifice large space and storage. It is also a great way to design an island that can make a connection between the living room and dining area. The best part about an L-shaped kitchen island is that it provides plenty of workspaces. By incorporating various materials and kitchen tools, you can create an island that doubles as a workspace for those times when you need it to be.


Sliding Door Kitchen Island:

Sliding Door Kitchen Island
Keep the kitchen organized with this Sliding Door Kitchen Island. It has lots of space for convenient food preparation and storage so that you can cook quickly. The Sliding Door Kitchen Island is an easy solution to adding a lot of extra counter space in the kitchen. The top shelf is the perfect place to hold all your favorite cookbooks, while the bottom cabinet provides ample storage. The two doors on this island hideaway are both sliders, allowing you to easily open your island up when you need extra work space and close it away when you aren’t using it.


DIY Kitchen Island With Hidden Trash Storage:

DIY Kitchen Island With Hidden Trash Storage
We have a great one for you if you want a nice DIY project. We present you with a kitchen island with hidden trash storage. The trash is hidden under the servant’s tray; you can only take it out by pulling on its handle. Build this kitchen island with hidden trash storage on your own! It features a removable trash bin that slides out of the top, making it easy to clean and use. The marble countertop adds a touch of class, while its bottom shelf provides extra storage space. This project is simple enough for beginners and intermediate woodworkers looking for a weekend project.


DIY Modern Standard Kitchen Island:

DIY Modern Standard Kitchen Island
A kitchen island is an indispensable part of any kitchen. This DIY Modern Standard Kitchen Island will become a part of your good memories, and it can also give you lots of fun when you build it! It is easy to make. The materials are easy to get, so people worldwide can try or build one. Now you can create the kitchen island of your dreams with this step-by-step DIY Modern Standard Kitchen Island. All you have to do is to follow along as we show you how to build your new kitchen island from scratch.


DIY Black Kitchen Island:

DIY Black Kitchen Island
Make your kitchen more modern with this DIY Black Kitchen Island. This project is simple, but it will add lots of style to your kitchen. This Black Kitchen Island is the perfect combination of form and function. This frame adds support, stability, and style to your kitchen island. Its low height makes it easy to access everything on your kitchen countertop, and its modern design adds a sense of space to any room. This stylish DIY black kitchen island is an upgrade on the traditional stand-alone island—it combines everything you love about one with the modern feel of a microwave stand.


Bakers Island stand

What happens when you combine one incredible butcher block with two gorgeous stools? You get the ultimate baker’s kitchen island. This DIY project is a great addition to any kitchen and will surely be a hit with your friends. (You’ll want to see how it all comes together.) You can use a beautiful kitchen island while you cook or simply as a bar to socialize with friends. By following our step-by-step guide on how to build one, you’ll be able to make your own stunning piece of furniture for your home.


DIY Kitchen With Stock Cabinet:

Kitchen With Stock Cabinet
Improve your kitchen in one easy day with our DIY Kitchen With Stock Cabinet. This set includes everything you need to convert your old kitchen into a workspace, including shelving, cabinets, and even hardware. We also offer free assembly and delivery. This expertly designed kitchen is quick and easy to assemble, so you can get your new kitchen up and running in no time! It features lots of storage space and convenient features that make it easy to use. This DIY kitchen with stock cabinets is a great way to save money on kitchen repairs. With this, you will be able to save a lot and also have your dream kitchen.


Pallet Kitchen Island Table:

Pallet Island Table
The Pallet Kitchen Island Table is the perfect repurpose project. This kitchen table will add a distinctive touch to your decor and provide extra counter space. A great way to recycle some wine crates and pallets, this is an easy DIY project you will enjoy creating. Pallet Kitchen Island Table is made from used wooden pallets. This piece of furniture will serve you as a kitchen island, and at the same time, it adds positive energy to your home. It’s very easy to make because it doesn’t require special tools or materials.


Minimalistic Kitchen Island Design:

Minimalistic Island Design
Take a closer look at this minimalist kitchen island design to see how a few simple changes can make all the difference. Unlike other kitchen islands, this one has no drawers or cabinets. Instead, it features a sleek countertop that extends from the main counter surface, creating an additional workspace and serving area. You can also take advantage of the extra storage space with an open shelving unit by storing some of your larger kitchen tools. With clean lines and simple features, this charming one-piece kitchen island can enhance your whole kitchen or stand alone as a classy centerpiece in any room.


DIY Kitchen Island With Storage Space:

Island With Storage Space
A kitchen island can offer a quick and efficient way to prepare and cook meals. In addition to adding functionality to your kitchen, an island is a great space for storing appliances, and other kitchen items often used when cooking. This DIY project will help you create your unique kitchen island with storage space that can be customized to fit any home decor. This DIY kitchen island with storage space is perfect for your kitchenette. Not only does it provide you with a convenient place to store small appliances, but it also works as an island on which you can prepare food.


Simple DIY Kitchen Island:

Simple Island plan
This super simple kitchen island is one of our all-time favorites. The sleek, stylish design will have your guests wondering where you found it. Add a DIY kitchen island to your home with our easy tutorial. You’ll love this unique piece’s functionality, storage space, and design! Get ready to entertain guests with a new seating area in your kitchen or dining room. It will add a modern feel to your house and help you make cooking more enjoyable. This simple kitchen island is a fun DIY project. It only requires basic tools and materials and can be built in just one weekend.


Kitchen Island On A Budget:

Make Island On A Budget
A kitchen island is one of the most versatile additions to any kitchen. It’s an area that can be used for prep, cooking, baking, and even dining. You can create a breakfast nook in your kitchen with an island, making it easier to stay on top of meal planning. Your kitchen island can be a multifunctional piece of furniture. It will enable you to put your meals together, cook, and clean up easily. A kitchen island in your home can help expand your storage space, making it easier to have everything at hand. This budget-friendly cabinet will add just the right amount of seating, storage, and style you need.


DIY Classic Kitchen Island:

Classic Island for cooking
Create a new centerpiece in your kitchen with this classic island. The reclaimed wood is beautiful and sturdy, while the built-in wine rack offers convenient storage for your favorite bottle. Its stunning addition to your home will add tons of style and functionality to your everyday life. With its timeless style, it will stand the test of time. It’s a great place to prep or serve food and a fantastic gathering spot for family meals. This DIY classic kitchen island is very easy to make, and you can use it to organize your kitchen junk and make it tidier.


25. Large DIY Kitchen Island With Glass Door

Decorate your kitchen with this DIY Kitchen Island With Glass Door. Its stylish design creates a clean, cohesive look in your home. Its storage and work space are incredibly functional – perfect for small kitchens. The Large DIY Kitchen Island with Glass Door is perfect for any home, providing you with the opportunity to create your own custom design. The spacious design allows you the freedom to incorporate any style of kitchen you desire, while the easy step-by-step installation means you can start enjoying your kitchen project immediately.

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