30 Adorable Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

As little babies are cute and innocent, their care and health become more and more essential to maintain their cuteness along with health too. There is no doubt weather and seasons really affect baby’s health more than adults. So, you have to be more conscious and alert to keep your cute ones healthy and active. Winters prove harder than summer for newborns, and the cold season affects bitterly to your babies very fast. They should be covered and layered up from head to toe so they might be protected from the cold and chilly season. Here we have come up with such a solution to protect your babies and look them gorgeous, too, with our favorite collaboration of free crochet baby hat patterns that will help you keep your little champ’s head cozier and warmer even in snow falling outside.

These baby hats are quite impressive and loaded with a bundle of coziness and adorability. Many fun and animal amigurumi patterns will amuse your babies and they will also love to cuddle and even playing with them by wearing and removing their hats. It means you could adorn your baby with a stylish and useful style, even providing him/her a layer of tasty warmth. So, give your newborns a very functional and pretty handmade accessory that will brighten up their wardrobe and beautify your baby’s look amazing.

Adorable Crochet Hat Patterns For Baby:

Whether you want to build up a slouch baby hat or a very stunning beanie hat pattern for your little one, find the right pattern here that suits your style, and believe me, here is something for everyone that will cover your desires and needs easily! And if you are thinking that these hat patterns might be complicated and hard to tackle, then you will interreact many 30-minute crochet baby hat patterns easy crochet patterns for baby hats from 0-12 months babies to spend winters happily.

Crochet Grapesicle Hat Pattern:

Free Grapesicle Pattern

Looking for an easy and fast to work with crochet a baby hat pattern? Now you would not have to go anywhere after watching this lovely and fairly easy Crochet Grapesicle Hat Pattern. The great key about this hat is that you can crochet it in any size and for the person of any age group from little babies to adults and you will get completely brief by clicking the link. Worked with V stitch that gives it airy and lacy texture so it will be perf

Grapesicle Hat Pattern

Double Crossed Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Double Crossed Hat Pattern

Look at this amazing and fabulous Double Crossed Hat Pattern that will really cheer up your cute little ones. The rainbow color combination will brighten up your kid’s wardrobe and grace up the personality of your little babies. Crossed double crochet stitches make this hat stretchable so you would have to keep it smaller than your head size so it might be fitted to your head exactly.

Free Crochet Double Crossed Hat Pattern

 Cabled Heart Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Baby Cabled Heart Hat Pattern

Making crochet baby hat patterns always look quite fun and interesting projects especially if is crocheted for newborn. Because they use up very little yarn and time as well, so crochet something really especially and cuter for your little one by following this amazing Cabled Heart Hat Pattern that is a super stylish and elegant pattern to hook up for your baby. Worsted weight yarn makes it cozier and snugglier, so, choose this yarn in rich red or any other color to complete this project perfectly!

Free Crochet Baby Cabled Heart Hat Pattern

Wild Strawberries Hats:

Wild Strawberries Hats

The crochet infant’s strawberry hat routine is liked by crochet fans cause its form resembled using a strawberry. This crochet hat pattern is matched in dimension for you. The infant strawberry hat layout is the ideal mix pattern for both babies and adults. In creating this free crochet hat pattern, chunky weight yarn (j) and (k) sized crochet hooks are utilized.

Chick Crochet Hat Pattern:

Chick Crochet Hat Pattern

The baby chick crochet hat pattern will boost your baby and newborn infants’ cuteness. The chick facial expression, a pom-pom on top of the crochet hat pattern, increase its attractiveness. Additionally, the yellowish color’s worsted weight yarn is used within this particular pattern, making it resemble a true chick. The(I) sized crochet hook was utilized within this decorative pattern. In summary, this crochet hat pattern was enjoyed by adults and by novice crocheters.

Fox Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern:

Fox Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern

The orange color employed within this crochet hat pattern is fantastic for infants. Earflaps within this fox beanie crochet hat pattern boost its usability. All these earflaps will help maintain your kid’s ear heat. Additionally, this routine uses the luminous orange, black, white yarn, and (H) sized hook for making it. In summary, the fox’s facial manifestation of the pattern attracts the crochet fans toward this particular crochet hat pattern. You can also find more useful details regarding this crochet hat pattern with one.

Bubblegum Pop Crochet Beanie Free Pattern:

Bubblegum Pop Crochet Beanie Free Pattern

Red Heart Super Saver Stripes yarn is the best yarn used in this bubblegum pop crochet beanie free pattern. This yarn makes this pattern so soft and more stunning. The bold thing about this pattern is its fantastic color combination. You can make this pattern for your baby, and me hopeful that this pattern makes your baby’s day brighten on a special event.

Crochet Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for a low-cost and durable hat pattern that enhances your baby’s beauty, then you have a look at this fantastic pattern. You can make this crochet baby hat free crochet pattern with just one ball of Ultra-Soft Bernat Baby Marly yarn. This yarn makes this pattern more adorable. You can try to make this pattern for your baby or give it to the baby in the shower.

Crochet Red Buffalo Check Baby Hat Pattern:

Crochet Red Buffalo Check Baby Hat Pattern

The main thing about this crochet red buffalo check baby hat pattern is its color matching. This pattern uses the dark red and black color, but you modify it as you want. You can change the size of this pattern as you need. The pom-pom on the hat enhances its beauty, but if you wish, you can leave it over. This pattern uses the patron’s Canadiana yarn, crochet hooks, and tapestry needles.

Sprout Crochet Hat Free Pattern:

Sprout Crochet Hat Free Pattern

If you know some about how to crochet a baby hat, then you make this pattern easily with some effort. The sprout crochet hat free pattern is perfect for any baby to keep him warm and also look beautiful at the same time. The yarn used in this pattern is very soft, cozy, crafty. This pattern used the yellow shade of wool, but you change as you want.

Sweet Lamb Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Sweet Lamb Hat Pattern

Make a decent lamb hat for your toddler following this unique and admirable crochet pattern. It looks soo cute because of the softer texture and the admirable ears added to it, and the bobble design will make it perfect to be on the head of an adorable baby. You can create several variations in this hat pattern to fit your will and perfect to beautify your kid’s wear.

Crochet Sweet Lamb Hat Pattern

Spirit Earflap Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Spirit Earflap Hat Pattern

Make a decent earflap hat for your baby to keep him protected from the cold and stylize their outlook simultaneously. It will be great to make a decent addition to any child’s wardrobe. The [ossibiiets of color variation are endless, although you can go with your desired color blend to make it fit your will. You can also add a pompom on the top to make this earflap hat a great essence for your childs’ wearing.

Crochet Spirit Earflap Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Little Pony Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Little Pony Hat Pattern

Crochet a little pony hat for your little one following this unique pattern. It will be great to use as an earflap hat for children, and the cute beautifying texture makes it perfect to beautify the wear. You can go with the different color combos for this hat to make it personalized to your desire, although the cozier texture makes it very crocheter’s favorite. The creation of this crochet hat pattern is too easy and great for beginners to practice something new.

Crochet Little Pony Hat Pattern

Snowella Snowman Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Snowella Snowman Hat Pattern

Make a superb Snowella Snowman Hat pattern for your cute toddler to keep his head warm and comfy even in the winter; it will be a fabulous choice for gift-giving, especially for the baby shower. You will have to make a simple hat and then add the ear flaps to it to make a superb accessory for your baby and gift-giving. It will be a superb beautifying accessory, and you’ll surely admire making it.

Free Crochet Snowella Snowman Hat Pattern

Baby Bobble Beanie Pattern:

Free Crochet Baby Bobble Beanie Pattern

Make a decent bobble crochet beanie for your child’s wardrobe, following this unique admirable idea. Its softer texture will be too fun to work on, and you’ll admire making it if you’re crocheting for little ones; this earflap hat pattern will serve best for you. I suggest making it in lighter shades for a delighted appearance, although you can also go with your desired one.

Free Crochet Baby Bobble Beanie Pattern

Monster Baby Beanie Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Monster Baby Beanie Hat Pattern

If you planned a monster theme or looking for some Halloween costume patterns for your little kids then you are going to love this Monster Baby Beanie Hat Pattern. It’s customizable, lovely, and textured which means your kids will not irritate while wearing it. Plus, it will give the finishing touches to the costume of your little champ this Halloween and make this holiday memorable joyful for a long time for him! Personalized it into any monster shape and amuse your quick-growing kids with your own easy and quick-to-make beanie hat pattern.

Crochet Monster Baby Beanie Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Squishy Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Squishy Hat Pattern

Give your coming baby a very soft and snuggly handmade gift with this Free Crochet Squishy Hat Pattern. It is warm and very comfy that will be perfect for a child of 0-6 months but you can adjust its size according to your own needs. It is made from leftover yarn and the edging stripes add lovely and beautiful details to it. You can choose the color combination according to your desire and give it a nice festive touch easily.

Free Crochet Squishy Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern:

Free Pattern

Are you ready to watch your baby in a very cute and adorable look wearing this beautiful Crochet Baby Hat and jacket set? This pair of baby clothing really give your little one a charming and pretty look and she will feel very comfy and snuggly due to the use of Bernat Baby Sport Solids & Marls yarn. The ears on the top of it give your baby a teddy bear look and make her a more superb appearance.

Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Celebrate this festive season in a fun way with this Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern. It’s perfect for the fall season along with autumn and let your baby play on chilly days without having a fear of cold. Your bay will look cuter wearing this amazing hat and believe me it will be finished so fast and quickly you would not believe it.

Free Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern

 Crochet Turban Hat Pattern:

Free Turban Pattern

This easy peasy and very fabulous Crochet Turban Hat Pattern will give your baby a very adorable and cuter look. Its nice and cozy texture will keep him protected from cold along with adding fashion vibes to his outfit. If you are attending a baby shower party then don’t forget to hook up this love beanie as a nice baby shower gift.

Free Crochet Turban Hat Pattern

Crochet Little Deer Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Little Deer Hat Pattern

Meet this such a cute and lovely Crochet Little Deer that will keep your kid’s head warm and cozy and add a fun element to their wearables. Especially if they are Disney or deer lovers you must try this pattern and freshen up their wardrobe this winter. It will bring a smile to your baby’s face and memorize your love every time he will wear this hat.

Free Crochet Little Deer Hat Pattern

Harris Baby Pattern:

Free Crochet Harris Baby Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Harris Baby Hat Pattern

Darling Baby Pattern:

 Darling Pattern

Free Crochet Darling Baby Hat Pattern

Lacey Little Pattern:

Free Lacey Little Pattern

Free Crochet Lacey Little Hat Pattern

Striped Newborn Pattern:

Free Striped Newborn Pattern

Free Crochet Striped Newborn Hat Pattern

Newborn Pattern:

Free Crochet Newborn Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Newborn Pumpkin Hat Pattern

 Sloth Pattern:

Free Sloth Pattern

Free Crochet Sloth Hat Pattern

Celtic Dream Earflap Pattern:

Free Crochet Celtic Dream Earflap Hat Pattern

 Celtic Dream Earflap Hat Pattern

Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat Pattern:

Granny Stitch Sun Pattern

Free Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat Pattern

Crochet Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern:

Free Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern

Free Crochet Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern


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