5 Best Free Crochet Cable Patterns And Designs

Beautify your crochet projects and bring versatility to their construction with these crochet cable patterns. Cables are not only a stitched texture, but they add plush, softness, loops, and visual interest as well to any of your crochet patterns. Using different methods and styles, you can crochet unlimited patterns to try something unique for crocheting. All can beautify your accessories and give them a beautiful and gorgeous look, from crochet patterns to crochet stitches. These crochet cable patterns are fabulous on their own and enough to enhance each of the grace of your projects.

So, if you are not still familiar with crochet cables, you will meet here with a wonderful idea and texture to beautify your crochet projects and items. Maybe, you find them difficult at the start, but after some practice and work on crochet cables, you will be able to manage them easily. There are hundreds of ideas and crochet patterns on which you can apply the cable technique, but we have compiled some of the best from the web.

These free crochet cable patterns are quite interesting and different from each other, but every single pattern has a gorgeous finish result and crocheting technique. From simple to stylish and classic to modern, you will find elegant and useful crochet cable patterns to make your life easier and more stunning. The crochet cables are usually suitable for colder months due to their plush, interesting, and soft texture. From beginners to experts, cables are a great way to practice modern and advanced stitches and polish their crocheting skills.

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And believe me, after working on these free crochet cable patterns, you will never get bored, and the ending project will be fascinating. These patterns are soft, comfy, pretty, and adorable in designs and textures to grab the attention of others. So, dive into this post and find your favorite one that will be difficult for you to select because everyone is prettier than the next! You can further explore your skills and practice some beautiful cabled patterns in our magnificent collection of free crochet lapghan patterns. This collection will surely amaze you with amazingly beautiful crochet patterns.

Crochet Cabled Wristwarmers:

Crochet Cabled Wristwarmers

Cozy your winters up with these Crochet Cabled Wrist Warmers that will make this season wear more stylish and modern accessories. It will not only keep your wrists and fingers safe from cold but also allow you to hold or grab things like a phone, pencils, or other essential items easily in a time of need. Because during the winter or fall season our activities or jobs or not stopped and we have to go outside to work and shopping, so we have to adjust our activities with the cold or chilly season. So, this Crochet Cabled Wristwarmers Pattern will be suitable for these kinds of circumstances.

It uses a chain, double crochet, trebles, and post trebles stitches and a little bit tough for beginners, but after some practice, they will be able to crochet it easily. Its thumb part is optional, so you can crochet these wrist warmers with or without a thumb section and beautify your dress up by matching your outfit.


Cascina Cabled Headband Pattern:

Cascina Cabled Headband Pattern

Crochet headbands are often considered ordinary projects, and they have to face the ignorance of crocheters. But in reality, crochet headbands not only make your hairstyle more stunning but also give you a stylish and fashionable look if they are crocheted in a fabulous pattern such as this Cascina Cabled Headband Pattern. Its pattern and design are mind-blowing, which makes it attractive and eye-grabbing.

Working in twisted braiding in the cables method makes bobble on its top that shapes crawling ivy and climbing roses. This crochet headband can also be used as an ear warmer during the heavy fall season and will work great for bad hair days too. It is perfect for an adult’s head size, but you can customize it easily by decreasing cabled braiding according to the head’s size.


Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern:

Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern

If you are going to reset your home for the fall season and want to add a cozy decor that must be functional, too, then try this Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern. It is a wonderful crochet project to add charm and elegance to your home decor, plus cozier enough to protect you from cold even on deadly chiller nights. Furthermore, it will warm you up in heavy snowfall while watching TV or reading newspapers on sitting on your favorite couch.

Just throw this blanket around your legs or wrap it around your shoulders and enjoy your favorite time freely. Its gorgeous cable pattern makes it unique and adds a beautiful texture to this blanket. It uses Caron One Pound yarn with a simple technique, but you can change the color according to your desire in the same yarn.


Cable Poncho Crochet Pattern:

Cable Poncho Crochet Pattern

This Cable Poncho Crochet Pattern is going to brighten up your wardrobe and stylize your personality. Its cable pattern enhances its design and makes it gorgeous. And it is thick enough to warm you up in winters, and its open sides and different design makes it unique. You can use Red Heart yarn, and it related to intermediate level to crochet. Just be careful while taking its dimensions because the exact size will give you the perfect finishing result.


Cable Cardigan Crochet Pattern:

Cable Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for an interesting and thick pattern to crochet a cardigan for a heavy cold season? If yes, then this Cable Cardigan Crochet Pattern will work great to keep you cozier and give you a modern look. Loose and comfy, perfect to be relaxed and stylish at the same time. Throw this cabled crochet cardigan on your shoulders and be free from the cold. Or even when it’s frozen wind outside and visit your favorite hilly places, even it’s snow falling outside.

A great opportunity will be for you that you can crochet it in 8 different sizes from S to 5XL. Its unique loose sleeves also add a lot of beautiful texture to its look and grace up this project. In short, this crochet cardigan pattern is just outstanding with more cables. And due to the beautiful stitch texture will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe.


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