30 Free Crochet Skirt Patterns And Designs

Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

There are so many incredible crochet garments for ladies, but crochet skirt patterns are such an outstanding fashion staple to hit the summer fashion. They can be styled with any top pattern, and whether it’s a tunic or a bikini blouse, you can become a fashion lady to stand out at a party gathering or just look elegant in casual wear. Crochet skirts are flaunting and flirty, so you feel so comfy and flattering while styling them up with any top, and enjoy this crochet staple in so much fun. Moreover, they are not specified for any age group, but you can crochet skirt patterns for yourself, your mummies, daughters, girls, and your friends.

Crochet Skirt Patterns:

Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

So, we have rounded up really impressive and stylish free crochet skirt patterns here that will prove very graceful, and you will look stunning when wearing them around your waist. Many of these will be suitable for fun parties, while some will go perfectly for beach days. And addition, you will not have to stick to summer days to wear this fashionable garment, but you will also take a look at very cozy and fitted crochet skirt patterns for the winter and fall seasons to look stylish and up-to-trend lady.

No matter which skirts size will be perfect for your body, here we have gathered crochet skirts of mini, medium, and long sizes that will be great for anyone. Just hit the fashion all year and freshen up your wardrobe by choosing any of these crochet skirts that look fabulous from tip to toe with our incredible designs and patterns!

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Crochet Skirt Ciska

Skirt Ciska

Making the Skirt Ciska crochet pattern is a great way to exert your creativity and add a remarkable piece to your wardrobe. This pattern creates a lovely crochet skirt perfect for any occasion. Following the tutorial you can create a skirt that fits you perfectly and matches your style. The supplier includes some yarn, crochet hooks, and a measuring tape. Making the Skirt Ciska-free crochet pattern is a fun and rewarding project that can help you enhance your crochet skills while creating a beautiful garment you can wear with pride.


Princess Circle Skirt Crochet Pattern

Princess Circle Skirt

The Princess Circle Skirt is a lovely, elegant garment with a free crochet pattern and minimal suppliers. A free crochet pattern for the skirt is important because it makes the project accessible to anyone who wants to create it. With no cost involved, more people can enjoy crocheting this beautiful skirt without worrying about breaking their budget. You only need a crochet hook, yarn, and basic crochet skills. Anyone can start creating their own Princess Circle Skirt by following the link to access the free pattern and required materials. And can enjoy the satisfaction of making their own stylish and unique garment.


Bohemian Skirt

Bohemian Skirt

Creating a Bohemian Skirt crochet pattern elevates the art of crochet and inspires others to learn and extend their talents. Crochet patterns are often shared and altered by others, leading to a cooperative community that continues to build upon and enhance existing designs. Choosing high-quality materials will result in a durable and long-lasting finished product is important. The pattern is relatively straightforward, making it a great project for beginner and professional crocheters. More people can complete the project and enjoy making Bohemian skirts by including a list of required materials and the provided link.


Crochet Bella Wrap Skirt

Bella Wrap Skirt

The Bella Wrap Skirt is a beautiful and versatile garment in different styles and events. Providing a free crochet pattern for this skirt is important because it makes it accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their financial situation. It can encourage more people to learn and enjoy the craft of crochet and also allow them to create their unique versions of the skirt. You can also be pleased by making with your hands by following the guidelines of the provided link.


Granny Square Skirt Pattern

Granny Square Skirt

A free crochet pattern for a Skirt is important because it permits access to this classic design without paying for a pattern. It promotes inclusivity and enables more people to take up crochet and try their hand at making a skirt. You can customize the pattern and colors by making a skirt matching your unique style and preferences. Choosing a soft and comfortable yarn that will drape well and feel comfortable against the skin is essential. With the right materials and guidelines, you can make a Granny Square Skirt that you will love and wear for years. So. let’s come.’s start making it now.


Easy To Make Crochet Skirt Pattern For Beach:

Easy To Make Crochet Skirt Pattern For Beach

It’s a beautiful day at the beach – your salty sea breeze is waiting for you – it’s time to relax and enjoy a day in the sun!! You go to find a cover-up or a swimsuit – OHH! Your favorite one is still in the laundry – what now?!? Don’t panic – Solution “E” – Create this easy crochet skirt Beach Cover Up – you will have it finished before you know it, And then you can stop worrying about that favorite swimsuit getting messed up.

This easy crochet pattern for a skirt is very simple and looks great! This is one size fits the crochet patterns. The skirt can also be used as a swimsuit cover-up or a skirt over yoga pants! Perfect for making when you only have a few moments to yourself. This super easy crochet swimsuit pattern is fast and can be made in no time at all; perfect coverup for the beach or pool. For this crochet pattern, you can use any bulky weight 5 yarn.


Waist size: 26 inches ( easy to adjust to any size)

Yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn weight 4 Aran ( white blanc color) 500 yard  2 and a half skein. ( size  small in example piece )

– 3.0 mm crochet hook

– Sewing yarn needle

-2 stitch marker


Crochet A Free Lace Skirt Pattern:

Crochet A Free Lace Skirt Pattern

Ever wanted to crochet a lace skirt? Crochet this skirt to see how easy and quick it is. The pattern shows you how to make the base or foundation of this skirt. In addition, it provides you with a way to add rows for a longer skirt using the pattern from the bottom up. A very easy lace stitch is used, which is called the fan stitch. It’s a pretty and very classic-looking lace pattern and can be done in any size and length you like. Crochet a free crochet skirt pattern using the fan stitch! Here we present for you one of our favorite skirt designs. It is easy and quick. Learn how to crochet this lace skirt. The fan stitch is easy and used cleverly to make this project possible in no time. Just follow the steps and enjoy crocheting.

About the pattern:

Yarn: (3) Mandala yarn

Hook: J-9/5.5mm

Gauge:  Not important

Special Stitches:
Fan: *dc, ch1, * Repeat 3 more x  in ch4 arch space


Crochet Solstice Tree Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Solstice Tree Skirt Pattern

Celebrate the holidays with this pentagon-shaped crochet tree skirt! It’s made with super bulky yarn and luxurious faux fur, adding texture to the pentagonal design. This 5-pointed tree skirt can be customized to your preferences or fit any tree you already have. The pattern requires minimal sewing for assembly and finishes at a generous 40″ diameter. This free crochet pattern is just in time for the holidays!

This pentagon-shaped tree skirt is made with Lion Brand Chunky yarn and a faux fur pom pom to give off sparkly, glam Christmas vibes. Simple yet elegant – this crochet pattern will have you wishing for a white Christmas in no time. The Solstice Tree Skirt is a no-brainer pattern that you can work up even on a chilly winter night. A hint of faux fur brings the glam to any holiday season, from Halloween to Hannukah, from Valentine’s Day to Easter – let your inner holiday queen shine. Bobble stitch makes this pattern extraordinarily beautiful and cozy.

About the Pattern:

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick + Go For Faux
Size: Adjust the size according to your need.

One size, but easy to adjust.

11.5mm crochet hook

-Tapestry needle


Crochet Isabela Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Isabela Skirt Pattern

The Isabela skirt is designed with positive ease for an extra girly fit that you’ll love! The wide waistband adds support and comfort, while the pattern adds flare! This design is suitable for any level crocheter. We know you’ll love it too, whether you wear it for casual, work, or even dress it up with heels and a blouse. It’s super easy to make, works quickly, and is flattering! This classic skirt will feel fresh year-round. It’s a boxy shape that falls just at the knee, and it’s made in a lovely cotton yarn. This is a great beginner-level crochet pattern and a fun crochet project for any level crocheter!

About the Pattern:

Yarn: Double knit, weight / 3 yarn. Total yardage ranges from 300 yards to 640 yards.

Hook: 4.5 mm Crochet Hook

Sizes Included XS(S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL)

The pattern is easily adjustable (length, waist)


Peach Fuzz Crochet Skirt Pattern For Beginners:

Peach Fuzz Crochet Skirt Pattern For Beginners

Crochet a skirt or two; you will not be disappointed. This skirt is fun to make and super quick! The cute frill edge makes this skirt adorable. Bring out your inner designer with this A-line skirt pattern for beginners! This peach color is perfect for summer! A great beginner project that can be made to fit any size waist. You can choose to have this crochet skirt flow freely or cinched at the waist!

The Peach Fuzz skirt is a super-easy crochet pattern for fit and flared crochet skirt. The A-line of the skirt is achieved by increasing on either side of the circular yoke. Just make sure to mark the center stitch and spread the increases evenly over the length of the yoke. So, Crochet a skirt to wear to work, the grocery store, or just about anywhere else you can think to wear it! This pattern works up quickly, so you’ll have a cute new skirt in no time. This skirt is made by crocheting separate panels. Using the Suzette stitch crochet pattern, the top panel is crocheted from the waistline to the bottom. The A-line shaping method works the other two panels from the waistline down.


  • 1″ Elastic cut to your waist size.
  • 3 Hanks of Vidalana Yarn from Knitcrate in Tiger Lily (DK Weight) for the size small. 4 for medium, 5 for Large, 6 for X-L
  • 20 g of a contrasting color (optional)
  • 4mm hook
  • Stitch marker –
  • Pair of scissors –
  • Darning needle –


  • CH
  • sc –
  • hdc –
  • dc –

Suzette stitch – 1sc and 1dc in the same stitch


12 rows, 17 stitches in 4″ or 10cm in hdc with a 4mm furls crochet hook


Crochet Prima Lou Maxi Skirt Free Pattern:

Prima Lou Maxi Pattern

As the skirt is crocheted in rounds on the upper part, there is no sewing on the sides, so it is easy to crochet. The skirt panels are made in panels with the end joint at the center back and are crocheted from the waist down. That way, you can choose your length. From the hem to the waist, the skirt’s upper part can be a separate piece worn as a dress. It is crocheted in rounds on the first ring/one of the upper posts without any shortening or turning, then freely around 2nd ring/upper post. The last round of the upper part is repeated 12 times again for the 1st hem, then go to the middle panel below the waist, where it is joined with the next round. The skirt is crocheted from waist down to knee-length with two panels of a similar but different design.

About the Pattern:

1. Yarn– I used 100% cotton 10 ply fine cotton from Baguio.

– mixed colored yarn for the dc (neon orange and light blue yarns) and solid color neon orange for the sc rows.

2. Hook– 3.5 mm hook

3. Stitch marker- 3-4 pieces


4. Scissors

5. Tapestry needle

6. Tape measure


1. Chain–ch

2. Double crochet- dc

3. Single crochet- sc

4. Slip stitch – slp st


Crochet Skirt With Suspenders:

Free Crochet Skirt With Suspenders

This beautiful crochet skirt is the right length to flaunt those newborn legs. Add suspenders for an easy and elegant look. The skirt and suspenders are worked in separate pieces and sewn together. The front and back of the suspender straps and skirt go up to the bust line, making it easier for your baby to wear this outfit. Crochet this adorable retro-style skirt and matching suspenders for your baby. This simple and quick pattern is great for beginners and takes advantage of natural white, tan, or grey yarn to highlight the various stitches. It uses just a few basic stitches that the beginner will recognize quickly.


  • Alize Cotton Baby cream color 50% cotton 50% acrylic. And one ball of this color WINTER SKY
  • You can also use any sport-weight cotton acrylic blend yarn.
  • Elastic thread
  • Hook: 4mm


This pattern is written for sizes 0-3 months, and changes for 3-6 months, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24 months are in parentheses.


Gauge: 10 cm square= 18 stitches * 13 rows (1 hdc row and 1 sc row)

Skill level: Beginner


Free Crochet Weeping Willow Skirt:

Weeping Willow

Get ready to turn some heads when your little one takes the streets in this Willow Weeping Skirt. The weeping Willow Skirt is a perfect first skirt for your budding fashionista. This free pattern features a beautiful weeping willow tree at the bottom, making it extra unique. It is a great way to add a little country-western flair to your child’s wardrobe while showcasing their love of the water.

This free pattern makes a beautiful skirt that your little cowgirl will love to wear for years! This is a must-have for any little girl’s wardrobe! This skirt is nice and light, airy and feminine, and it adds charm to your child’s ensemble. The tops of the weeping willows are adorned with adorable white flower crochet accents. The bottom of the skirt is finished beautifully with delicate lace edging. You will want to make one for every special little girl in your life!


  • Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
  • I 5.50mm Crochet Hook
  • J 6.00mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle


Newborn (0 – 6 months, 6 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months, 18 – 24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6)





7 Sc = Approx. 2 inches


Long Loops Crochet Skirt Pattern For Toddler:

Long Loops Crochet Skirt Free Pattern For Toddler

Make a beautiful skirt for toddlers following this easier pattern; it will be a stunning, beautifying piece for your kid’s wear, and the admirable softer texture will surely make it your heartedly favorite. Your baby girl will surely love this admirable softer skirt, which will be great to use every season. You can make several copies of this long loop crochet toddler skirt to make it look too beautiful and comfy.


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Spiderweb Crochet Skirt Best For Upcoming Summer:

Spiderweb Crochet Skirt Free Pattern Best For Upcoming Summer

Spiderweb skirts are trending nowadays, especially when you’re crocheting for teenagers; nothing can be superior to this admirable crochet skirt pattern. It will be a stunning, beautifying piece for your wardrobe, and the glazed texture will make it perfect for enhancing the comfiness of your wear. You can go with the admirable worsted weight yarn to make this pattern; it will be a stunning gift for your beloved lady, also.


Pom Pom Tree Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Pom Pom Tree Skirt Pattern

Try this pom-pom tree skirt pattern to make several admirable wearables for yourself. The gorgeous softer texture and added colorful pom poms will make this skirt look too beautiful, although working with the bulky weight yarn will add this pattern to your favorites list. It will be an excellent option to wear up for parties and a superb masterpiece for gift-giving.


Tulle Tunic With Fabric:

Crochet Tulle Skirt Pattern That Tunic With Fabric

Make your little princess look too cute with this stunning crochet tulle skirt pattern around her. It will be an excellent masterpiece for your newborn’s wardrobe; the softness of DK weight yarn and the added fabric below make it a great tunic pattern. This fabulous crochet dress can also be a superb handmade gift for your friend’s baby shower.


Christmas Tree Skirt:

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Beautify your Christmas celebrations with this stunning crochet tree skirt pattern. It will be a decent handmade addition to your Christmas tree; with the glowing lights around and the added gift hampers, it will surely be your favorite skirt pattern. Go with the superb softer layers of red and white colored super bulky weight yarn for making this admirable tree skirt; it will be a magnificent stylizing piece for your home décor.


Ice Princess Crochet Wrap Skirt Patten:

Ice Princess Crochet Wrap Skirt Patten That Easy To Make

Try this full-body ice princess wrap skirt to make an impressive-looking beautiful masterpiece for your wardrobe. You’ll surely love this pattern because of the descent, softer texture, and admirable stylizing design. This great skirt pattern’s lovely, lighter-colored yarn will surely add it to your favorites list. You can easily modify the skirt pattern’s size to make it look more fainting and fit your needs.


Crochet Tree Skirt That is Perfect For Holiday:

Crochet Tree Skirt Pattern That Perfect For Holiday

Crochet this admirable and unique holiday tree skirt pattern for making impressive changes to your home décor for Christmas or several other happy occasions; it will be a stunning, beautiful piece. For this skirt pattern, you can go with a combo of green and black-colored yarn to get an appearance like a blooming flower. It will be a superb embellishment piece for your Christmas tree and far better than store-bought decorations.


Joy Skirt Pattern:

Joy Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

Follow this joy skirt pattern to make some impressive, admirable pieces for your home decor; because of the easier making and the stylized design, you’ll love to wrap this skirt around your belly and waist. It suits any shirt or cardigan perfectly, even best for parties and outdoor visits. You can work with the DK weight yarn to make this admirable crochet skirt; it will be an easier pattern, and you’ll surely add it to your favorites list.


Top Skirt Pattern For Teddy Bear:

Free Crochet Top And Skirt Pattern For Teddy Bear

Make a cute top or skirt for your teddy bear by getting inspiration from this pattern. It will be a stunning piece for your kid’s toy collection, and the admirable softer texture will surely add this pattern to your favorites list. You can go with different admirable colors for this stunning skirt pattern; it will be a great sophisticated piece to make your teddy perfect for home decor.


Crochet Easy Joyous Tree Skirt Free Pattern:

Crochet Easy Joyous Tree Skirt Free Pattern

Christmas is all about celebrating and sharing happiness all around. This great softer, cozy, crochet joyous tree skirt pattern will be an excellent beautifying piece for your tree’s stylization. It will make the merry Christmas too remarkable; you can go with the different colored yarn for making this stunning crochet tree skirt; it will be a superb beautifying piece for your home decor.


Tree Skirt Pattern:

Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Here we come with the adorable leaves and poinsettia combo to make a great tree skirt for your Christmas stylizations. Because of the easier making and adorable color combination, you’ll love this admirable pattern and will surely desire to add it to your favorites list. Adding a thicker colorful border to this tree skirt will be a decent option to enhance this pattern’s beautification.


Sea Breeze Skirt Pattern:

Free Sea Breeze Crochet Skirt Pattern

Follow this sea breeze crochet skirt pattern to make impressive unique additions to your wardrobe. It will be a stunning masterpiece for your home decor, and you’ll surely admire making it. You can use it as a handmade piece for gift-giving; it will be a stunning admirable skirt and great for adding to your favorites list. You can easily modify the size of this skirt pattern to make it look admirable and unique.


Sedona Skirt For Toddler Size:

Sedona Crochet Skirt Pattern For Toddler Size 1

This fabulous ruffle Sedona Crochet Skirt Pattern will be an amazing addition to the baby’s wardrobe and stylize her look very gently. It’s cozier as well as very comfy, which will allow your toddler to have fun and look prettier at the same time. Its pattern is very easy, and it works in two parts one upper part and the second ruffles and then sewn together to give it a proper shape. Crochet it for your little one or gift it to your friend’s daughter as a cute handmade gift.


Cute Ruffled Skirt For Kids:

Crochet Cute Ruffled Skirt Free Pattern For Kids Of 2 Years

Here is a very adorable and cute Crochet Cute Ruffled Skirt Free Pattern. It will be perfect for a girl of 2 years, but you can easily customize its size by adjusting its waist and ruffles. You can style it with leggings and full sleeves shirt or wear it with a blouse of any style you love to wear. Learn how to crochet a ruffle skirt pattern easily by following this tutorial.


Crochet 3D Flower Skirt For Summer:

Crochet 3D Flower Skirt Pattern For Summer

Try this cute and comfortable Crochet 3D Flower Skirt Pattern that will brighten your summer and make any summer parties more interesting and joyful. The 3D flower stitch adds sophistication and specialization to this pattern, making it a more gorgeous and stylish accessory to update your summer/spring wardrobe. Use Lion Brand Coboo Yarn in a #3 Light/DK weight to finish this skirt perfectly. You can choose any colored yarn for flower stipes and personalize this pattern easily.


Jean Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Jean Skirt Pattern

By using the half double crochet stitch and Lion Brand Jeans Yarn, you will be able to crochet this stylish and softer Crochet Jean Skirt Pattern that will be great for all the times of the year. The specialty of yarn makes this skirt gentle to the skin and makes you feel very comfortable and easy while wearing it without leggings, according to the season. Use single, double, or three colors to complete this pattern- it’s all up to your choice.


Crochet Shelley’s Toddlers Shells Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Shelley’s Toddlers Shells Skirt Pattern

Shelley’s Crochet Shells Skirt free pattern is an amazing and gorgeous skirt that will be perfect for a girl of one 2 two years old, but it’s completely customizable in sizing and color combination. Plus, it can be a fabulous handmade gift for toddlers, giving them a stylish and stunning look. And an easy lace edge adds sophistication and style to this skirt pattern.


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