26 DIY Cat Feeder Plans – Easy Food Dispenser Ideas

DIY Cat Feeder Plans

Cat feeders are great for your cat and you. They help ensure that your cat(s) gets enough to eat so they don’t gorge themselves at one sitting and bring on digestive problems or become obese. But it can be expensive to buy an automatic cat food dispensing system, so why not make your own? Here are some DIY cat feeder plans that will save you money and look very professional.

Whenever any problem comes, the DIYer’s community always comes forward with excellent solutions for it; same here, like this superb series of DIY cat feeder ideas. It is full of super functional, unique, and admirable ideas to make fabulous feeding options for your pet in no time. All you have to do is gather some simple supplies follow the ideas we have given below, and finish in something immensely admirable and useful for your pet’s life.

How To Make A DIY Cat Feeder?

Making all the cat feeder DIY ideas will be quite easier; you must follow some of our guidelines below. These ideas mostly use inexpensive materials found easily in the storeroom, so making a DIY cat feeder from our list will never cost a single penny to you. You have to specify your needs before getting started. We have listed some key points which will help you sketch before starting practice.

  • Select the place for your DIY cat feeder; it will help determine whether you need a round shape. Horizontal, vertical, or which type of cat feeder do you need? 
  • Get all the materials out before starting DIY and make asymmetry from where how and what to be done. 
  • I suggest using the old cans, bottles, or some other material for making DIY cat feeders because they cost nothing and even get out of order; you can easily make new identical of them in no time. 

26 DIY Cat Feeder Plans

How To Build A Pet Feeder

How To Build A Pet Feeder

If you love your pets and always want the best for them, this is the perfect project to make with your kids. All you’ll need are some basic materials and tools! You can buy these at any hardware store or home improvement store. Using these supplies, you can create a feeder that will last for years while providing fresh food and water daily. This guide will walk you through the features of modern dog and cat feeders and help you decide which one is best suited to your pet’s needs.


How To Make A Pet Feeding Station

How To Make A Pet Feeding Station

A pet feeder station helps create a neat, organized place for your furry friend’s meals. It can be used to store food and water bowls and prevent messes when you’re cleaning up after your dog or cat. We’ll teach you how to make one with supplies you likely already have to lie around the house so you can have peace of mind knowing it’s always there if needed. This needs to be in any home with a dog or cat. It makes life with fur babies easier on us humans!


The Simplest DIY Wooden Pet Feeder

The Simplest DIY Wooden Pet Feeder

Here’s a pet feeder you can make without spending a fortune! Cats and dogs love food, so you know they will love their new pet feeder. This simple DIY wooden pet feeder may be the most straightforward project ever. Follow these simple steps to cut the wood and assemble your own handmade wooden pet feeder. You can paint or stain it to match your home decor or leave it natural for a rustic look. We recommend this project for beginners and experts alike.


DIY Automatic Pet Feeder Made From Water Pipe

How To Make A Pet Feeding Station 1

Do you own a pet? Do you want to feed your pet with food automatically and not have much time? Then this is the right place for you. You can make an automatic pet feeder easily at home. This design uses a water pipe, which is easy to get and cheap. With this, YOU will be able to feed your pets automatically with food, just like human beings eat! Following this step-by-step procedure, you can make such a device at your home within a few minutes.


DIY Self Filling Cat Food Dispenser

DIY Self Filling Cat Food Dispenser

So you’re ready to feed your cat on a schedule but hate having to fill the food bowl every morning? Make this DIY self-filling cat food dispenser home, and never worry about filling it up again. This project requires a little work, but it’s easy, especially if you have a drill and jigsaw to help you through the process. It can be used for just about any dry pet food: dog, cat, fish, or small animals like rodents. This project is super easy and great for those who don’t have much spare time in the mornings.


DIY Raised Cat Bowls Feeder

DIY Raised Cat Bowls Feeder

This DIY Raised Cat Bowls feeder is easy to build with simple materials and can be used as a feeder and water fountain. It will fit any pet food, and it’s easily cleaned. It is also beautiful, so if you have space in your home decor, you might like using this design! Below are step-by-step instructions on making a glass bowl that doubles as a feeder and water fountain for your cat. Once done, your cats can enjoy their pet food without being bothered by other pets or getting in trouble for not eating at the right place.


Easy DIY Cat Feeder

Make your cat’s mealtimes fun with the DIY Cat Feeder. This unique homemade cat toy is easy to make from an old coke bottle, popsicle sticks, a rubber band, a small toy, and a sphere container. Follow the simple instructions to create this inventive feeder for your feline friend. The DIY Cat Feeder is made with an old coke bottle, which you can get cheaply at the store. With this, you can make a feeder that can be suspended or attach it to something like a larger water bottle. Fill the bottle with dry cat food, hang it up and let your cat enjoy some treats.

Automatic Feeder For Cats

This DIY Automatic Cat Feeder is a money saver for those who travel a lot. It’s made from disposables, so you can make as many as you need, and it can last for months before you throw it out. This Feeder will help save the lives of stray cats that rely on people for food. This DIY automatic Feeder will help you feed your cats with a single pump of a button. If you travel a lot, you can set this device to water or food for your pet, and he will be perfectly fine without you! This guide will teach you to make an automatic cat food dispenser for your cat, which you can quickly put together in only a few minutes. It is inexpensive, easily customizable, and works best of all.

Cat Food Dispenser From Cardboard

Get your cat food into smaller scoops using this .great DIY project your cat will appreciate. This is made out of cardboard and other simple items like glue and water bottles. Using three L-shaped pieces of cardboard, cut them to make the sides of the dispenser, then attach the other two pieces; one at the top for support and another for decoration. To make the slide, you can make it yourself out of contact paper, a nail polish remover lid, or other thin plastic products. Then once you attach everything with other small pieces of cardboard, place a plate on top to hold the bowl, and fill it Up.

DIY Smart Arduino Cat Feeder

Our project is a DIY intelligent cat feeder. This feeder is two cans big, and one small servo motor can control it. It is powered by Arduino’s power source and servo motor control generator. The servo motor can control the spinning of the cans and make sure the cats can not steal food. The cat has to push the can to make it rotate and thus can eat. They can also have a mechanism that rotates counterclockwise, bringing the bottom portion closer to the food source.

How To Make A Cat Feeder:

How To Make A Cat Feeder

Such a cute cat feeder! So here’s the shortlist of what you need for making this feeder yourself: two plastic bottles, food for your cat, and Scissors. This fantastic cat feeder with two bottles is very easy to create. The material needed for this project includes two plastic bottles and a cutter. The first bottle needs a big hole for the dog food to pass through. The second bottle needs a smaller hole made on the same side as the first hole. And then, cut the second bottle into two, so you can fill its lower part with dog food and close it with its upper part. Place the mouth of the second bottle in the holes on the first bottle and hold them together tightly so that they stay there. You can use tape to secure them


DIY An Automatic Cat Feeder:

DIY Automatic Cat Feeder

Is it too much time you’re taking away from your job to feed your cats? Is that why this project is excellent for you? Instead of coming home to find that your cats are unfed while you were away, you can just set the timer and go about your day while it feeds them. A mechanical outlet timer can be used to feed your cat food automatically. Stepper motors move the linear shaft at a specific speed and direction based on the time-inputted units. The USB wall charger adapter provides power to these components as well as an extra-long USB extension cable. You will have a fully working automatic feeder for your cat, done by yourself!


Homemade Puzzle Feeder For Cat:

How To Make A Homemade Puzzle Feeder For Cat

The making of the puzzle feeder is not an easy task to complete. First, you have to prepare some materials required for its making. The materials required are egg cartons, paper towel rolls, rope, plastic containers, popsicle sticks, flat cardboard, and glue. Make sure all the materials are ready before starting with the steps of making it. To make it simple, read the procedure mentioned above. As the procedure is given step-by-step, there is no need for any problem in its making.


DIY Cat Feeder From Empty Bottle:

DIY Cat Feeder

There’s nothing you love more than your kitty. But remembering to rescue her from the brink of starvation every few hours is tough. Thanks to this do-it-yourself feeder, your cat will never suffer again. The droplet perfectly designed cat feeder is a fully out-of-the-box solution for cats. A flat tray, a clean plastic bottle, a knife, and a hot glue gun are needed to make this device. It’s made from a plastic bottle turned upside down and wedged into a flat tray. To fill the bottle, lift it out of the tray. This saves time and energy, making it easy for you and your cat to enjoy fresh food.


DIY Fun Feeder For Cats

This is a feeder for cats. Made from scrap paper and circular magnets. Just cut the feeder from cardboard, attached it to the base, and fixed the magnets at the bottom of the paper so that the cat could swing on it while eating. It is easy to assemble and very durable. The base and the cylinder are made from two layers of cardboard, while the stand is cast from paper. The whole construction is very light and easy to move around. Just grab a can of tuna or salmon from the fridge, put it in the feeder, turn the cylinder and let the ball race down until it pops up at your kitty’s feet.

Smart Cat Feeder

If you want to make an intelligent cat feeder for your cat, this article will be a good guide for you. It will teach you how to design a smart cat feeder, from its shape to its working system. You can also learn from it how to build a simple electric circuit to control the movement of the exit plate and the length of the exit plate to make sure that your cat always has an easy time getting the food from the machine. In addition, some pictures are added to guide experienced makers or those with these skills already.

How To Make DIY Automatic Cat Feeder

Modify a metal box to make a piece of furniture the cats will love the next time you travel. The DIY Automatic Cat Feeder is a simple wooden box with a slide-out trough where cat crunchies smoothly flow to the bottom. It’s made from plywood and a timer relay mounted to a plate screwed into the bottom. Install a slide and a relay to open and close the box’s opening. As the relay lifts, the slide will open and let cat food fall on the plate. The plate will trigger a plug-in timer to lower, causing the relay to drop and the feeder to close.

DIY Food Dispenser For Cats

A DIY cat food dispenser that allows owners to feed their pets from the comfort of their home, no matter how far away from earth they may be. All you need is a few simple materials and a passion for cats. It works by attaching a plastic cat bowl to a track saw. The bowl has a timer to release food at specific times to prevent your cat(s) from starving. Owners can pre-program their feeding schedule into the container’s internal clock and website for easy access. This dispenser can hold around 8 pounds of food!

DIY Smart Cat Feeder:

DIY Smart Cat Feeder

This DIY is a Perfect combo for a more healthy life; you can feed your cat with this mix. Put a mix of meat through the pringles can and spray a mix of herbs; cover the top with cardboard and the paté can. It will only cost you about $5 and will be great for your cat at home and on the go! With this project, you can put your cat’s food anywhere and make it portable. The materials can be found in most hardware stores. This product differs from the traditional cat feeder since it allows you to control how much your pet eats and for how long.


DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder:

Cardboard Feeder for your pet

Consider making a DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder that makes your cat’s feeding time easier and less messy. This feeder is made mainly from cardboard and uses no screws or glue. It is very easy to set up, dismantle, and clean. It’s best suited for people who have no upholstery/drapery near their floor-to-ceiling windows that they can hang the feeder on. Our DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder is designed specifically for that purpose. With these simple steps, you can build a handy dispenser that would take the worries away from feeding times.


DIY Puzzle Feeder:

Making A Puzzle Feeder

The DIY cat puzzle feeder consists of a platform and an elevated platform. The elevated platform can be moved up or down by your cats to try and get to the food. Your cat would have to jump from one plank to another to reach the food. It is a very simple project that does not require much time or skill. This is a very easy and quick cat puzzle feeder to make. It will also help you save money if you bought one already. The materials are easy to find, and you can build this cat feeder in no time. Your feline friend will enjoy hours of entertainment with this cat puzzle feeder.


DIY Cat Treat Push Feeder:

Treat Push Feeder

Feeding your cat with this DIY Cat Treat Push Feeder is very easy. Fill it with your cat’s favorite treats, then put the plastic bottle cap into the lever. Slide the lever slightly to lock on the cap before you slide it to release it. Once your cat tries to eat from this feeder, she will push the lever, and at that time, a treat will come out from inside. So far, it has been tested for up to 50 pushes without a problem. This is a simple yet effective project used around the house or the farm.


How To Make Automatic Cat Feeder

As seen in the video, the cat feeder is quite easy to make. A motor wired up with a timer will do most of the work. You will be required to attach it to cardboard that you have cut up earlier. The motor should be placed on one side of the cardboard box with a timer on the other side. To attach everything, tie them together with an electric wire. Be careful that they are properly attached, or else your cat’s food might be all over the floor. The Electric Automatic Cat Feeder is an excellent DIY project idea that helps you create a fresh cup of coffee at a time of your choice. It saves a lot of money by making your automatic cat feeder for this money-saving, engineering, and creative-spirited person.

DIY Cat Step Feeder Creation

This DIY cat step feeder is easy to assemble with just a few common tools. It will only take one afternoon to build once you have all the materials. The idea was to build a feeder where the cat had to work for its food rather than get it at ground level. It can get a bit messy but trust me; your carnivore friends will love you for it. Here’s a no-hassle way to make your cats happy without straining your budget or time. You can build this feeder in an hour or less.

Make A DIY Cat Food Dispenser At Home

Creating a DIY cat food dispenser at home helps keep pet food clean and dry. Moreover, you are also economizing instead of buying expensive pet food containers. They can make a mess of your house with their claws. The cat DIY cat food dispenser at home is easy to make for as little as around £4, which can keep them busy and at mealtime. Just pour the food at the top, and it will come out of holes on each side of the tray. This is suitable for dry or wet food.

DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder

The DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder is one of the most creative DIY Cat toys made with cardboard. Here are the steps to make your cardboard toy for your cute kitty cat. The DIY Cardboard Cat Feeder was inspired by other homemade cat feeders that use plastic bottle bottoms or food displays for jewelry or candy. Making the construction of this simple cardboard cat feeder is both fun and easy. This is convenient for transporting food to your cat when traveling or don’t want to leave your cat alone at home without food all day. A tutorial with images gives diagrams and step-by-step directions for making this cardboard feeder.

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