22 DIY Fairy Jars Ideas For Decoration

Fairy jars are the perfect way to bring a little magic into your life. This is because they’re filled with good feelings and positive energy. They’re also fantastic for decorating around the house because they add a lot of personalities and even mystery. The best part is that fairy jars are very easy to make once you know how, and you can use them in various ways. From keeping a bit of nature in your home to adding some natural lighting and making small terrariums, the sky’s the limit with these simple projects. Add some sparkle to your home with these DIY Fairy Jars Ideas. These little jars will add a touch of magic to any house room!

DIY Fairy Jars Ideas

22 DIY Fairy Jars Ideas For Decoration

Fairy jars are the way to go if you’re looking for cute, easy DIY fairy jars ideas that don’t take much time or money. They’re just jars filled with tiny light bulbs and small figurines, but they give off an enchanting glow that will have everyone wondering how you did it. You can put one out on your porch or in a window, or you can give them as gifts to friends and family. Here are 22 beautiful examples of fairy jars that you can use as inspiration for your own projects! Fairy jars are simple to make and can be used to spruce up any space that needs a little magical inspiration. From bedrooms to bathrooms, fairy jars are a great way to decorate a room, and children will love them!

Advantages Of DIY Fairy Jars Ideas

Fairy jars are a great way to bring magical energy into your home. They’re also straightforward to make!

  • They’re super simple and inexpensive to make. All you need is a jar, some glitter, and some glue. That’s it!
  • Fairy jars can be made in any size or shape, so you can choose the one that best fits your space.
  • Having fairy jars around the house helps keep bad vibes away from your home, which is always a good thing!
  • You can decorate them however you want; glitter, paint, and sequins are great options for making DIY fairy jars unique and pretty!

1. How To Make A Long Lasting Fairy Jar

Are you looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids? Fairy jars are one of the easiest crafts, but they can be a pain to make when they don’t last very long. This video will teach you how to create a fairy jar that will last as long as possible by making the perfect size battery case and using the strongest glue gun available. Fairy jars are a classic DIY project that will never go out of style. It doesn’t take much to make one, but if you’re looking for something special, here’s how.

2. DIY Fairy Lantern

Wrap up your fairy lantern with a beautiful white bow. This project takes time and patience, but once you see the result, you will be so happy that you have tried it. This fairy lantern is a particular decor item that is great for parties and get-togethers. It even has the perfect design of a fairy, flowers, and a tree painted on the jar. Create an adorable fairy lantern for your home. Using a jar, paper, and some paint, you can decorate the jar with your own fairy design and then draw forest creatures around the lantern bed. Use this easy technique to create a beautiful centerpiece or hanging decoration for kids of all ages.

3. DIY Fairy In A Jar

Here is a beautiful DIY fairy in-a-jar project to make at home. This project is perfect for kids and adults who love fairies! Add a touch of magic to your home with this simple DIY Fairy In A Jar. print the image of your choice, add a little fairy dust, and you have a stunning decoration that will last all year round! You can make this DIY fairy jar for your own house or as a gift. It is perfect for a girl’s room or nursery and great for decorating any table. If you have little girls, they will love this gift!

4. DIY Hanging Fairy Jar

DIY Hanging Fairy Jar

This beautiful DIY is easy to make and very creative. With this project, you can add fairy jars to your room, office, or even your window. The beauty of this jar is that it hangs on the wall from a string and can even act as an additional decor to your room. This hanging fairy jar is one of the most straightforward DIY ideas you can try at home. All you need to do is paint the bottle’s rim with your favorite color, then hang it on a string. Your fairy jar can be placed anywhere in the house, like the bedroom, living room, or even at the entrance of your home.

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5. DIY Fairy Dust Jars

DIY Fairy Dust Jars

Get the most creative storage ever and make this DIY Hanging Fairy Jar. It’s simple and easy to make and will look fabulous on your wall, but you can do it yourself. The beauty of this fairy jar is that it hangs on the wall from a string and can even act as an additional decor to your room. Make your own hanging fairy jar right at home! This diy project will make you the talk of your neighborhood. Paint the rim of a mason jar in any cool or warm color, fill it with water plants, and hang the pot from any string to create a magical effect with your guests.

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6. DIY Fairies In A Jar

DIY Fairies In A Jar

These DIY fairies in a jar are incredibly easy to make and a great centerpiece for any party. You can get all the supplies from your local dollar store at even lower prices. You can create these DIY fairies in a jar or as a gift for someone else! It’s perfect for doing with kids and adults! You only need one mason jar, some clear glitter, and a fat glow stick. The great thing about this craft is that you can make the jar as simple or elaborate as you want.

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7. DIY Fairy Jar

You will enjoy this simple DIY project if you love fairies and crafting. This cute Fairy Jar is the perfect project for any fairy lover. You can customize it with your own design, giving your fairies their own characteristics and making them feel right at home in your room or on a shelf in the foyer. Make your own DIY fairy jar and let your imagination run wild. This craft project is perfect for children of all ages, whether you want to make it as a decoration piece or want to keep all your wishes safe inside.

8. DIY Fairy Night Light

This DIY Fairy Night Light is an excellent addition to any bedroom, nursery, or bathroom. This easy-to-make night light has an on/off switch so that it can be turned off during the day and at night. Gorgeous day or night! This DIY fairy night light is perfect for hanging over your bed and allowing your kids to drift off to sleep while they stare at the beautiful glow of their own light-up aquarium. This craft is also a great activity for family members of all ages, especially on long road trips or off days when you want to stay engaged and entertained during the long ride.

9. DIY Fairy Glow Jars

An easy and fun project to do with your kids. Set up a DIY Fairy Glow Jar that’s simple to make, and it looks great when done! Once you have all the ingredients, this will be ready in no time! You can use any jar, but we recommend using the larger ones. Make this cute fairy glow jar to add some sparkle to your home. You’ll have glittering jars with just a few simple ingredients and hours to illuminate the darkest nights.

10. DIY Fairy Light Mason Jar

DIY Fairy Light Mason Jar

This DIY Fairy Light Mason Jar is easy to make and only requires a band saw, feed-n-wax, scrap piece of thin wood, and others. The magic begins when you plug in your fairy light and start working. This project is the perfect way to add festivity and upcycle your mason jars! You’ll only need a few items and basic craft supplies you likely already have around the house. This project will make a beautiful addition to your home. You’ll be able to customize the color and design. This project is excellent for people who love DIY and creating new things.

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11. How To Make Fairies In A Jar

How To Make Fairies In A Jar

Here’s a simple project that’s fun for the whole family. It looks impressive but is easy to create. This project will be best done in the evening when you can see the lights. This fun and the easy DIY project will make you the talk of your next backyard party. The first step is finding a suitable jar, which can be done at your local hardware store; a small pot will make your glow brighter and better. Consider using a tinted mason jar, but remember, glass glows more vividly than plastic.

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12. DIY Fairy Jar

DIY Fairy Jar

A fairy jar makes a beautiful nightlight, especially for little ones afraid of the dark. It’s easy to make a glow-in-the-dark jar using just a few supplies you probably have lying around the house. DIY Fairy Jar, creating a glow-in-the-dark pot using paint and a few other materials. You can use old mason jars or clean your recycling bin; nothing is wasted! This unique DIY fairy jar is a great way to add magic to your home. You’ll need some glow sticks, mason jars, and glitter, including diamond glitters, but you can make it work perfectly by following the instructions. The glowing effect is stunning, and the pearl-colored glitter looks fantastic.

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13. How To Make A Fairy Lantern In A Jar

This easy fairy lantern in a jar is a great idea for decorating your home this season. You can make one without special tools or materials, and it looks fabulous wherever you place it. This simple DIY project will add a whimsical touch to your home or garden with the help of a few supplies, fairy cutouts, and paper lanterns. It’s so easy! This simple craft project makes an easy and affordable addition to any room. You can add just about any type of glittery paper for your fairy cutout design, but you can use anything from glitter paper to tissue paper if you don’t have any available.

15. How To Make A TinkerBell Fairy Jar

This is a great DIY craft for the kids! They’ll love decorating their own jars, and you’ll love how much fun they have with this project. You can download and print out my silhouette image or draw your own on paper and cut it out. Then, cover the jar’s body with light white tracing paper, and apply with glue using a brush. The project is super easy! Tinker Bell Fairy Jars are perfect for holding anything you want to impress your friends. Great for photos, buttons, paper clips, and more. They’re even great gift ideas with candy inside!

16. How To Make Glow Stick Jars

How To Make Glow Stick Jars

This is the perfect craft for kids and adults! It’s easy to make and looks excellent in a lighted room. You will need glow sticks, scissors, gloves, and a Mason jar. Put on your gloves, cut off the end of the glow sticks with scissors, and pour the liquid into the container. Add glitters to the mixture and shake thoroughly. Making your own glow stick jars is a fun and easy DIY project for almost any holiday, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. These glow sticks make an excellent addition to your home outside or even inside. You can toss them out or keep them as decorations in the house.

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17. How To Make A Fairy Jar

How To Make A Fairy Jar

Build this fairy jar in 25 minutes or less! All you need is a sequin mix, round, heat shrink tube, glycerin, glitters, LEDs, a 9V battery case, soldering iron, and a hot glue gun. With this DIY kit, you’ll have everything needed to create a fantastic night light that blinks with the touch of a button and glows softly when you walk past. Making a cute fairy jar with just a few materials is easy. This lovely fairy jar is the perfect addition to any space and would make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

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18. DIY Fairy Jar

DIY Fairy Jar 1

If your kids’ room has a dimmer switch, it can be super challenging to get them to go to bed. Instead of using dimmers and turning off the lights all over again, try making simple fairy jars that are battery-powered and easy to turn on and off. Recycled mask jars make great containers for these DIY fairy jars. You can make this DIY Fairy Jar for the kids’ room or as a gift. This is a fun and simple project that will add light to your child’s room instead of a dimmer. It makes an excellent conversation piece and is super easy to make.

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19. How To Make A Glow In The Dark Fairy Jar

For this project, you will need a clear plastic jar with a lid, glow-the-dark puffy paint, and an old toothbrush. First, fill your pot with the color and slather it all over the inside of your jar. Use another toothbrush to wipe off any excess on your lid and sides. Make a glow-in-the-dark fairy jar with this easy DIY tutorial! This project is about finding that perfect, magical light in your backyard and capturing it for everyone to enjoy. The idea is simple: you paint your jar with glow-in-the-dark paint and set it outside at night. Then, when you let some sunlight hit it during the day, it will glow all night long.

20. DIY Glitter Fairy Mason Jar

This fantastic airy jar is plain and simple, with nothing but glitter and a battery-operated LED light inside. Add a glitzy glowing fairy to your fairy garden, or use it as a centerpiece for your next party! This glitter mason jar is such a cute, fun way to add a little extra light to your evening! This tremendous DIY glitter fairy mason jar is simple and easy to make. You need a jar (preferably a mason jar), spray adhesive, and glitter! Screw it in your kitchen cabinet or living room; it’s so beautiful that you can highlight it in many different places.

21. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern

Dream up a delightful display of large fairy lanterns with this easy DIY project. Make your own mason jar fairy lanterns perfect for any space―whether outdoors or indoors, in your home or office. This mason jar fairy lantern is an excellent project for the beginning crafter or experienced DIYer. You’ll love how this lantern adds a little whimsy to any room in your home! After completing this project, you can use them as decorations, vases, or chandeliers. You can also attach them to your home’s doors and windows to decorate.

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22. DIY Fairy Jars

DIY Fairy Jars

This is it if you are looking for something exceptional in your home. This DIY fairy jar will be your home’s most significant conversation starter! This easy craft project shows you how to make a gorgeous fairy jar. With polymer clay, broken china, and glass beads, you’ll create a beautiful bottle that will radiate with light and turn passersby into believers. These DIY Fairy Jars are easy to make and can be customized with whatever accessories your heart desires. This is a great way to display fairy accessories or to create a sweet centerpiece for your home.

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23. How To Make A Fairy Jar

How To Make A Fairy Jar 1

A Fairy Jar is a jar filled with glitter and extraordinary things for fairies. If you are looking for a good idea for your room or home, let’s look at how to make a fairy jar. This is a great DIY project for kids, which you might like. If you’re looking for a way to make your fairy jar look extra special, read on! This is an easy DIY project that anyone can do, and it’s perfect for glittering up any jewelry box or Floating nightstand. Fairy jars are homemade decoration that is perfect for any event. They can be used as table decor or gifts and are so simple to make! You can make your decorative fairy jar using only regular glitter, fine glitter, and a few other supplies.


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