15 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas For Indoor & Outdoor

15 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

If you love the look of succulents but don’t have a green thumb, you’re in luck. A whole world of unique planters is waiting to be filled with your favorite little cacti and other small plants. Succulents are popular houseplants because they’re easy to care for and look great as decorative pieces. Their variation in shapes, sizes, and colors makes them a versatile choice for decorating around the home. DIY Succulent Planter Ideas can be purchased or made at home with supplies around the house. It’s easy to give a plain vessel a makeover into a gorgeous container for succulents in your home.

Homemade DIY Succulent Planter

15 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas

Succulents are trending. With their chunky leaves, stout stems, and beautiful colors, they make a significant decorative element in any home or office. They’re also straightforward to care for, requiring little more than a sunny spot and occasional watering to keep them healthy and happy. These DIY succulent planters are a perfect gift for anyone who loves plants, whether someone who needs something pretty on their desk at work or enjoys gardening as a hobby. Plus, you can customize the look of your succulent planter to match any decor style.

Benefits Of Adding Cheap And Easy Containers For Succulents

DIY succulent planters are a great way to add personality to your home and garden. They’re also straightforward to make, and they’re so much fun! Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to start making your own succulent planters:

  • They are cheap! You can use anything you have lying around the house to make one of these.
  • They’re colorful! All you need is paint and some soil, and you’re good to go.
  • They last forever! Once they dry out, they’ll still look great if you keep them in the right environment.

DIY Birdcage Succulent Planter:

DIY Birdcage Succulent Planter

Add a little charm to your home with this DIY Birdcage Succulent Planter! This project is the perfect way to bring the outside in, and it’s simple enough that anyone can do it. So grab your succulents and get ready to make this planter for yourself! Make a succulent birdcage planter for a fun and funky way to display your favorite succulent. This project makes excellent use of old birdcages and, with the appropriate materials, can be made using only items found around the home. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make a plater.


DIY Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces:

DIY Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces

This DIY rotted tree trunk project is a fun and easy craft you can do yourself. This project is a great way to transform any space, regardless of size. You can turn these beautiful pieces into fully functioning mantels or shelves with just a little know-how. You can also use the tops of the tree trunks as table tops. This is a fun and easy way to transform your backyard into an impressive garden. It is a better alternative to buying an expensive preformed pond for your home. Anyone can do this DIY Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces project with essential tools and a love for creating something beautiful.


DIY Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece:

DIY Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece

A centerpiece will set the mood of your table, whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a big party. A tall vase filled with succulents can be used in casual and formal settings, giving your space a bit more personality. This DIY Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece will ensure your succulents stay healthy and thriving so they’re always in bloom. It is super easy to assemble, and this project will take you less than an hour. The best part? It’s made from materials you can find in your home.


DIY Succulent Centerpiece Planter:

DIY Succulent Centerpiece Planter

This pretty little succulent centerpiece is easy to make and so affordable you’ll be able to create one for every table. This makes a great wedding or party favor depending on the size of your succulents. You can also add different colors to create an inexpensive fire starter for your backyard. Create a fun and very stylish centerpiece with this DIY Succulent Centerpiece Planter. Check out this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to create this succulent centerpiece for your house! You will make this in a meager time.


DIY Painted Cinder Block Planters:

DIY Painted Cinder Block Planters

A cinder block planter is a great way to get more gardening space. Instead of spending some serious cash on a new farmer, consider using cinder blocks. This project doesn’t take long, and you can achieve stunning results. These DIY Painted Cinder Block Planters are perfect for your garden or patio. The step-by-step tutorial on making these planters is easy enough for a beginner but detailed enough to make it your own. You can paint the blocks in whatever colors and styles you like, then arrange them on your balcony or patio!


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How To Make A Succulent Garden:

DIY How To Make A Succulent Garden

Want to impress your friends with your gardening skills? Looking for a unique way to display all your favorite plants by making them into a one-of-a-kind planter that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside? You are going to love this Succulent Garden! This tutorial is perfect for any beginning gardener. If you have a few succulents and want to add more plants to your garden, this how-to make a succulent garden is for you!


DIY Modern House Number Planter:

DIY Modern House Number Planter

Plant a rose or succulent to create eye-catching, handmade planters with your house number. These modern planters are stamped with your address and ready to be planted. Let your home number speak volumes with a DIY Modern House Number planter. Crafted from a classic house number sign, this planter gives your front door or garden character and charm. This tutorial will help you to make your own unique creation; this craft project is suitable for beginners, with simple drilling and sawing required.


Large Vertical Garden Wall Planter:

DIY Large Vertical Garden Wall Planter

Make your garden unique with this DIY raised-bed vertical wall planter! If you love putting a prominent farmer on the side of the house or in the backyard. This is perfect for herbs and plants you want right outside your kitchen door. The planter is also extremely helpful if you have a small garden and don’t want to spend money on an expensive greenhouse. This is easy to make, DIY-friendly, and they require very little space since you stack them all together. Take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with this large vertical garden planter!


DIY Felt Succulent Vertical Garden:

DIY Felt Succulent Vertical Garden

This project is made of felt, a recycled material that has been used for years. DIY Felt Succulent Vertical Garden is an excellent way to display your green thumb and add some greenery to your home while also supporting the environment. Make it in any color, style, or size that you like! This adorable felt, a succulent vertical garden is a simple and fun DIY project that is perfect for spring or summer. Add a few of these to your home for a touch of green and a spot for plants, or gift it as a cute housewarming or hostess gift!


DIY Faux Succulent Garden:

DIY Faux Succulent Garden

Add some natural charm to your home with this DIY faux succulent garden. You’ll learn how to create the perfect blend of modern and rustic living through the use of vibrant colors and materials, from faux succulents to painted pottery. Complete with plenty of photos and step-by-step tutorials, this craft will have you look like a professional in no time! DIY your own succulent garden with this easy tutorial! You don’t need to be a green thumb to create gorgeous tabletop gardens. With a few filler plants and suitable materials, your faux succulents will look just like the real thing!


DIY Driftwood Planter Filled With Succulents:

DIY Driftwood Planter Filled With Succulents

Is it time you updated your home’s decor? Try this DIY Driftwood Planter Filled With Succulents project! Add instant color to any room in your house with lovely succulents, or give it a cooler, more natural look by using the driftwood option. You can use it as a standalone centerpiece or set it on your desk as a small home office flower vase. This DIY Driftwood Planter Filled With Succulents adds a touch of rustic charm to your space. This driftwood planter creates your own unique landscape in your home or garden. Made from recycled materials, it’s the perfect way to add greenery to any space.


DIY Farmhouse Style Succulent Planter Box:

DIY Farmhouse Style Succulent Planter Box

Looking for an easy way to add a touch of farmhouse style to your home? Then this tutorial is for you. This planter box is made using leftover materials and will look great on your porch or patio. This succulent Flower box is the perfect addition to your farmhouse decor. It has a good design that adds character to your home. Elevate your outdoor space with this DIY Farmhouse Style Succulent Planter Box. It’s an excellent gift for the gardener on your list and easy to make. It only takes a few minutes to build. Any succulents you choose will look gorgeous in this planter box.


DIY Hexagon Wall Planter:

DIY Hexagon Wall Planter

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your favorite plants, then this DIY Hexagon Wall Planter is sure to please you. A wall planter can add an artistic and natural touch to your home. And great for plants and makes a beautiful addition to any room in your home. This is such a fun way to add greenery to your indoor space. Do this project for your dears or yourself! Add some rustic charm to any room with the Hexagon Wall Planter. This planter will add texture and personality to any blank wall.


DIY Gumball Machine Succulent Planter:

DIY Gumball Machine Succulent Planter

This DIY project is perfect for you if you’re a succulents and gumball machines fan. This gumball machine succulent planter is a great gift idea or decoration piece for any home decor. This DIY gumball machine succulent planter is perfect for anyone who loves the look of succulents but doesn’t want to water them. With this tutorial, you will learn how to make a small garden from scratch and design an attractive home decor piece that’s as functional as it is decorative. This succulent planter looks like a vintage gumball machine and is a cute way to add fun pops to your home.


DIY Cork Planters:

DIY Cork Planters

This is an intelligent way to upgrade your home decor with a cork planter that have you covered. This chic DIY cork planter is perfect for adding a touch of nature to your interior. The cork material can be manipulated into different shapes and sizes to suit any room or style. A natural corkboard will help keep your plants upright, standing tall and proud. The cork also absorbs excess water so that you can water less often. The best part? It looks awesome! Go above and beyond your expected garden with this eco-friendly planter.



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