25 Dog Drawing Ideas – How To Draw Dog

25 Dog Drawing Ideas - How To Draw Dog

Learn how to draw dogs with our collection of dog drawing ideas, whether you’re an illustrator or a beginner artist. Teachers, parents, and professional artists use these tutorials to teach children how to draw their favorite dog breeds, from huskies and pugs to bulldogs and retrievers. This is a great activity for kids, beginners, and anyone that loves dogs. So, without wasting time, start with some good old-fashioned paper and pencil; you can start today.

Simple Dog Drawing

25 Dog Drawing Ideas - How To Draw Dog

Dogs are everywhere, and you can’t help but want to draw them all. These 25 dog drawing ideas are just a jumping-off point for your sketches. As you start to imagine new types of dogs, think about what makes the dog a dog, and you’ll come up with plenty of your original designs. And remember that these ideas are better than dogs! Some can be used to create cats, bears, wolves, or any animal you feel like drawing. Here are 25 ideas to get you started. This collection is for you if you want a dog drawing idea!

Cute Dog Drawings

Drawing isn’t just for the world’s illustrators—it’s a skill anyone can learn and improve. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, many tasks could benefit from your unique perspective, including drawing dogs. There are many ways to make dogs look cute in drawings, whether it’s their floppy ears or plump faces. You can also draw dogs from different angles by adding additional details to their jumpsuits or showing off their adorable hind legs. You can even draw them from unusual points of view, like from above or below! The possibilities are endless, so get ready to get creative and see how many dog-drawing ideas you can develop!

An easy way to make your cute dog drawing is to use the “squiggle method .” This can be done by drawing simple squiggles and dots until you have created the outline of your dog. After this, add details like eyes, mouth, and ears. Our simple instructions show you how to quickly draw this adorable character in just a few minutes.

Benefits Of Dog Drawing Ideas

  • It can help teach kids how to draw animals, which is an important skill
  • It’s a fun activity that can help children develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Children will learn more about different types of dogs and other animals through these drawings
  • It helps children learn more about the world around them

Dog Face Drawing

 Dog Face

Start by drawing an oval, then the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. And that’s it! You are all done with your adorable dog drawing! This dog drawing tutorial shows you how to create a simple dog face from start to finish. This is a straightforward step-by-step drawing tutorial for kids, requiring you to follow along with the instructions and stay focused on being creative.

Dachshund Drawing


Here is a cute little dachshund dog drawing to try out next. This tutorial is for all ages and will take you through the basics of drawing an adorable Dachshund dog. Dachshund drawing is a fun drawing to try out. It is not too difficult, and it only takes a few minutes. This one has many incredible details that make it look quite realistic. This cute little dachshund drawing is one of my favorite ideas to try out next.

Dog with Glasses Drawing

Dog with Glasses

Here is a cute dog character with glasses to draw. If you are an artist, this tutorial is for you. You can use it as a sketch or apply a well-made drawing to your work of art. This tutorial will show you how to draw a realistic dog character with glasses, using basic shapes and simple strokes. It is suitable for novice artists and kids.

Toy Poodle Drawing

Toy Poodle

All you need is a pencil and paper. Sure, some crayons or coloured pencils would be great, but regular pencils will be fine if you don’t have any! This is a super easy drawing, and it’s great fun, too! This playful little toy poodle (or poodle mix) is sporting a cute bow tie with its ears all pricked up with attention. Try your hand at drawing this cute little fella or lady for yourself.

Chibi Dog Drawing

Chibi Dog Drawing

Draw a Chibi Dog is a step-by-step tutorial perfect for kids, beginner artists and those looking to return to the hobby. You only need an image like the one below and a pencil or pen. Let’s begin by drawing this cute chibi dog. First, sketch out a circle for the head and another for its body. Next, draw the little dog’s nose, mouth, nose and ears. Lastly, finish off your chibi drawing with whiskers and paws!

Dog Paw Print Drawing

Dog Paw Print

Learn to draw your Dog Paw Print. Follow the easy step-by-step drawing instructions, and you’ll be ready to make any dog paw print you like. This easy-to-follow drawing works well with a beginner. Start by drawing the sizeable outer shape of the paw, then fill in its print with a darker color. You can add embellishments as you wish or leave it alone as is!

Shiba Inu Drawing

Shiba Inu

This step-by-step drawing lesson will teach you how to draw a Shiba Inu dog face like the one below. This is a great tutorial for kids (and adults) who want to know how to draw a dog and have fun the entire way through. Create a Shiba Inu portrait that’s faithful to the breed. These cute dogs have a regal profile, so draw from life if you can!

Sunset And Dog Drawing

Sunset and Dog

This is a drawing of a dog watching a sunset. After a long day, it looks like this dog wants to relax with his family. You might not be able to see his eyes, but he is looking at something. Perhaps he’s imagining that beautiful orange hue coloring his surroundings – maybe the silhouette of an animal he wants to chase? Perhaps he’s just sleepy and looking forward to going home?

Sitting Dog Drawing

 Sitting Dog

Drawing a Dog Sitting is one of the easiest things to draw. You must sketch a circle and add two legs, the chest, and the head. Then, you can add the details that make it look like your favorite dog! This is a quick drawing of a dog sitting on a bench. Perfect for pet owners and animal lovers alike, it’s simple but goes well in many different settings.

Corgi Drawing


Drawing a corgi is very straightforward, so this should be easy for you to complete. You can add some personality to your sketch by adding a nose or whiskers. Make sure to give your corgi outline a few details before shading it. This Corgi drawing is a pop culture phenomenon. It’s fun, unique and easy to do. The small size makes it a perfect gift for anyone.

Dog And Flower Drawing

Dog and Flower

A dog drawing is a delightful and easy-to-do drawing idea that all ages can enjoy. Dogs are happy, friendly creatures that have been around for centuries. Enjoy this short step-by-step guide to creating your cartoon dog carrying a beautiful flower! This is a great starter kit for beginners who want to try something new or experienced artists looking to experiment with different styles and mediums.

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Head Tilt Drawing

 Head Tilt

Cute dogs have that cute confused look on their face! Maybe they don’t get why the kids are so excited about dinner, or the dog toy is suddenly a new best friend. You can draw those kinds of expressions in a few easy steps. This is a great drawing tutorial to draw a simple dog and make him look cute. This tutorial is easy enough for beginners but has enough depth that advanced artists might find it interesting.

Jumping Dog Drawing

Jumping Dog

Draw a Jumping Dog with this drawing guide. Learn to draw cute and funny little dogs. This is for people who want to learn how to draw dogs easily and step-by-steply. Get your artistic skills on with this fun jumping dog drawing! You can create your own cartoon dog with just a few steps. Just add water and watch it come to life.

Pomeranian Drawing


Pomeranian dogs are fluffy and cute as can be! This drawing for kids is an easy one to do, too. To draw Pomeranian, use a sharp pencil and an eraser in various colors, preferably on dark paper. You can also use markers or crayons if you prefer. This is a sweet little Pomeranian to draw. He is so fluffy and lovable you’ll want to hug him.

Labrador Retriever Drawing

 Labrador Retriever

A Labrador Retriever is a great dog, but it’s different from what you would want to leave unattended with your kids. If you have young children, this dog is ideal as it has excellent habits with children. Even the most basic drawing tutorials can be more challenging than they appear. Drawing out your first portrait takes a lot of practice and patience. Fortunately, there is plenty of time for that! Ensure you have your pencils and erasers ready because this will take some time.


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