33 Frog Drawing Ideas For Kids To Inspire

33 Frog Drawing Ideas For Kids To Inspire

Our amazing frog drawing ideas are a fun way to show off your creativity. 

No matter how good you are at art, making a frog sketch can be enjoyable and add a special touch to your art.

Join us as we explore the exciting world of frog drawing, which is sure to inspire both you and others who love art.

33 Frog Drawing Ideas For Kids To Inspire

Frog Drawing Ideas

This list of ideas we provide will help you create your unique frog art.

Whether you are trying to draw a playful, cartoon-like frog or aiming for a more realistic depiction, our list of frog drawing ideas has got everything covered.

How To Draw A Frog?

Drawing a frog is quite easy, and you can do it using these simple materials and following the steps below. 

  • Pe
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils


  1. Draw an egg-like shape for the frog’s body.
  2. Create two circles for the eyes. Add tiny ones inside for sparkles.
  3. Draw two ‘C’ shapes for the front legs and small ‘U’s for the fingers.
  4. Make reversed ‘S’ shapes for hind legs and small ‘C’s for toes.
  5. Draw a ‘M’ shape for the head and a curved line for the mouth.
  6. Add a few lines on the body for skin texture.

Frog Face

Frog Face

If you’re a beginner in drawing, then this frog face drawing will be the best option for you. It will help you try drawing round shapes and is always the best beginner’s sketching option. 

Dancing Frog

Dancing Frog

Have you seen a happier frog before? If not, then following this drawing will be a great option for you. It seems like he’s weaving the song’s beat and helping everyone feel the same, too. 

Sitting Frog

Sitting Frog

Let’s make a sitting frog’s sketch by getting inspiration from this easier visualization. It doesn’t seem perfect, but still a decent take on making the easier Froggie sketch for kids to practice. 

Frog with a Flower

Frog with a Flower

Here, we will let you explore how to make a frog with a flower drawing by yourself, following the easiest inspirational idea. This illustration will help you do that using simple colored pencils that are easier to find almost anywhere. 

Frog on Lily Pad

Frog on Lily Pad

The frog loves to sit on a lily, and we try to depict that scenery in this drawing. It’s easier to make and excellent to spread fun vibes around. 

Swimming Frog

Swimming Frog

Don’t you like swimming? Surely, yes, But frog like it at the next level and this is visualized in this swimming frog drawing idea. It’s the best drawing option and helps viewers make the forggie sketch within minutes using simple colored pencils.

Fishing Frog

Fishing Frog

Frogs don’t do fishing practically, but here we try to depict a lazy person who came to fish at the lake but doing silly tasks. We try resonating it in this drawing with the frog having a fishing rod in their hands and a flag weaving behind him. The flag is of no use; it’s just for adding extra drama to this simple drawing.

Leaping Frog

Leaping sloopy froggie

Frogs don’t walk; they jump from one point to another, but we try visualizing that feature in the dancing position and help viewers make dancing frog drawings following this easier idea. 

Frog Hero

sloopy Hero sketch

We make the hero frog drawing seem like waving hands to its spectators, like one who came back by winning a trophy from some tournament and seeking appreciation from its viewers. Surely, it’s a hypothetical theme, but this drawing is remembering something like that.

Frog Under Leaf

easy to make sketch Under Leaf

This fun frog under the leaf sketch resembles the visual illustration of humans lying on boats/kayaks, enjoying fun floating in the middle of the sea/lake, and having sunshine on their faces. 

Step By Step Guide To Draw Frog

Step By Step Guide To Draw Frog

Learn how to draw this charming frog using simple shapes and lines. Follow along to learn how to recreate a basic design pattern that can be used repeatedly to create any frog you want. They have webbed feet and hands, long sticky tongues, and warty skin. When you draw frogs, you must pay attention to these details and have fun.


Frog Drawing Cute Tutorial

Frog Drawing Cute Tutorial

In just 4 easy steps, you can learn how to draw a Cute Frog from start to finish. This is an ideal tutorial for kids, beginners, and the young at heart who loves spending time with some fun art projects! From starting with just a few lines to adding the final details, we’ll walk you through every step and make sure it’s perfect! In this tutorial, you will learn: How to draw a frog step by step, outline and color, choosing the right tools.


Frog Drawing Aesthetic Plan

Frog Drawing Aesthetic Plan

In this idea, we will learn how to draw and shade a frog step by step. You don’t have to be an artist to learn how to draw a frog. Let me show you how easy it is. First, we will practice fur techniques, then sketching & basic shading. Next, we will add details like large monochromatic areas to create the frog’s body, mouth, and nostrils. Finally, we’re going to add color and finish our drawing!


Frog-Wearing Clothes Drawing

Frog Wearing Clothes

The Frog-Wearing Clothes Drawing is a perfect piece of art for any home. Start your next project with this wonderful DIY artwork for yourself or as a gift to loved ones. This step-by-step tutorial will make the process simple and interesting. Start your next project with this wonderful DIY artwork for yourself or as a gift to loved ones. This step-by-step tutorial will make the process simple and interesting. Follow the instructions to make this creature and add it to the list of your decorating ideas.

Frog-Wearing Sunglasses Drawing

Frog Wearing Sunglasses

This amazing Frog-Wearing Sunglasses Drawing idea has been specially designed to help you create a beautiful piece of art. We’ve made it easy by giving you the exact materials, instructions, and measurements needed. You can make these cute Frog-Wearing Sunglasses Drawing in any size, use any color, and even change it.

Line Frog Drawing

Line Drawing

Our Line Frog Drawing is a new wall art style, a simple yet eye-catching solution for a unique décor piece. We’ve used a white line to draw a frog on a black background, then given it an antique brown wash to give it an aged appearance. The inscription “frog” is hand painted in navy blue. Its simple design makes it easy to hang on the wall or place on a table in any homeroom.

Realistic Colorful Frog Drawing

Frog Coloring Page

If you want to learn how to draw a frog in a way that will look very real, then this is the art lesson for you. This tutorial shows you exactly how to draw a realistic and colorful frog with simple step-by-step instructions. The Frog Drawing is an easy painting project that produces a realistic impression of a woodland scene. The finished drawing makes an ideal gift for families, friends, and coworkers.

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Frogs have become a popular subject for drawing, and with good reason – their bright colors and interesting body shapes lend themselves to vivid designs. Drawing a frog begins with the body’s outline, adding details such as legs and webbed feet. You can draw in the eyes, nostrils, and tongue to complete your drawing. Here’s a step-by-step drawing lesson on how to create this frog drawing project.

Frog Face Drawing

Frog Face

Frogs are the coolest animal on earth. They have big bug eyes and wide mouths covered with many teeth – just like you. This tutorial will guide you through creating a frog’s face. You will learn to draw each part carefully and use shading techniques to make the drawing more realistic. This tutorial will show you exactly how to draw a cartoon frog face step by step.

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Hungry Frog Drawing

Hungry Frog

The Hungry Frog Drawing is a unique, handmade illustration of a little frog on the hunt. This frog chasing a fly will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. With hints of blue in its eyes and spots and a green hue to its body — this piece will make an excellent addition to your art collection. This easy-to-draw image is a great project for young artists and future explorers.

Dancing Frog Drawing

Dancing Frog

Dancing Frog Drawing can make a fun, unique addition to your home décor. Follow this idea to create your Dancing Frog Drawing and adjust it as you like. It works great for beginners; if you have no drawing experience, try this fantastic idea! You can use this Dancing Frog Drawing as a Christmas tree ornament or add it to your knick-knack collection.

Sitting Frog Drawing

Sitting Frog

This realistic frog will help you get comfortable with drawing three-dimensional forms. You can use this sitting frog as a guide in the same way you might use a photo reference or tracing paper. When you’re done, celebrate yourself by putting it on a t-shirt, making it an ornament, or framing it to hang on your wall! Get inspired by this drawing and create your version of a sitting frog!

Frog with a Flower Drawing

Frog with a Flower

This frog drawing has been designed as a simple and easy way to create a beautiful composition. Incorporating flowers into your drawing is easy, and there’s no need for brushes or fancy materials. This simple guide allows a beginner to learn how to draw frogs in watercolor. Drawing this frog is easy to follow and only requires basic drawing skills.

Frog on Lily Pad Drawing

Frog on Lily Pad

Create your frog and lily pad drawing with this easy step-by-step guide. This design is perfect for a frog lover. The lily pad adds a nice touch to the drawing, and you can add more water to complete it. Use watercolor paper and the provided brushes to paint one of the gardens pictured in this book—or create your landscape! The frog is there for all ages to enjoy. And if you’re up for it, add in some more frogs!

Frog Heart Drawing

Frog Heart

Creating a frog drawing is easy with my step-by-step instructions. Anyone can draw their cute frog with minimal lines and shapes in just minutes. Drawing a frog heart is very easy. Use a soft pencil and outline a heart on paper. Then fill it in to create an outline of a frog. It’s much easier than it looks!

Frog Doodle Drawing

Frog Doodle

Here’s a simple frog drawing to try if you want to squeeze in a quick little doodle. Frogs are a great addition to any garden and can be found in water ponds and other natural settings. To draw this cardstock template, start by determining where the head will be located, then sketch out some basic shapes for the legs and body of your frog. After that, continue to fill out the details of your sketch.

Swimming Frog Drawing

Swimming Frog

Draw a cute frog swimming with just a few easy strokes. This design is great for kids and older children learning how to draw. An adorable drawing of a frog’s head popping out of the water is here. You can use it as casual or formal attire. The feet of this frog are decorated with ripples and dots, giving them a realistic look. If you want to do something more complicated with this character, please let me know via email, and I will make the changes for you.

Frog Costume Drawing

Frog Costume

The perfect costume for a dog-gone prank, here’s a drawing of a dog disguised as a frog. This drawing shows an adorable puppy with a frog in its paws. A stylized dog wearing a frog costume, this piece could be featured in your home or added to a framed art collection.

Fishing Frog Drawing

Fishing Frog

The frog is looking down and reaching for something like he’s fishing, hence the title “Fishing Frog.” There are many drawing ideas for the moon and stars, but this one with a frog is my new favorite. This drawing idea can be done with a pencil or a colored pen. It will be a great masterpiece for adding to your home décor, and I hope you’re going t love making it.

Leaping Frog Drawing

Leaping Frog

Here’s a doodle of a jumping frog to try drawing on your doodle page. You can draw a much more realistic frog by using a few techniques–and copying this little guy. Or you can get into all sorts of fun variations, changing his expression or adding clothes. Try it! We’ll start with an oval and construct the shape of our leaping frog. Then we’ll add a few lines for the basic details of our frog and then fill in all the shadings.

Frog Hero Drawing

Frog Hero

Frogs are very cool, and they make great heroes! If you didn’t know, this one was drawn in pencil on watercolor paper to allow for extra shading and depth. Check out the rest of my shop, where you can find more adorable collectible characters. Then you will have to wait and see what happens next in this series of books by Frog Hero.

Sleepy Frog Drawing

Sleepy Frog

This Sleepy Frog Drawing art kit is the perfect gift for a young artist. Frogs are fun to watch as they jump in ponds and lakes, so let’s create one together! The step-by-step instructions walk you through the process and are written to simplify the learning process of last year’s hand-drawn sketches, and now you can make them in one easy step using the included markers, pencils, and paper. If you’re looking for a creative activity with your friends, this one’s a sure winner.

Frog Under Leaf Drawing

Frog Under Leaf

This Frog Under Leaf Drawing can be a great addition to your living room, bedroom décor, or any other purpose. This is a perfect piece of art for the wall of any nature lover. As you can see, this drawing has many details, from the small ants on the ground to the leaf protecting his head.

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