33 Cute Animal Drawing Ideas

These cute animal drawings for kids are great activities to do with your children. They’reough appropriate for any age th easy enough for adults and children to try! Animal portraits are a great way to get creative and help expand the drawing abilities of both young and old alike. Animal drawings are a great place to start when you need kids drawing ideas! Find your favorite coloring pages and printables, or use our step-by-step instructions to make these animal illustrations your own.

Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

33 Cute Animal Drawing Ideas

Are you looking for ways to bring joy to your child and help them develop fine motor skills, too? These animal drawing ideas will help. They’re easy to use, with five different animal shapes your kid can color. When they’re done, hand them back and let them put the sticker on! Perfect for small ones learning how to draw. I suggest looking at the ideas below if unsure where to start. These ideas show you what materials to use and how to set up your workspace so that your little one can co-create with you (all while experiencing some healthy creativity).

More Drawing Tutorials

  • Dabi Drawing Ideas: Coloring pages are an excellent activity for kids and teens, helping them develop creativity and imagination. Fans of this anime will love coloring these fun Dabi Drawing Ideas based on their Japanese counterparts!
  • Ghost Drawing Ideas: Ghost drawing is also an important element of Halloween. The spooky ambiance created by their drawing can influence people to be afraid. There are many ghost drawings, but they all have one thing in common, they are scary!
  • Mickey Mouse Drawing Ideas: Here’s a collection of some of the best Mickey Mouse drawing ideas and characters you can use to create your Disney-themed drawing.
  • Dolphin Drawing Ideas: When you draw a dolphin, your first decision is what style you want to draw the dolphin in. You can draw it realistically, drawing a dolphin as accurately as possible, or you can draw it a cartoony, which means exaggerating the features.

Blue Dog Drawing Tutorial

Blue Dog Drawing Tutorial

Want to create a supernatural blue dog? This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to draw a blue dog with simple steps. This animal art is so much fun to do, especially when you take your time and simplify the drawing process, making it fun and rewarding! If you want more information, we also have a Blue Dog Coloring Page for you to color.


How To Draw An Aardvark

How To Draw An Aardvark

If you love animals and are passionate about drawing, what better subject to draw than an Aardvark? The Aardvark can be either loved or hated because of its appearance. Either way, it is a unique animal that deserves everyone’s attention. With this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw the face, ears, and body of an Aardvark.


Step By Step Guide To Draw Koala

Step By Step Guide To Draw Koala

Here we come with a super easy koala drawing idea to make cute masterpiece additions to your kid’s drawing series. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate-level artists seeking help with drawing skills. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw an aardvark! This method is suitable for all ages, especially beginners. It will help you master the basics of drawing while having fun at the same time.


Bee Drawing


Bee craft is the most amazing and unique idea to decorate your home and kids’ room. This craft uses just a few materials and is easy to make. You can make this craft activity with your kids to bring happiness in their life by giving them a gift of art. The project requires only the help of simple craft supplies you can obtain from any store near your house by paying a small amount, thus making it an affordable craft, to begin with. This can also be a great science experiment at home or even an activity you can conduct with your kindergarten students!

Fox Drawing


It’s designed very simply, with very little material needed to make it. The face of the fox craft looks appealing to every kid because of its mesmerizing look. It’s a decorative piece and a great gift for any special occasion, especially a birthday, Christmas, or any time you feel so. We have selected some amazing Fox Craft ideas easily made at home. Get ready to be impressed by these wonderful ideas for making lovely and impressive decorations for your kid’s room.

Narwhal Drawing


Let the kids be creative and have fun making this unique narwhal craft. The kids can learn how to make a head, body, and horn for their art. All you need is some toilet paper rolls and glue. We have narwhal wall art, mobile, ornaments, and pillow cover. All the stuff is made with felt, cotton, and cardboard. I hope you all like it.

Raccoon Drawing



Raccoons are one of the cutest and most adorable animals ever. This craft is perfect for children who love art and DIY projects, as it teaches them how to do a raccoon craft. I am sharing an easy way to make these cute raccoons so your child can use them as decorations for their room or maybe even as a gift for someone special. So try this in your home and rule out the hide-and-seek game with raccoons on your premises.

Seal Drawing



Seal craft can be great for making impressive and unique decorations for your kid’s room. Follow this craft and make it very easily by following simple step-by-step instructions. The project’s outcome is shown in the image above, and we hope you will like it. It is slightly smaller than a fur seal and much larger than a sea lion. This craft is great for Arctic animal fans or preschoolers learning about the ocean or water bodies.

Dog Drawing


A good old standby, man’s best friend. Here’s a simple way to portray a dog. For most of my drawings, I start at the head and work my way down. It’s a better chance to get the proportions right, but do whatever you suit best! Any dog-loving kids will have fun with the dog crafts for kids.

Panda Drawing


Panda craft is a great hobby for kids and adults! This Panda craft can be a simple portrait or a cute cartoon. Use panda craft to explore and learn ideas you can use yourself or teach someone else. It is easy to draw pandas, starting with basic shapes and adding details. This craft shows you how to draw a cute koala! Follow the steps, and get your kids to try too. They’ll enjoy adding facial features and creating fur. It’s a great activity for all ages; adults can enjoy it!

Hippo Drawing


The hippo is a playful and curious creature that loves the water. We’ve captured its likeness in simple, straight lines with fun color combinations. This craft is great for any age or level of artistic development—from toddlers to adults! Let’s draw a hippopotamus! If your child needs some practice before they feel comfortable with these life-like drawings, you may want to start by drawing other animals first so they become comfortable making shapes and lines in clouds.

Giraffe Drawing


This giraffe craft is a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination and visual discrimination. Kids will love looking at this giraffe as they make and glue all the different parts onto the body. This would be great for kids learning how to glue or assemble items or those who need help understanding three-dimensional objects and how they go together. This giraffe craft is a fun way to learn about its anatomy and help develop fine motor skills. It’s perfect for classroom activities and a teaching tool in Kindergarten or Preschool classrooms!

Cat Drawing


Drawing cats can be fun for kids, especially those that love cats! This cat is simple to draw, with a few circles and lines. You could add a mouse running across the bottom of the page to make it even easier. Or even better yet – draw a cute cat toy in the foreground or mid-air! We love to sit and watch our kitties play, nap, and purr. Give them a colorful background or stick with single-color drawings for something simple that kids can accomplish.

Hamster Drawing


This hamster craft is the perfect project for kids of all ages. With only a few simple steps, you can make your own adorable little house pet to add to your collection of animal artwork. This adorable, ultra-cute hamster design is a perfect gift for any rodent lover. Featuring that distinctive habit of eating one seed at a time, our cute hamster design will be popular with kids and adults alike.

Squirrel Drawing


Make a crafty squirrel with this easy-to-follow template. No matter your artistic ability, you will find a super simple way to make this cutie. The squirrel is a wonderful animal to draw! It’s small and quick but not too hard to draw. Just draw an upside-down “G” for the body, then arms and legs. You can add details on the face, like whiskers, and then color them in bright colors like blue or orange!

Monkey Drawing


Monkeys are fun to draw and paint and usually have lots of personalities! Here are some simple step-by-step instructions on creating your adorable monkey crafts. This would be an excellent craft for kids of all ages and could also be used as a fun party game where kids guess which animal they’re trying to draw with the provided materials!

Tiger Drawing


Tigers are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. They’re strong, clever, and powerful, so it’s no surprise that they can get pretty scary if they feel threatened. While there would be nothing wrong with a serious-looking tiger, sometimes it’s nice to see one smiling innocently! These fierce animals are a great way to show off what you can do with your hands and simple art supplies.

Lion Drawing


The lion is one of the best animals to draw! To get started, try sketching out the face and mane. Then you can expand on the initial sketch by putting in a right leg and tail, among other pieces. Once you have all these elements, completing this drawing should be easy! There are step-by-step tutorials for drawing a cheetah, a leopard, and a lion. Each kit includes everything you need to complete your project: paper, pencils, a blending tool, and a how-to guide.

Elk Drawing


We’re not afraid to admit that we like reinforcing our Christmas spirit by drawing elk. Drawing elk is a fun way to start practicing holiday traditions and crafts! Drawing an elk can be tricky, but with practice, you’ll be drawing them like a pro in no time. In this Elk Craft video, Jake explains how to draw elk heads and antlers and shares tips on making them more realistic. It’s a great activity for any age, and it’s perfect to tide you over until the real deal begins.

Pig Drawing


In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a pig. The first step in drawing a pig is beginning with a simple circle for the head, then adding two circles for the eyes. Draw lines for the body, and fill them in. Lastly, add details like ears, nostrils, and fur to finish off your drawing of a pig! We will start with the basics and then move on to various ways you can dress up your pig. If you want to try something new, why not put a pig in a mud bath or some apples on its back?

Bear Drawing


Make yourself a friendly bear and get it on your list of crafts! With this adorable teddy bear, you can have a cuddly companion to snuggle up with. The embroidered eyes give him a bit of an opening smile, too, so he always looks happy! If you’re unsure which color to get, I would say that Natural is the default answer for most people who knit toys. It’s a versatile color that will go with many outfits and interiors – it just looks natural.

Deer Drawing


Deer may look like giant mice, but their elegant and quiet beauty is clear. This animal has a gentle temperament, with large eyes and soft fur—just like a mouse! But don’t let that fool you; this silent creature can run as fast as 35 miles per hour when threatened. Draw an oval shape to help you start, then continue down the neck to the back, tail, and legs. To start, draw an S shape at the bottom of the neck to match its eye line. Then, draw a straight line down from its nose.

Frog Drawing


Make your friendly green frog with this craft that is perfect for the young or young at heart. Frogs are a great way to teach children about scaly skin, strong eyes, and how their mouth stretches wide to catch their prey. Drawing frogs is a great way to bring a favorite spring activity indoors, where it’s warm and cozy. Kids love the simplicity of the frog craft, and you’ll love how quickly it goes together. The best part? Once your little one finishes making their frog, they will hop off with it to play!

Horse Drawing


Horses are another favorite amongst children, it seems. I had many friends when I was little that only drew horses or ponies. They loved making the mane and tail rainbow color on any given horse. Which, I will admit, is my favorite part of coloring a horse. Like the deer, start at the top of the horse’s body and work your way down and around. If your kids like this horse, they’ll love this unicorn toilet roll craft.

Flamingo Drawing


Flamingos are long-legged, long-necked, and long-beaked types of wading birds. They have recently become popular on social media and have been the subject of many memes. This delightful flamingo craft is easy to make and is a perfect party decoration for your next pool party or outside barbecue. Made with paper plates, pipe cleaners, and construction paper, this is perfect for the young crafters in your life! The simple shape, cute eyes, and beak make this design come alive. Add color, glitter, or even paint to customize your flamingo craft experience and show your artistic skills to family and friends.

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Owl Drawing


Let your child connect to the owl’s wisdom as they draw this wise animal. The great thing about this craft is that you can use our pre-drawn template or create one to suit your toddler’s ability. The drawers can draw on a background and then add the owl or just the owl. It’s simple to draw this owl’s body and wings, and then you can vary their color using markers or paint. Once they have completed the image, they can color it in.

Hedgehog Drawing


Hedgehogs may look prickly, but they have soft spines filled with fur on their head and chest. It might be hard to believe these little creatures can curl into a ball, but they do it in self-defense! To recreate this behavior, create a craft that can open up into a ball and close back together. That way, it will come alive when your craft is touched or moved! Use them as a decoration for your home, as party favors for kids, or even as a printable mask!

Cow Drawing


Now that you can draw the cow, it’s time to learn how to draw the pig. It may be a little more challenging because of its shape and how it has two heads! But don’t worry; we have included plenty of detail in every step. Plus, it is easier to start with smaller steps with this one. It will be a good image before you draw a big woolly bear sitting down, with two small pointed ears sticking out either side of its face.

Rabbit Drawing


This fun rabbit craft was created for preschool-aged kids who are just getting familiar with letters and numbers. There is a rabbit craft for every letter of the alphabet. Each project begins with an outline of the letter, and then you will color each part as it is introduced. This crafty rabbit is perfect for a different type of Easter.

Sheep Drawing


Sheep are probably the most easily drawn and recognizable farm animals. Any kid can draw a sheep, no matter how old they are. With all these online sheep craft tutorials, it’s hard to resist! Our sheep craft is the perfect project for adults and children, and this little creation can be made in minutes. All you’ll need is some paper, scissors, and glue. Or you could use tape to make it a bit easier!

Kangaroo Drawing


I’ve included a Kangaroo in my animal drawing series! Kangaroos are another drawing subject from childhood; I remember kids obsessing over them. It happened after learning that mothers carry the roos around in their belly pouch and gently place them on the ground when needed so that they can eat grass. It is also featured on their coat of arms. This craft is perfect for anyone who loves kangaroos! These cute little guys will be perfect as a party favor or gift to take along to a playdate.

Camel Drawing


Drawing a camel is mostly about the head shape and posture. You can help yourself by keeping the body simple and concentrating on the head, the most important part of an animal drawing. Start with an oval for the face, then add some triangular and round shapes. The hump can be shaped like a large triangle or rectangular prism. It is the perfect project for kids and adults alike because it can be fun and educational simultaneously.

Badger Drawing


These badgers are native to Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. Badgers can be found in various habitats, including grasslands, deserts, forested areas, and underground. They are most easily recognized by their distinctive black-and-white overall coloration, short legs, powerful claws, and large head. The badger is an omnivorous animal that eats meat and plants for sustenance.


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