32 Hamster Drawing Ideas For Pet Lovers

22 Hamster Drawing Ideas For Pet Lovers

Like hamsters and drawing, too? Others do as well! Many folks like to draw these adorable, small pets but think that drawing them can be hard. But surely it’s not, and we are here to help.

Easy Hamster Drawing Ideas

We have plenty of tips (we name them hamster drawing ideas) for you to draw various kinds of hamsters in enjoyable styles. So, get your art materials and let’s begin making some hamster drawings!

How To Draw a Hamster?

The supplies you need are: 

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils


  1. Begin by lightly sketching a circle with your pencil for the hamster’s head.
  2. Draw a larger circle or oval for the hamster’s body, connecting it to the head.
  3. Add two small circles for the hamster’s ears at the top of the head circle.
  4. Draw two small ovals inside the head circle for the eyes. Then, draw two dots inside the oval eyes for pupils.
  5. Sketch a small triangle for the nose. Draw an upside-down “Y” shape under the nose to make the hamster’s mouth.
  6. Draw two small ovals for the front paws at the place where the head and body circles meet.
  7. Sketch two larger ovals towards the bottom of the body circle for the hamster’s back feet.
  8. Draw a small curve on the side of the body circle for the hamster’s tail.

Hamster Face

Hamster Face

Hamsters are the cutest pets I have seen; they are best for being kept around, and their fun expressions make them everyone’s favorite. I tried depicting that scene by following this amazing hamster face drawing idea. 

Sitting Hamster

Sitting Hamster

Let’s draw the cute hamster in the sitting position following the easier above-provided illustration. You make this drawing easily; keep focus on the color mix because it’s the real secret behind the charm of this sketch and use pencil colors to keep your drawing cheaper and fun. 

Hamster in Tube

Hamster in Tube

Hamsters always love making mischief; if you wanna depict one through your drawing skills, following this hamster in the tube sketch will surely be helpful. It looks quite amazing, and the beautiful appearance of this pet animal makes it everyone’s favorite. 

Crowned Hamster

Crowned Hamster

Try drawing a hamster with the crown on this head following this easier illustration given. It’s the best drawing guide one has ever followed, and the stylized appearance make it everyone’s favorite. 

Hamster Yawning

Hamster Yawning

The beautiful hamster yawning is depicted in the above illustration. It looks quite fun with the opened mouth and the cute facial expression that resultantly help you sprinkle the magic of cuteness and drawing craftiness at once. 

Hamster Doodle

Hamster Doodle

Let’s draw a hamster doodle using the simplest pencil colors; it’s the best and most unique drawing suggestion one has ever followed. You can go with the simple lines and shapes and end up doing a decent hamster artwork in no time. 

Flower Hamster

Flower Hamster

Surely, it’s impossible to see a hamster sitting over the flower, but we made it possible in this amazing drawing. It looks quite amazing and cute because of its softer mouth, and the sparkling smile best suits you to make you a fan of hamsters in no time. 

Hamster Driving

Hamster Driving

Let’s depict the hamster driving its cute, smaller car in this beautiful illustration. You can make this artwork more fun and admirable with the mix of beautiful colors and surely end up making a unique drawing masterpiece. 

Lazy Hamster

Lazy Hamster

If you are looking to resemble or replicate the realistic hamster in the most possible and best way, then this illustration will surely be a fun option. It looks quite unique with its softer and stylized appearance, making it a heartfelt favorite of everyone who may view it. 

Surprised Hamster

Surprised Hamster

Let’s draw a surprised hamster, getting inspiration from this easier idea. It looks quite fun and realistic, plus great to bring a smile to the face of the person viewing it. 

Easy Hamster Drawing Idea

More Please?

Drawing a hamster can be tricky, but you can create fantastic drawings with practice and knowledge. Delight your friends and family with this hamster drawing. This is the perfect way to surprise someone who believes hamsters are dumb because all hamsters know how to draw. Draw your hamster for your collection. This little guy is ready for you to color with crayons, colored pencils and more.

Hamster Driving Drawing

Hamster Driving

This is a beautiful sketch that shows the life of a hamster. Of course, a cute and funny thing to sketch, made from a hamster driving. This animal is so sweet it has become trendy. This drawing is a perfect picture of a young Hamster who drives a car as he wants.  

Surprised Hamster Drawing

Surprised Hamster

Learn how to draw a surprised hamster. This simple tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about drawing an adorable hamster. This is a simple and easy drawing tutorial for kids to learn how to draw a cute hamster. These hand-drawn hamsters are adorable, cute and funny. Make it personal by adding your name to the piece of artwork, and make the hamster even more personal by adding some text to the background.

Lazy Hamster Drawing

Lazy Hamster

Just have fun drawing and coloring this cute little lazy animal. Draw Lazy Hamster is a drawing application that allows you to draw a variety of hamsters with different expressions. Draw Lazy Hamster can help you relax and make your stress go away !!! This lazy hamster loves to take his time and do everything! This tutorial will teach you how to draw this happy, feel-good hamster.

 Hamsters Are Cool Drawing

 Hamsters are Cool

Hamsters are cute pets, love to play, and are usually very social and fun. This free drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw hamsters with easy step-by-step instructions. It is an easy and fun educational drawing app for kids.  You can draw the primary form of your hamster first and then add any details or accessories you want. You can also draw a smiling face and make cool clothes for him such as a T-shirt or jeans.

Are you ready to learn how to draw a cartoon hamster? It’s easy! Learn the step-by-step process of drawing an adorable cute little hamster in no time. Follow along with our handy instructions and tips, and before you know it, you’ll have your little furry friend on paper.  

This hamster drawing tutorial will teach you how to sketch a hamster from front and side views and the correct method for drawing hamsters with their paws holding food. Some people think hamsters are cute, while others view them as unruly rodents. 

Hamster Face Drawing

easy hamster drawing

One of the best things about drawing hamsters is their various cute facial expressions. While drawing hamster faces, try out different expressions to see how each one changes your hamster looks!

Sitting Hamster Drawing

Sitting Hamster

This tutorial will show you how to draw a sitting hamster using just one line. This easy step-by-step process is excellent for children learning how to draw! You’ll learn to draw the front, side, and back views. You can also practice drawing from imagination or sketch a quick reference photo to help you understand the proportions of these small animals.

Round Hamster Drawing

Round Hamster

Once you’ve sketched a round outline for your hamster, it’s time to start coloring in the details. Create fur lines over the circle shape, drawing strokes that come out towards the tip of each line. Make sure you leave space between these lines to create shading later. This is an easy way to draw a hamster. Make sure your lines are smooth, and you can use graphite or colored pencils for this drawing. Enjoy!

Full Cheeks Drawing

Full Cheeks

Hamsters, particularly dwarf hamsters, are little critters with prominent cheeks.  Draw hamster cheeks by beginning to outline the face and head. Draw two circles out at a slight slant to form a basic upper cheek, then add another circle below it for the lower cheek.

Hamster In Tube Drawing

Hamster in Tube

Drawing a hamster in a toilet paper roll is both easy and fun. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. You can draw your version of this unique furry critter with just a few steps.  You only need a pencil, eraser and paper to draw this simple cartoon hamster. In no time, you’ll be able to draw a zoo full of animals.

Hamster Wearing Bow Tie Drawing

 Hamster Wearing Bow Tie

Get your hamster drawing block and pencil out and practice drawing this cute, chubby little fellow.  This hamster is wearing a bow tie and will surely be the talk of any party. This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a variation on this popular animal. It has a cute face, big eyes, and a small nose. Its fur is brown and black stripes.  

Crowned Hamster Drawing

Crowned Hamster

Let’s create a beautiful hamster with a crown in your drawing! It’s time to draw a cute hamster with a crown next! Start by drawing three long lines that curve upward and then a shorter series of curved lines that form the shape of an elongated teardrop. These shapes will eventually become your hamster’s back, head and front legs.

Running On A Wheel Drawing

Running on a Wheel

This is a straightforward drawing of a hamster running on a wheel. It’s not a complex drawing, but it requires patience and determination to get it right. It is hard to believe there is anything cuter and more engaging than a hamster. They’re playful and cute, with their little mouse-like bodies, big ears, and adorable chins.

Hamster Yawning Drawing

Hamster Yawning

Hamsters are cute and cuddly, but don’t be fooled by their fuzzy exterior! In this drawing tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a hamster yawning from the front, side, and three-quarters views. In addition to being an adorable subject for an animal portrait, hamsters make great pets because of their relatively low cost, intelligence, affectionate nature, and longevity.

Wearing Glasses Drawing

Wearing Glasses

This is a straightforward drawing for beginning artists to do. All you need is a pencil, paper and some scissors. Once you are done, you can use it as a card, or it might be fun to color in! This adorable hamster is like the one you see at your local pet store or your child’s school classroom. Have fun drawing this little guy with glasses, but be careful not to take his glasses off!

Counting Petals Drawing

Counting Petals

Counting Petals Drawing is an amazing artwork that will give a fresh look to your walls. It is easy to put up, and it’s a perfect piece of wall art that you can put in any room, indoors or outdoors, be it your living room or nursery. It’s very adorable, fun and also really easy to paint! 

Hamster Doodle Drawing

Hamster Doodle

This drawing will be fun, especially if you’re a hamster fan. The texture of the petals, the stems, and the leaves make the painting an enjoyable experience for both the artist and the viewer. 


Saving A Peanut For Later Drawing

Saving a Peanut for Later

Drawing a hamster stuffing a peanut into its cheek for later is quite simple. Start by outlining the hamster and then draw the other details. Next, use some shading techniques to highlight the lines on your drawing. Finally, start filling in all the details with colors to finish it. This step-by-step tutorial will show you exactly how to do that! 

Flower Hamster Drawing

Flower Hamster

The hamster prepares to stuff a peanut into its cheek to enjoy it later. This hamster is taking the time to appreciate his treat and knows he will have lunch soon. This method is perfect for those looking to draw a cute hamster. Use the same method but draw in detail using a fine pen.

Napping In The Corner Drawing

Napping in the Corner

Hamsters are known to be fast and playful, but not when they’re napping. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a sweet-looking sleeping hamster that is perfect for any artistic occasion! This simple but effective drawing depicts a hamster taking a quick nap in the corner of a hamster cage

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