25 Cat Drawing Ideas Step By Step

25 Cat Drawing Ideas For Beginner Kids

Here we bring you 23 cat drawing ideas that you can use as inspiration or simply as something pretty to look at. The cat has long been a popular subject for artists, so finding a wide range of drawings showing this beautiful and beloved animal is unsurprising. These cat drawing ideas and lessons come from some of the best artists in the world and are a great place to start if you’re starting.

Cat Drawing Easy

Whether you’re a cartoonist or just looking for a bit of doodling fun, these drawing ideas will show you how to draw cats in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Cute Cat Drawing Ideas

25 Cat Drawing Ideas For Beginner Kids

Everyone loves cats, which are a great source of inspiration for artists of all mediums. For drawing, cat poses are lovely because they are full of movement and expression that can be captured with a few lines. Even if you’re not an artist, these poses will help you express your love for the cute little furballs we all love. We are cat lovers on the blog, and we know you probably are. We’ve assembled a collection of 23 Cat drawing Ideas—some easy enough for kids to draw and some more challenging for everyone! This collection is excellent for anyone looking to add a bit of feline flair to their projects.

How To Draw A Cat Realistically Easy?

Are you bored and want to create some artwork? With our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, you can create amazing cat drawings! With these easy-to-follow tutorials, you will learn how to draw cats and kittens of all kinds.

Tips For Cat Drawing Ideas

  • Use simple shapes and lines to build your cat’s body. The head should be slightly smaller than the body and tilted slightly upward. The ears should be pointed upward slightly, and the eyes should be round with black pupils. Add whiskers on either side of the nose and draw a small vertical line for a mouth.
  • Start by outlining your cat’s body using curved lines that follow its natural shape. Add details like fur by using short strokes that go in different directions over the entire surface of your drawing.
  • If you want to add more detail to your cat’s face, try drawing hair around its eyes and mouth using short strokes that follow the direction of fur growth along the body.
  • Cats usually have four paws, but sometimes they will have only three or five toes (especially if they have been declawed). Sometimes these extra toes are hidden under their fur, so it is difficult to see them until they move away from their bodies (such as when jumping)

Cat Drawing Cute Tutorial

Cat Drawing Cute Tutorial

Are you ready to learn how to draw cats? Drawing a realistic cat can be tricky, but our tutorial will help you bring your fuzzy feline drawings to life. Once you’ve mastered creating a cat’s ears and whiskers, try more advanced techniques like shading and adding fur! The simple instructions make this a perfect drawing tutorial for beginners and experts alike.


Easy Cat Drawing With Colour

Easy Cat Drawing With Colour

Here is a step-by-step method for learning how to draw a cat that anyone can follow. Written with the absolute beginner in mind, you will be guided through all steps, from sketching your drawing on graph paper to finishing it with colored pencils. This easy-to-follow guide will help you to draw your cat from simple to complex every step of the way!


Cat Drawing Realistic Idea

Cat Drawing Realistic Idea

This tutorial will show you how to draw a cute and fluffy cat from scratch with simple shapes. We’ll then add more details with the help of some coloring techniques that make our drawings come to life. You will have the opportunity to learn different shading techniques in addition to applying textures, as well as learn about some drafting tools and shortcuts that can be used for speed sketching.


Cat Poses Drawing

Cat Poses

Learn how to draw a cat. Cats are adorable, so we will show you how to draw that cuteness to the whiskers on their cheeks. These poses will help you learn styles for your next drawing of pets, people, or animals. These drawing techniques are perfect for novice artists and can be easily mastered. Here is some simple cat drawing poses to try. Have fun and enjoy!

Cat Facial Expressions Drawing

Cat Facial Expressions

This simple drawing lesson shows how to capture the mood of different cats. Drag and drop these simple cat facial expression drawings onto your computer and print out as many copies as you like to try to capture the different moods of cats. You could also give a copy of this sheet away with a completed drawing and ask people to copy them.

Mrrp Cat Drawing

 Mrrp Cat

Every cat owner knows that their kitty makes the most adorable sound when they make it. We decided to capture this beautiful moment with a beautifully hand-painted illustration of the best mrrs you’ve ever heard. The perfect gift for anyone who loves animals, pets, and cute artwork. This drawing is of a cat making more sound. If you are a cat lover, you may like this drawing.

Realistic Cat Drawing

Realistic Cat

A cat drawing is an excellent way for beginners to practice their technique and learn to draw. A realistic cat drawing doesn’t have to be difficult, either! If you’re starting, focus on getting the basic outline of your cat right. That part will make it easier for you to add more details later! This realistic drawing tutorial covers the basics of shading, anatomy, and realism.

Holding A Cat Drawing

Holding a Cat

The printable cat drawing holds a kitten in its arms, and it’s so cute; you need to see it. This is ideal for kids who want to practice their drawing skills; this easy step-by-step tutorial will help. This tutorial will show you how to draw a cute cat being held up by its owner. Follow along with this step-by-step drawing lesson and learn how to sketch the outline of the cat, add details like the whiskers, eyes, and mouth, and shading lines for fur effects.

Sit Cat Drawing

If It Fits, I Sits

In this funny drawing, a cat looks up at you as if to say, “Draw if it fits, I sit,” while sitting in a cardboard box. Sitting in a cardboard box is one of the most popular pastimes for cats. This cute cat drawing shows a cat sitting in its favorite place, pursuing this favorite hobby. The artist has added some excellent details to give the work personality and character.

Sleeping Cat Drawing

Sleeping Cat

Cats are the best to hang out with because they love to nap. This little kitty is taking a catnap, but you can quickly draw her sleeping. This cute cat is feeling cuddly, and she wants to take a nap. Your cat will love this adorable picture you’ve drawn on the wall. This is a great cat drawing for children and adults who love cats. It is also suitable for those who love to draw or would like to draw.

Prowling Cat Drawing

Prowling Cat

A nice little doodle of a cat on the prowl. This is a doodle of a cat on the prowl. This is a quick drawing to keep someone company while they wait for their food order. It is a fairly basic cat drawing tutorial. It covers the basics of adding to your sketch and shows you how to turn a simple sketch into something more elaborate.

Magic Cat Drawing

A Cat and a Yarn Ball

Drawing can be complex, but this cute cat drew itself with a bit of help from you. Just fill in a few black lines to create a whimsical doodle that looks like it took hours! This drawing is a whimsical doodle of a creative cat. This cat has skywriting and stars, a top hat, and a bowtie. This drawing is perfect for anyone who loves cute creatures, animals, pets, and fantasy art.

Chibi Cat Drawing

Chibi Cat

This chibi cat drawing is so cute and easy to do! If you want a new drawing to add to your collection, this is what you’re looking for. This Chibi Cat drawing is perfect for those who love cats and want to draw the most adorable animal! This cute chibi cat drawing will show you how to draw a cute little kitten in just a few steps.

Sitting Cat Drawing

Sitting Cat

Enjoy a piece of classical art for your home; this is the perfect gift for yourself and your family. Draw a cute sitting cat with the most straightforward method. It is easy to draw; only you need to follow the step-by-step instructions on this drawing sheet. This is perfect for children and adults too. You can use it to draw a cute portrait of your family member. You can also use it as an idea that can be used as a basis for your original painting or coloring book.

Amongst the Flowers Drawing

Amongst the Flowers

Here’s a fun and easy drawing of a happy outdoor cat amongst the flowers. It’s ideal for children, but anyone can draw this quick sketch. This easy drawing of a happy cat amongst wildflowers makes a beautiful gift idea for anyone fond of felines. This is a cute drawing for cat lovers and anyone who loves flowers, gardens, and pretty things. It’s a simple design that’s great for beginners who want something straightforward to replicate in a couple of hours.

Talk to the Tail Drawing

Talk to the Tail

Draw Talk to the Tail is a new way to learn how to draw by watching an entertaining short movie. The process becomes fun and easy by drawing what you see on the screen and repeating your guide’s instructions. This is a cute yet not so happy looking cat drawing to draw. This cartoon cat didn’t get its way, and you should draw this portrait as soon as possible.

Mochi Cat Drawing

Mochi Cat

This is a straightforward drawing to try out. Start by drawing a mochi shape, then add the ears, eyes, mouth, whiskers, and Tail! There is nothing like a relaxing mochi cat to take the edge off and make you feel your best. Here is a simple drawing that will help you do just that. Start by drawing out the mochi’s basic shape, and add some ears, whiskers, and a fun smile. Then it’s time to draw on some eyes and an expressive mouth!

Royalty Cat Drawing

Royalty Cat

Cats are cute; sometimes, it seems like the gift of speech is reserved for them. You love your cat; we get it. And they deserve to be made the center of attention. You need this cute little drawing to show them its importance! This is a cute little drawing of an orange tabby cat with the cute face of royalty. The artwork is in black and white and can be colored any way you want to make it your own.

Whatcha Doin Drawing

Whatcha Doin

Greetings! Is it Whatcha Doin’? Cat. Draw me and show off your incredible artistic talent. This fun drawing game is excellent for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. With a “purrfect” tone, this humorous and cute cat will playfully nudge their owner to draw it, making it perfect company for pet lovers when hanging around the home on a rainy day. The Whatcha Doin’? Cat draws his unique pose each time the button is pressed, so this character stays with you wherever you go–and always wants to know “whatcha doin’”!”

Cat Paw Drawing

Cat Paw

This super easy cat drawing should be familiar to most of us. If you love cats, this quick cute cat paw drawing tutorial will make you smile! This drawing is simple and only takes a minute or two. It is also a great idea for kids and adults alike, as it can be used as a greeting card or even an invitation to a party!

Smiling Cat Drawing

Smiling Cat

Would you like to practice something new? This drawing is a great way to practice drawing and doodling. The most important thing is to have fun! This drawing is a great one to practice and improve your skills. The cat’s smile makes it easy to get into the sketching zone, so if you need a break from other projects and want to create something fun and cute, you will want to try this drawing.

A Cat and Their Book Drawing

A Cat and Their Book

You don’t have to have a cat to appreciate these drawings. Cats and books make for a great combination. Cats love to be read to! This cat and book illustration is perfect for students and teachers, people who love cats and reading, or anyone who loves to take a break and read a book in the middle of their busy day. This is a cute little drawing of a cat enjoying its book.

Leaping Cat Drawing

Leaping super kitten

If you want to draw a leaping cat, this easy tutorial will help. You can also draw other animals in the same way. This easy-to-draw leaping cat is a fun way for anyone of all ages to enjoy drawing. It uses some basic shapes but with added details from the eyes and ears. This is an enjoyable one for you to try. It uses basic shapes and techniques but will help you understand how things are made in the art world.

Floofy Cat Drawing

Floofy kitten sketch

Floofy Cat is a low-resolution drawing of a cat. You are encouraged to download and modify this image as you see fit. Drawing a cat is easy and fun; they’re fluffy and cute. If you want to draw one that looks like this, learning by doing is a good way. A cat drawing that is a little bit quirky and a little bit loving. This cat does not have a name so that you can name it.


Cats are Cool Drawing

Cool kitten sketch

We love cats. This little drawing is the perfect way to show your appreciation for them. Drawing cats will help you be calm and relieve stress when you’re having a bad day. . Learn how to draw cats in simple steps, from the head to the ears, whiskers, eyes, and mouth. Learn how to draw cats from every angle with these fun tutorials.

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