23 Butterfly Drawing Ideas For Kids

23 Cheap Butterfly Drawing Ideas For Home

Butterfly drawing ideas are among the most popular crafts for kids to have fun and enjoy making beautiful creatures. They’re known worldwide as a symbol of beautifulness, and I hope you’ll fall in love with their colorful wings after going through this series of drawing tutorials.

Easy Butterfly Drawing Ideas

Drawing is one of the best things you can try when you want to do something different and artistic. Some people will want to go for detailed drawings, while others will want to focus on capturing the essence of something without going too far into the details; you can try simpler things too. The possibilities are endless when drawing butterflies, so here are 23 butterfly drawing ideas to help you get started.

Simple Butterfly Drawing Ideas

23 Cheap Butterfly Drawing Ideas For Home

If you’re a fan of butterflies, then you’ll love these 23 Butterfly Drawing Ideas. Simple and easy to do, these butterfly drawings don’t require advanced drawing skills and can be done in just a few minutes. Whether you want to draw a butterfly for fun or as a practice piece before tackling something bigger, butterflies can be great fun to draw. Getting the basic curves down and making a beautiful image is easy, but perfecting your shading techniques can take some practice. Start with a simple drawing and move on for the best results.

Butterfly Drawing Easy

Butterfly Drawings are one of the most popular easy types of art, whether you’re copying a picture or creating your rendition to express your feelings. Below are some tips and tricks to follow when creating fun Butterfly drawings. They are often associated with beauty and joy, making them a well-liked topic of art and craft projects. Children especially enjoy creating intricate pieces of butterfly art. It is a wonderful gift idea for someone special and an excellent opportunity for young artists to hone their drawing and coloring skills.

How Do You Draw Different Types Of Butterflies?

Drawing butterflies is not that difficult if you take your time to learn more about them. We have some of the most interesting information about the different types of butterflies that will make it much easier for you when you sit down to draw one. If you want to be able to draw any butterfly easily, then this article is for you. Learn how to draw different types, with tips on coloring and shading these beautiful flying insects.

Tips For Butterfly Drawing Ideas

When you are looking for butterfly drawing ideas, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Butterfly wings come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose any color that you like or create your patterns.
  2. You can use different materials to draw your butterflies, including paper, chalk, and pencils.
  3. If you want to create a realistic-looking butterfly, try using a paper clip as an antenna or adding some glitter to make it more Colorful.
  4. If you use chalkboard paint, let it dry completely before drawing on it with crayons.

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Draw A Butterfly Step-By-Step Tutorial

Draw A Butterfly Step By Step Tutorial

The purpose of this idea is to create a beautiful butterfly color design. You will start with basic lines and shapes to give structure to the butterfly and add small details as you progress throughout your drawing. Enjoy the process, and be creative as you draw. This step-by-step drawing guide will help you encourage your child’s creativity and allow them to express creative ideas through drawing.


Butterfly Drawing With Colour

Butterfly Drawing With Colour

This butterfly is a pretty design. It’s very simple and easy to draw, but it makes a great coloring page for kids of all ages. The Butterfly Coloring Page uses the same design as the butterfly Drawing with Color in this post but is set up on a different background with lines already drawn. You can easily color it in and then paint outside those lines for a beautiful effect. Anyone can follow and enjoy it!


Draw The Body Of Butterfly

Draw The Body Of Butterfly

We will show you how to draw a beautiful, elegant butterfly with a pencil. This is the body of the butterfly, and wings are coming soon. First, you need to learn to draw a head, a chin, a neck, the next body parts (legs), and a tail. They aren’t entirely soft and squishy; their bodies are muscular and flexible like rubber bands.


Cat and Butterfly Drawing

Cat and Butterfly

Here is a great deal of butterflies drawing ideas for kids! You will love how it is drawn with bright colors, playful words, and silhouette shapes. This simple sketch shows how an artist can take a design and make it their own. This is a quick way to draw a fun and playful art piece. Simple step-by-step drawing instructions for kids who love cats and butterflies. This is an easy enough doodle but a little challenging all at once. Draw, color, and enjoy!

Attracting Butterflies Drawing

Attracting Butterflies

Butterfly Drawing is an attractive art for kids and adults. The butterfly is a beautiful insect with a long life known as the symbol of love. The butterfly can be drawn in gorgeous ways to make it more attractive. You can draw it with watercolors or with colored pencils, or even crayons. You can also make the butterfly look more attractive by adding some beautiful flowers on its wings. If you want to learn how to draw butterflies, this tutorial will teach you how to draw them step by step very easily.

Butterflies From A Book Drawing

Butterflies from a Book

If you want to learn how to draw butterflies, this tutorial is for you! It shows you how to draw a butterfly step by step using only a book as your reference. This is a great way to learn how to draw if you need to gain experience with drawing or art. The butterflies in this book are so beautiful that you must pick up a pencil and try to draw them. Lots of colorful butterflies are included in the book, with step-by-step instructions for drawing each butterfly.

Simple Butterfly Doodle Drawing

Simple Butterfly Doodle

If you’re looking for a drawing tutorial easy enough for any beginner, this one’s perfect. Start with a simple outline of your butterfly and a few sparkles around the edges. Then fill in some color, and you’re done! This art doodle is for anyone who wants to start drawing butterflies. It’s a simple yet cute and beautiful aesthetic design.

Heart Wing Butterflies Drawing

Heart Wing Butterflies

Drawing a butterfly is easy with this simple tutorial! You can draw butterflies simply by drawing hearts as their wings. You can fill in the body sections with any colors you choose. If you’re looking for something cute, this is it! This is a simple and easy drawing lesson where you can learn how to draw heart-wing butterflies. Just follow the steps, and you’ll have the complete butterfly drawing.

Landing Butterfly Drawing

Landing Butterfly

Drawing is a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills, eyesight, and color recognition. This will be a quick lesson on how to draw a butterfly landing on your finger. This is a classic image that all artists should know how to draw since it represents an important moment in time, it’s very much like a still frame from nature, and if you pull it off correctly, it will look fantastic!

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Heart Loop Drawing

Heart Loop

You’ve probably seen this type of butterfly design on a flyer or poster many times, but have you ever tried drawing it yourself? Let’s go through the steps and make this easy. This is the kind of butterfly you would use as a simple, sweet decoration in your home. It’s really easy to draw and can look great in any room. If you’re looking for something more complicated or detailed, try drawing other kinds of butterflies too!

Butterfly And Paw Drawing

Butterfly and Paw

A little fur ball is fascinated by a fluttering butterfly, reaching up with its tiny paw to get closer. This is an adorable drawing for children’s rooms or playrooms. Drawing a butterfly is easy with this drawing tutorial. Even if you have never tried to draw, this step-by-step drawing guide will show you how to draw a paw reaching up toward a cute little butterfly.

Dainty Wings Drawing

Dainty Wings

Drawing dainty butterflies is a simple way to dazzle your friends and family. You can pack a punch with these little beauties who don’t stay in one place long. Draw Dainty Wings involves simple steps and will take about 15 minutes to complete. The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth. Hence it is a good subject to draw when you feel like your soul is undergoing a metamorphosis.

Flower Garden Drawing

Flower Garden

Want to learn how to draw a butterfly? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you draw gorgeous butterflies. The process is quite easy, but it will look amazing if you stick with it and try your best! This is a drawing of a flower garden with the most colorful and beautiful butterflies. All around the garden are different flowers, some like roses, tulips, and others that have been drawn here. The butterflies flying around the garden give it life by bringing color and beauty and helping pollinate nature.

Be Free Drawing

Be Free!

Drawing free is such a fun thing to do and learn! You can use your imagination and draw whatever you want. Here’re the steps on how to draw a butterfly. The drawing starts with a circle for the butterfly’s head and a line for the body. One pair of lines adds the antennae with smaller rectangles on each side. The wings are made up of several curves and angles while keeping them connected as one shape. Finally, two circles help to create the eyes and mouth.

Monarch Butterfly Drawing

Monarch Butterfly

There are many types of butterflies, but the Monarch Butterfly is one of the most popular among children. They are colorful and easy to draw, which is why you see them in most kids’ crafts and drawing tutorials. Monarch butterflies are cool and interesting, but drawing one can be stressful. This tutorial will show you how to draw a monarch butterfly easily!

Butterfly Wings Drawing

Butterfly Wings

This is an easy doodle of butterfly wings. You can use it as a focal point in a photo album or greeting card when you’re done. Butterfly drawing is a very popular subject for beginners and pros. There are so many different types of butterflies that you can draw, but they all rely on the same basic shape and shade. These simple doodles are great for practicing your outlines and shading techniques.

Trail Of Stars Drawing

Trail of Stars

What a beautiful sight to see; the stars all look down on me. Step by step, we’ll learn how to draw Trail of Stars featuring a glowing-eyed butterfly, a shooting star, and four other stars! This simple drawing tutorial shows how to draw a trail of stars around a butterfly. The drawing is easy and great for beginners or anyone looking for an easy, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Girl and Butterfly Drawing

Girl and Butterfly

Get ready to have fun with this awesome drawing you can use as wallpaper or a cool gift for your loved ones. It will be easy to follow, using simple black lines with no shading. The result will be an adorable butterfly on top of a little girl. This drawing is very simple but captures the beauty of both a girl and a butterfly. Try this if you want something to do with your children or as an activity on a rainy day!

Butterflies with 3’s Drawing

Butterflies with 3’s

Drawing a butterfly using the number 3 is fun too. You can make your pattern more realistic and three-dimensional by adding curved lines. This butterfly drawing tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful butterfly using the number 3 for the wings. This is an easy step-by-step tutorial that anyone can learn!

Blue Butterflies Drawing

Blue Butterflies

Let’s draw some blue butterflies! You’ll need a pencil and a sheet of paper. As seen above, the first step is to sketch out your butterfly shape. Once you have this down, trace over it with your pencil to get the basic outline. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a beautiful blue butterfly. Getting the right shade of blue can be challenging, but your drawing will look great once you do it.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Drawing

Blue Morpho Butterfly

This Blue Morpho Butterfly Drawing is a perfect gift for any art lover. Or, treat yourself to our artist’s unique piece of custom art! It is easy to draw a blue morpho butterfly. Just follow the steps in this video and color as you go. Make sure your pencil is sharp, and take your time. After all, this is a beautiful butterfly that you are creating.


Fluttering Butterflies Drawing

Fluttering Butterflies

Butterfly wings are delicately detailed, so taking time and patience with your drawing is important. Also, don’t forget to study the shape of the wings first to keep them symmetrical as you draw! Start by sketching a light outline of your butterfly. Then draw the body, wings, and antennae in a way that gives them a realistic shape. The head should be small with large round eyes.

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