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20 Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas For Kids

Here are some simple colored pencil drawing ideas that you can try. The magic of colored pencils, besides their beauty and versatility, is that they allow you to draw on any paper, including plain printer paper. You can start with a simple sketch, then add layers and more details until your finished product looks like a piece of art.

As we all know, colored pencils are ideal for drawing ideas with color. They are easy to use and allow you to create artwork that inspires you the most. Whether you need some ideas or inspiration, here are several drawing ideas using colored pencils to help you start creating your next masterpiece.

Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing

20 Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas For Kids

The colored pencil drawing ideas in this list features more than 20 different subjects to draw, including animals, Disney characters, faces, and more. Each of these themed drawing templates offers a fun and easy-to-follow method for creating colorful masterpieces using your favorite art materials. With an added how-to section and simple step-by-step instructions, these drawing templates are great for beginners and advanced artists looking for something new!

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Drawing Dory

Drawing Dory

Bring home a delightful piece of art that will delight all ages with this Drawing Dory tutorial. You can create your adorable fish art using paper-crafting techniques and painting. This fun-forever design will add more character to your bathroom, kitchen, or living space. Note: Decals are not recommended for use on leather or suede. The best part about this wall art will be allowing your child to see their creations displayed in your home.

Spiderman DrawingSpiderman

It makes a great gift; this Spiderman Drawing illustration is helpful to get your kids engaged in Drawing and improve their drawing skills. From his tenacity, sense of responsibility, and dedication – he’s simply an all-around good guy. We want our kids to emulate this, and Spiderman is a great way to get them started! We are here to help you with our detailed step-by-step guide on drawing Spiderman on your chalkboard using crayons and markers. Read on!

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Baby Groot Drawing

Baby Groot

This Baby Groot Drawing pillow is a loveable addition to your little one’s room decor. It is very loveable and will be a superb addition to any nursery, playroom, or bedroom. This is the right project if you want an idea with minimal effort. Its bright colors add a lovely splash of charm, and the detailed design is easy for kids and adults to make together. The instructions are simple, and you can be proud of the result of your creativity.

Girl With An Umbrella Drawing

Girl With An Umbrella

Drawing is an excellent way for kids to increase their artistic skills and develop a better sense of perception. This easy Girl With An Umbrella Drawing tutorial will help you teach your child how to draw this fun, quirky-looking girl. With this Girl With An Umbrella Drawing idea, kids will love drawing, coloring, and other art projects. You or your child will love drawing and coloring this image of a sweet young girl wearing an umbrella hat and holding a candy heart.

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Bright Patterned Yin Yang Drawing

Bright Patterned Yin Yang

This Bright Patterned Yin Yang Drawing is a super idea for making fantastic unique, and remarkable additions to your home decor. This bright patterned artwork will upgrade the quality of your home life and make it special. This is a perfect idea if you want to embellish your home with some bright and colorful art. It will be an excellent option for those looking to add a touch of nature and style to their home decor.

Colored Yin-Yang Drawing

Colored Yin-Yang

A colored yin-yang drawing is an idea for making a superb unique, admirable, and eye-catching addition to your home decor. The idea of yin-yang can be symbolized by using two colors in contrasting shades of black and white, and the best part is that you can use any shape or design type. You can use this artwork on any medium, such as canvas or paper board. This Drawing looks complex and difficult to complete, but we’ll show you how to make your own with this tutorial that only takes a few minutes.

Colorful Balloons Drawing

Colorful Balloons

Add a touch of Eastern philosophy with this Colored Yin-Yang Drawing. The idea of yin-yang can be symbolized by using two colors in contrasting shades of black and white, and the best part is that you can use any shape or design type. You can use this artwork on any medium, such as canvas or paper board. It is available in various sizes, so you can add one that suits your space. This painting adds value to any room and is easy to hang on the wall.

Best Friends Drawing

Best Friends

This Best friend Drawing idea is simple and easy to make as it only uses a few materials. Moreover, it is a very good project for kids and other beginners interested in making such stuff. It includes many illustrated examples and step-by-step instructions in a very easy-to-follow format. This is perfect for adding a touch of color, elegance, and class to your house’s interiors and exteriors.

Hanging Frog Drawing

Hanging Frog

Are you looking for innovative ways to make your home look more attractive, or do you want to add some originality? You can create a Hanging Frog Drawing idea to decorate your home. This frog drawing is an example of one such addition that adds an artistic touch to your interiors. This unique design has professionally hand-painted coloration, which looks like the picture! It will be a great way to make your room more unique, beautiful, and memorable.

Colorful Eye Drawing

Colorful Eye

Follow this Colorful Eye Drawing to make superb unique, and worthy additions to your home decor. Create a variety of home decoratives such as wall art, photo frames, greeting cards, and much more. Several projects are included in this book that can be completed using a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, pastels, and paint. This guide will help you learn some different techniques that can be used to incorporate color into a design, challenging you to explore and refine your eye drawings.

Face Drawing


Drawings of faces make a great unique, admirable addition to your home decor. The process is quite simple and easy to follow. This face drawing idea is not only fun, but they also help you get started in Drawing. The appearance of a face can be quite different depending on whether the subject is looking to the left or right – this is even true for cases where the eyes are closed! Whether at home or away, these wall art prints add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your life.

Baby Ironman Drawing

Baby Ironman

If you love superheroes and Ironman, then this Drawing is a must. Start with blue and black pencils, then use the eraser to create shadows. Use a small sponge to add gray highlights on the Ironman’s chest, face, neck, and hands. Unique Baby Ironman Drawing ideas are the most amazing and admirable addition to any baby room. It’s suitable for the home, bedroom, and office.

Eyes And Lips Drawing

Eyes And Lips

Eyes And Lips Drawing ideas have always been a hit with people looking to capture the beauty of eyes and lips. If executed properly, this idea can make artistic home decorations, making your message across to all the visitors interestingly. Try using a different kind of color every time you do it. Every part of this Drawing is splendid, eye-catching, and hand-sketched to convey an elegant look.

Maleficent Drawing


This Maleficent Drawing idea will make a superb unique, and worthy addition to your home decor. Start with the most basic shape of this Drawing. And then turn it into something beautiful and interesting by drawing certain details on Maleficent’s Drawing Image. This is an easy yet extraordinary task that requires little skill to execute. You only need to know how to draw basic shapes, and you will be good at carrying out this project.


Chameleon Drawing


The chameleon is a remarkably fascinating creature, providing endless fascination for the amateur and professional alike. Ornithologists, biologists, and herpetologists have found it difficult to classify this fascinating animal because its appearance changes from one habitat to another. The chameleon’s ability to change color also influences its classification – will it consider an insect or reptile? This unique animal makes superb unique, and worthy additions to your home decor.

Colorful Girl Drawing

Colorful Girl

This Colorful Girl Drawing idea is perfect if you love pink and purple! This picture is a favorite hangout space for all your friends. This Colorful Girl Drawing idea is a wonderful and simple to make, easy home decor. These drawings can complete in less than half an hour. These classic designs will never go out of date; they are simple and classy.

The Eye Drawing

The Eye

Drawing is one of the best ways to express your feelings and emotions. You can make this crafty The Eye Drawing idea part of your humor or even in a serious manner. It will be fun for you and others who want to share laughs with you. Each person can make their unique creations with our ideas. The Eye Drawing idea is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Preying Bird Drawing

Preying Bird

Try this Preying Bird Drawing idea to make superb unique, and worthy additions to your home decor. The symbol for this bird is best for a wide range of purposes, most commonly in art, fashion, and design. Explore ways to create your original preying bird drawing with our ideas and tips. Preying bird drawing is an art form that incorporates a wide range of mediums. The possibilities are limitless, from paper to pencil, paint, or chalk. Explore ways to create your original preying bird drawing with our ideas and tips.

Animal Friends Drawing

Animal Friends

Try this Animal Drawing idea to make superb unique, and worthy additions to your home decor. This simple craft can add a fun touch to any room – a canvas wall art that includes a fruit bowl, animals, and vegetables drawn in various themes. This Drawing idea can serve as a part of your design requirement in designing the interior space of your home.

Girl With The Shades

Girl With The Shades

This Girl With The Shades idea is an excellent and admirable addition to your home decor; this piece of artwork can make a superb unique addition to your home decor and will surely make you feel that you made the right choice for purchasing this item. This lovely, attractive and attractive wall art will make a great addition to any home decor, and you’ll love it.

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