50 Unique Easy Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

If you are itching your head to beautify your dining tables and coffee tables with such an instant and quick way of decoration, then crochet coaster patterns will be a fabulous and priceless choice for you. They are small projects, so they make a perfect beginner-friendly project and can easily be stunning up your home for any festive décor by using related colored yarns and vibes of threads. From fun to useful and simple to stylish, you can crochet coasters in so many interesting ways that certainly add a touch of glam and royalty to your places. It can also brighten up the way to serve your guests and amaze them with your crafty talent.

Crochet Coaster Patterns:

50 Unique Easy Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

You can even make your scarp bin empty, crocheting these little and cute coaster patterns just to spice up your dreamland. Here are fabulous free crochet coaster patterns that will cleverly change the way to have your meals and cozy up your places. So, if you are thinking of making your home Halloween ready, spruce up for fall, or even looking for Christmas embellishments, crochet coaster patterns will become on the top of the list of your likings and choices.  Moreover, various stitches and crochet techniques can be practiced on the crochet coasters and polish up your skills to bring them to the next level.

With impressive and delightful designs and styles, this list of free crochet coaster patterns will fit any occasion of the year and make it more stunning and more exciting. And you will be surprised to see the finishing results after spending a very short amount of time and yarn. So, these cute and adorable crochet coaster patterns will be fantastic projects for newcomers and interesting for advanced crocheters. They will get a great opportunity to show off their crochet talent on small projects with a little bit of uniqueness and creativity!

Heart coasters

Heart coasters

This free pattern is a great way to use up small scraps and make a set of adorable coasters. You can also get creative by mixing the colors differently and making them from larger yarns, such as bulky weight yarns. Before beginning this project, you must know how to make a magic ring, crochet double crochet, make a slip stitch, and how work with two colors simultaneously. Great for Valentine’s Day and anytime you want to show your love! Give them away as little gifts, or keep them as a treat for yourself.


Stargazer Coaster

Stargazer Coaster

Treat yourself or someone you love to these beautiful crocheted coasters. It will amaze you how quickly you can make them and what an impact they make when finished. Enjoy some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea with your friends or family on these Stargazer Coasters, and enjoy the look of awe and delight on their faces as they see what a special treat you have made for them. The Stargazer Coaster is a great way to decorate your home while keeping it protected simultaneously. This adorable coaster measures approximately 6.5″ in diameter.


Doubled Hearts Coaster Set

Doubled Hearts Coaster Set

This crochet doubles hearts coaster set pattern is the perfect way to add a pop of color and style to your table. The coasters are made with the same stitch, the only difference being the material size and hook you choose. Beginner-friendly pattern: written in standard U.S. terms with additional terms created to describe the double stitch technique that is an excellent choice for the beginner or advanced crocheter who wants a new project. You can create different heart coasters by choosing different yarn weights, needle sizes, and hook sizes!


Hades the Black Cat Coaster

Hades the Black Cat Coaster

Human hands are not very good at holding hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa cups, so this project is perfect for keeping your beverages warm with style. This crochet cat coaster pattern is easy to make and would be a great gift for any cat lover. Choose your favorite colors, add a monogram or initial, or make one in black or white. Either way, you will love crocheting the Hades the Black Cat Coaster Pattern. It requires beginner crochet skills, but the finished product will surely be admired by all who see it.


Bulky Cotton Coaster

Bulky Cotton Coaster

This well-designed pattern includes standard U.S. terms and additional Japanese terms to help you. This is a great way to use fabric scraps or make matching dish towels and pillowcases. These are made with Daiso Bulky Cotton, which makes them durable. This very fun crochet pattern is as creative and unique as you are. You can use any color or combination of colors to create a completely personalized coaster for yourself or anyone you would like to gift it to.


Crochet Coaster Trio:

Free Crochet Coaster Trio

LOve to add fun festive decor to your home this fall season? This gorgeous mustard and other beautiful colored Crochet Coaster Trio will spice up your home immediately without too much expense. They have several shapes that make them more interesting and exciting to dress up your tables in a fab and unique way. The pattern is fairly easy that leads beginners to learn how to crochet on different geometrical shapes easily.


Fallen Leaves Coaster With Video Tutorial:

Free Crochet Fallen Leaves Coaster


Here is another interesting pattern to crochet Fallen Leaves Coaster to bring festive charm to your home. These are really quick to make and use up a very short amount of yarn that brings them to the stash-busting project’s list. You can choose any color to crochet these coasters according to the seasonal or festive decor. We have also provided you with a video tutorial so you may get step-by-step instructions and guidelines to try them with your own hands!


Crochet Cat Coasters:

Free Crochet Cat Coasters

If you are a big fan of cats, you can keep them as pets without creating mess and being allergic to these Crochet Cat Coasters. These are very cute and adorable. Their functionality is really versatile; they can be used ad surface protectors and beautify your home for any seasonal or festive preparations. These are easy and quick to make and a fantastic project for beginners, as well as a great stash-busting project too!


Halloween Eyeball Coaster:

Free Crochet Halloween Eyeball Coaster

There are endless ways to make your home ready for Halloween, from simply tiny objects to big ones. These Crochet Halloween Eyeball Coaster will surely brighten up your spaces and create a spooky touch to them just using a little bit of yarn and this great inspirational coaster pattern. Just create several to pack them and send to your friends as a festive handmade gift idea!


Crochet Best Coaster:

Free Crochet Best Coaster

You can crochet coaster patterns in many pretty and interesting shapes to bring versatility and useability to their features. This simple yet fabulous crochet coaster will bring elegance and a stylish effect to your tables or serving style. The pattern leads to very easy and fundamental stitches and can be finished using a very short time even you could make couples within no time. Color choices are endless that is completely up to your desire.


Crochet Macrame Inspired Coasters:

Free Crochet Macrame Inspired Coasters

Add something really trendy and glamourous with these Crochet Macrame Inspired Coasters. These will brighten up your home with their boho look and stylize your spaces very brilliantly. Easy and fast to work with these coasters will be a great stash-busting and newcomer-friendly project. You can keep them crocheting in white color to add elegance to your place or make your home ready for spring by choosing bright or rainbow colors for these coasters.


Crochet Shamrock Coaster:

Free Crochet Shamrock Coaster

Add love, faith, and style to this St. Patrick’s Day with these Crochet Shamrock Coasters. These four-leaf clovers will add greenery to your tables and bring charming flair to be festive and occasional. Choose different shades of green to make them more interesting and exciting. These will also brighter your luck all year round.


You can also try our series of Crochet Leaf patterns

Crochet Lacy Flower Coaster:

Free Crochet Lacy Flower Coaster

Here is an easy and pretty Crochet Lacy Flower Coaster that will charm up your home this summer. The netty and lacy pattern helps to complete this project quicker and build several within an hour. It will prove very fun to work with and modernize your space using a little bit of yarn and your creativity. These cute crochet coasters will be a great addition to your home decor!


Crochet Sweet Heart Coasters:

Free Crochet Sweet Heart Coasters

Do you want to make your stash bin empty by creating some fun as well as functional projects? These Crochet Sweet Heart Coasters are great to use your stash or leftovers greatly with the addition of interesting stitches, including Tunisian crochet and the chain loop edging in two colors. These will be a great option to decorate your spaces on Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or any other special occasion.


Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set:

Free Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set

Use treble crochet stitch to build this interesting crochet coaster pattern that will bring the charm and style of spring to our home. This coaster set will also be a great housewarming gift for any occasion of the year. You can go with any color combination that fits your home decor or voice as well.


Crochet Coaster Pattern:

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern

This beautiful crochet kitchen accessory will be best to use for many purposes, make your kitchen decor, and save your furniture from getting stained. You can go with the bright and elegant colors for these stunningly softer and admirable coasters. Although working with the fingering weight or cotton yarn will be best because it will be long-lasting and best to use for gift-giving.


Crochet Flower Coasters Pattern:

Crochet Flower Coasters Pattern

Make admirable crochet coasters in the floral shape using single and slips crochet stitches; it will be an easier pattern; even beginners can try this beautiful crochet coaster pattern to make something useful. They can serve great beneficent to serve mug of coffee or beverages in front of guests. You can crochet a set of adorable coasters for your kitchen following this easier pattern within lesser time.


Summer Rose Coasters Pattern:

Summer Rose Coasters Pattern

Follow this summer rose crochet coaster pattern to make some admirable decorative pieces for your kitchen. It will be a decent option to make an impressive addition to your home décor, and the combo of different colored yarn makes it everyone’s favorite. Go with the cascade ultra Pima yarn in brighter colored yarn fr these coasters; it will enhance your pattern’s admiration.


Crochet Citrus Slice Coasters:

Crochet Citrus Slice Coasters

Small projects like coasters give you the chance to practice all sorts of new stitches. If you’ve never crocheted sedge stitch before, then this crochet pattern of crochet citrus slice coasters is a great place to start. You can use this crochet pattern at your summer parties when you want to show off your crocheting skills in front of your guests. The usage of the brightest colors in this crochet pattern makes it perfect for summer.


Crochet Round About Coasters:

Crochet Round About Coasters

These rounded shape lively coasters will serve excellent to present the beverages in front of guests and express your sense of hospitality and civilization. The softness of crochet threads and the admirable design will make these coasters perfect for decoration also. Go with the 100% pure cotton yarn for this admirable coaster pattern; it will be super absorbent and make these coasters more useful.


Crochet Pizza Coasters:

Crochet Pizza Coasters

These cute crochet pizza coasters are perfect to use when you want to arrange a party for your friend and want to decorate your dining table using crochet threads. You can serve hot or cold drinking items in a new style to your friends and guests; these cute crochet pizza coasters will help you in this regard. Start by making a solid yellow-colored circle, then make a thicker border outside it and finish it with the red-colored olives on the top to give an appearance like a decent pizza.


Crochet Valentine Heart Coasters:

Crochet Valentine Heart Coasters

These crochet coasters are great to enhance the glory of your dining table for the feb14th. It will be a decent gift-giving option and also great to express your emotions for your loved ones. You can go with the two alternate colored yarn for the heart and the outer part of these squared coasters. These stunning crochet pieces will surely be your favorite option for kitchen decoration also.


Easy Peasy Pompom Crochet Coasters:

Easy Peasy Pompom Crochet Coasters

Try something new with these easy peasy pompom crochet coasters; These tiny mini coasters will be a decent, fun, and comfy addition to your home décor. They are designed in a square shape, but the addition of a little pom at the edges of this pattern makes it cuter and elegant. Go with the solid colored yarn fr the whole coater and the pompoms; it will make your coater look cozier and admirable. As this coaster is a bit thicker in texture so will serve as the best absorbent also.


Crochet Ghost Coaster Or Applique:

Crochet Ghost Coaster Or Applique

We can’t ignore the beauty of our kitchen in the holiday season and at the parties too. So, complete the renovation of your Halloween parties with these crochet ghost coasters or applique. Present the drinks at your Halloween party with these admirable coasters underneath the mug or glass; they will serve excellent to enhance the comfiness and admirability of your hospitality.


Boho Crochet Coaster:

Boho Crochet Coaster

Crochet a set of softer, thicker textured boho coasters for your home usage in different admirable colored yarn following this easier pattern. It will be a stunning masterpiece for home décor and best add a decorative touch to your kitchen used accessories. It will be a super comfy and admirable softer accessory, and you’ll surely admire making it also. These beautiful coasters serve excellent gift-giving also, and your friend will surely praise them.


Crochet Candy Flower Coaster Pattern:

Crochet Candy Flower Coaster Pattern

The floral round-style crochet coaster pattern will be a super stylish and beautiful addition to your home décor; because of the great easier making and the stylistic design, it will be your favorite heart option beautiful masterpiece for your kitchen used accessories. You can go with the DK weight cotton yarn for this admirable coaster pattern; it will also be a superb gift-giving option.


Crochet Coasters Pattern:

Crochet Coasters Pattern

Everyone loves a free crochet coaster pattern! Crochet coasters are always fun to make because they are generally quick and easy, plus they are great stash busters so, try to spend your time to make something creative and stylish. If you are looking for ideas, then this Crochet Coasters Pattern is a perfect time-spending activity. You will surely feel fun while you will crochet these adorable patterns. The basic needs for this crochet pattern are Yarn: DK weight yarn – Samples feature Paintbox Simply Aran, 100% Cotton Tea Rose (643) Pale Lilac (646) Bubblegum Pink (651), Hook: 4 mm, and click down for more and complete information!


Free Crochet Best Coasters Pattern:

Free Crochet Best Coasters Pattern

Click below in the link and read out the complete instructions about this pattern of Free Crochet Best Coasters Pattern that is super easy to make and best to use in your kitchen and can use all over the home. The style or design of these crochet coasters are adorable from others, and you can use them as a gift for your friend. Crochet coasters are the perfect project to do in-between larger projects that take too much time to complete! Click down and grab all the necessary information about this crochet pattern!


Crochet Kaleidoscope Coasters:

Crochet Kaleidoscope Coasters

There are no words to explain the beauty of this pattern of Crochet Kaleidoscope Coasters. These crochet coasters look intricate to make due to advanced stitches, but these are handy to crochet. The usage of vibrant colors in this pattern will provide a new life to your mug of coffee when you put your cup of coffee on this crochet pattern. The basic needs for this crochet pattern are a US H8/5.00 mm crochet hook (here are my favorite crochet hooks), Worsted Weight Yarn, the sample used scraps of Hobby Lobby this Cotton yarn. Each coaster uses approximately 17 yards, Tapestry needle, and scissor, and click down for more and complete information!


Crochet Watermelon Coasters:

Crochet Watermelon Coasters

You can combine gray and off-white neutral colors to create this impressive Crochet Country Coaster set for decorating your table in a vintage style. But these crochets’ pretty and stylish coasters are mainly designed for your kitchen. If you are a civilization lover and want to arrange all things skillfully, this crochet pattern will prove beneficial. Use US-Size I/9 Crochet Hook (Amazon carries my favorite crochet hooks!), Lily’s Sugar and Cream Yarn (100% Cotton 4 Medium weight, 2.5 oz / 71g, 120 yards / 109 meters), 1 ball in Ecru to make this crochet pattern that is outstanding in design and best to use anytime.


Crochet Zesty Coasters:

Crochet Zesty Coasters

Lime, yellow, green, blue, and red is used in this crochet pattern that is splendid in design or style. What thing makes this crochet pattern is cuter and nicer? This crochet pattern’s floral shape is tremendous and elegant, but you can change the color scheme according to your choice. Grab the essential material for this Small amount of Cotton DK weight Yarn in your chosen colors. Yarns Cotton DK: 100% Cotton, 50g, 3.5mm Crochet Hook, Yarn Needle to weave in the thread and start to make this pattern! Click down!


Crochet Colorful Little Vintage Coasters:

Crochet Colorful Little Vintage Coasters

Give a vintage look to your dining table using these Crochet Colorful Little Vintage Coasters that are easy to make and best to use anytime. The usage of bright and bold colors in this pattern is perfect for giving a tremendous look to this crochet pattern. So, spend your boring and spare time making this plan that uses the fundamental techniques of crocheting!


Crochet Coasters:

Free Crochet Pattern - Coasters

With a fun, modern design, these coaster sets are an easy way to add some color to your table. Whether you’re looking to refresh your kitchen, or just want something unique for entertaining, these bright sets are sure to do the trick! Each set includes six coasters in three different patterns.


Crochet Flower Motif Coasters Pattern:

Free Crochet Flower Motif Coasters Pattern

Fancy making some crochet flowers to brighten up your home? Well these crochet flower motifs are perfect for home decor, or for creating fun coasters. Play with colors, make a set of matching coasters for all the family. They would also look great outside in Summer on a picnic blanket, or as part of a hanging garden display.


Crochet Snail Coaster Pattern:

Free Crochet Snail Coaster Pattern

These crocheted snail coasters are the perfect small project for practicing working in the 3rd loop. The coaster itself makes a great housewarming or hostess gift, and the 3rd loop technique involved only uses very small amounts of yarn, so stash busting is encouraged! I worked in the 3rd loop using a size H (5.0mm) crochet hook, but you can use another hook since the gauge is not crucial (although if it’s much smaller, it won’t work as a coaster).


Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern:

Free Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern

Try this free crochet heart coaster pattern to make beautiful decorating accessories for your home. Make them in different colors according to your choice. You can use the leftover from other crochet projects to make this crochet heart coaster pattern. I will prefer to use fingering weight Alize Bella yarn and (2mm) crochet hook to make this adorable crochet coaster pattern.


Crochet Pumpkin Coasters Pattern:

Crochet Pumpkin Coasters Pattern

This crochet pumpkin coaster pattern looks soo cute and crocheting; it is also a fun craft. This crochet coaster pattern resembles the real pumpkin, which enhances the beautification of it. Next Halloween, it will be a superb crochet gift for your beloved friends. You can also follow the below-associated link to get more information about this crocheted pumpkin coaster-free pattern.


Crochet Vintage Heart Coaster:

Crochet Vintage Heart Coaster

This beautiful vintage color coasters pattern gives a superb appearance in any home’s decor. Have you crocheted crochet hearts before? If yes, then this will be an easier and innovative crochet project for you? Firstly, you have to work in the circle and then in pretty lace details to form this crochet coaster pattern’s edges. Work with the fingering weight Scheepjes cotton yarn for the better finishing results of this crochet project.


Crochet Lotus Coaster Pattern:

Crochet Lotus Coaster Pattern

Here is the crochet lotus coaster pattern available for you; once you used it, you’ll surely admire the beautification of it. You can use this crochet coasters pattern for decorating your table, and it will magnificently express your crocheting skills to your guests. Take the madame tricot Paris maxi yarn and (1.5mm) crochet hook and start crocheting this beautiful decorative masterpiece for your home.


Crochet Sunday At The Pool Coasters:

Crochet Sunday At The Pool Coasters

This crochet Sunday at the pool coasters pattern is the perfect choice for beginners to carry on. It’s a less time-consuming project so that you wouldn’t get bored, and if you have some mistake in making, you can easily compensate for it. Take the sport-weight Schachenmayr Catania solids yarn and (3mm) crochet hook to make this crochet coasters pattern for you. Moreover, you can also follow the below link to get more information about this crochet coaster pattern.


Free Crochet Best Coasters Pattern:

Free Crochet Best Coasters Pattern

Try this crochet best coasters pattern for making a beautiful decorative accessory for your home. This crochet has been made by working in two different colors. One for the interior and the other for making the outer boundary of it. For making this crochet coaster pattern, you’ll need the Rico cotton Aran and (g) sized crochet hook. For more information about this crochet coaster pattern, click on the below link.


Crochet Boho Coasters Pattern:

Crochet Boho Coasters Pattern

This soft crochet boho coasters pattern is the softest crochet project you have crocheted ever. This crochet coaster pattern’s structure is thicker in the interior, and the tassels around make it look more admirable. Take the worsted weight cotton yarn and (7/4.5) mm crochet hook to make this crochet coaster’s pattern. You will find more information about this crochet coaster pattern with a single click on the below link.


Crochet Modern Coasters:

Crochet Modern Coasters

Try this crochet modern coaster pattern for making beautiful crochet gifts for your beloved ones. Two different colored triangles look incredible. You can also make two triangles differently and then join them together by using the sewing needle. Take the 100% cotton yarn and (g) sized crochet hook and make this crochet coaster pattern. For more information about this crochet coaster pattern, click on the below-associated link.


Crochet Simple Coaster:

Crochet Simple Coaster

Try this simple crochet coasters pattern in solid white color. It looks soo impressive; for your home decor, it will be a superb decorative masterpiece. You will have to work in rounds to make this crochet coaster pattern. It is an admirable crochet accessory; once you used it, you will surely appreciate it. This crochet coasters pattern takes the medium-weight cotton yarn and (h) sized crochet hook. Moreover, click on the below link to get more information about this crochet pattern.


Crochet Sunflower Round Coaster:

Sunflower Round

Crochet Sunflower Round Coaster is Adorable, colorful decoration to brighten up your kitchen/dining area. No matter what yarn you use or what color they are, this pattern will work just fine. You may easily adjust the size with different sized hooks, so it’s perfect for any designed table. It would also be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!


Crochet Summer Bean Coaster:

Crochet Summer Bean Coaster

Summer is the season to add colors and cool vibes to your home. These Crochet Summer Bean Coasters will not only add colors to your space but will prove very functional to keep your beverages cool for a long time. Moreover, it will absorb the sweat of drink glasses and protect your tables and surfaces from spoiling and scratches. These are very functional and will do durable jobs, one as coasters and the second as face scrubbies too; the choice will be yours which way you will choose to try them out.


Crochet February Coaster:

Crochet February Coaster

Add some strong and vibrant colors to your living spaces this February by following these Crochet February Coasters. These coasters wonderfully work fast and make a pretty last-minute gift as well.  You will also love to know that you could use these coasters to embellish your home for spring, making them a garland ornament.


Crochet Candy House Coaster:

Crochet Candy House Coaster

These sweet and adorable Crochet Candy House Coasters will be an awesome idea to brighten up our tables with festive decor. Just by using a minimal amount of yarn and pretty colors according to the season to spruce up serving the cups of cocoa or coffee. Quick and fast to work up, this crochet pattern will steal the heart of your neighbors and visitors.


Crochet Stella Coaster:

Crochet Stella Coaster

Any color of yarn can be adopted for these Crochet Stella Coasters that will work up so fast. It’s also a perfect design to use up scraps and ends that can spice up your home decor instantly. Use them as coasters or as buntings or ornaments by using festive colors and hues to charm up your spaces without too much effort and breaking bank.


Crochet Heart Coasters:

Crochet Heart Coasters

This fairly easy and super simple crochet pattern for heart-shaped coasters will be a great addition to your Valentine’s day crochet accessories. Hang them buntings or as garland ornaments to your walls to beautify your home for this special day, or make them as fabulous handmade valentine’s day gifts for your dear ones. The options are endless to bring them in use, just crochet them with your own hands and avail yourself the opportunity even to use them as appliques on your other crochet accessories!


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