18 DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas For Home

DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas 1

If you love coastal views, we have plenty of ideas to consider. This DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas collection will take your style and turn it into a relaxing beach retreat. These pieces are perfect for any room in your home and will make them uniquely yours. We have included a range of DIY Coastal Crafts to pick which suit your taste and personality. Whether it is sea-themed wall art, driftwood displays, handmade shell decor pieces, or any other media that can reflect elements of the ocean, our collection has something for every taste. Each idea is carefully designed, so you can easily recreate each.

DIY Coastal Wall Art Decor Ideas

18 DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas For Home

Create a beautiful gallery wall with seashells and blue glass bottles, paint an ocean scene on the back of an empty frame, or cover some driftwood with paint. You can do so many amazing things with driftwood items, so don’t forget to check out that section. If you desire to add some marvelous coastal elements to your home, our DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas will help you incorporate them into your space. These ideas will help you create a cozy, welcoming home that reflects your personality perfectly!

Unique Coastal Wall Art Ideas

Are you looking to bring the beauty of coastal living into your home? These DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas will help you achieve just that. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to decorate your entire space with the beauty of the ocean. Think about it – beaches are very popular vacation spots not only for people but for many businesses as well. Therefore, why not decorate it with sea-related accessories if you have a nice office? That would be a great way to welcome your customers!

Uses Of DIY Wall Art:

There are so many ways to use these DIY coastal wall art ideas. You can mix and match them for a truly unique project. Maybe you want to choose a few colors that match the colors on your walls or in your bedding, for example. Or if you have an accent wall, this is a great way to decorate it without adding extra colors only found in that room. These easy, inexpensive, and effortless DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas will help make your place of residence more appealing to visitors and even manage to impress your loved ones. Whatever small space you want to fill, these DIY coastal wall art ideas will surely help!

Seashore Windchimes

Seashore Windchimes

Love to listen to the sound of the ocean but live too far away to make it happen? Enjoy the gorgeous sound of nature with our Seashore Windchimes, a beautiful and easy craft you can make at home to bring natural beauty into your home. Each Seashore Windchime is unique, yet each combines the tones of sea shells to form an elegant chime that brings the relaxing sounds of the beach or ocean to wherever your creative imagination takes it.


DIY Seashell Plank

DIY Seashell Plank

With our DIY Seashell Plank, let’s ditch the traditional fireplace and add texture to your rustic, coastal-inspired home. You’ll need a plank of wood, fresh wood sanded down, and some seashells. Sand the plank, then paint its desired color. Apply Modge Podge and place seashells on top of that. Let dry for 10 minutes, then coat it again with a second layer of Modge Podge. This easy-to-do craft will give your home an added touch of seaside elegance.


Coastal Seashell Wall Art

Coastal Seashell Wall Art

Wall art is the first thing visitors see when entering your home, so it’s important to make a great first impression. Our Coastal Seashell Wall Art is both simple and stunning and adds an instant beach vibe to any space. Each shell has been hand-picked and then mounted individually, making each piece unique. This wall art will add a special touch to any coastal or beach decor theme and would make a nice wedding guest gift.


1. Round Coastal Mantel Made Of Threads

Round Coastal Mantel Made Of Threads

Inspired by the coast, this mantel is full of beachy style and texture. The rope wreath’s round shape echoes a seashell’s natural shape. All you need to make it is some heavy rope, which you can find at home improvement stores or specialty craft stores. Make sure you buy the kind with a thick diameter so that it won’t sag over time, and then get started creating this coastal look right away. So go ahead and try out this round rope coastal wall decor idea for yourself, whichever way you prefer. You will love the effect it creates.

2. Lovely Brown Leaf Wall Art

Lovely Brown Leaf Wall Art

The leaf wall art is another great statement piece of art that you can add to your home. You can decorate your living area, bedroom, dining room, or house area with this beautiful framed leaf wall art. The beautiful brown color of the leaves makes it a perfect décor item during the fall season. The framed image measures approximately 12 × 16 inches. Use this decorative piece to add dimension to any room in your home. Every brown leaf wall art will be unique, and no two frames will look identical.

3. Heart Shells On A Wooden Surface

Heart Shells On A Wooden Surface

If you’re looking for a way to add seaside charm to your home or love heart shells, this is the DIY project! The shells create an eye-catching display and make the whole piece look handcrafted and beachy while adding a touch of adventure to your room. The heart shape is an especially popular shell arrangement because it showcases both adventurous and romantic tendencies. This art option is perfect for people who enjoy adventure, romance, and classic interior design.

4. Magnificent Single Starfish On Embroidery Hook

Magnificent Single Starfish On Embroidery Hook

You probably have seen beautiful starfish if you have spent a few days by the beach. Decorate these unique sea creatures on a circular embroidery hook and bring them into your living room. You can use real or artificial starfish for the purpose of drying and decoration; once you have them, use clear tape or adhesive, a clean white material, and the embroidery hook to achieve this look. The starfish adds a delicate touch to your décor and helps express love for coastal areas.

5. Alluring Coral Reef in Wooden Frame

Alluring Coral Reef in Wooden Frame

Coral reefs are an important part of ocean life. They provide shelter and food for many creatures, including fish, sharks, and sea turtles. Brighten your home with this soothing coral reef on wood art that will add a coastal touch to any room. With its deep blue and vibrant green colors, this piece will transport you to colorful undersea worlds while it reminds you of the beauty that exists in the world. It reminds you of those wonderful moments spent below the sea.

6. Alluring Shell Hangings on Wood

Alluring Shell Hangings on Wood

Introduce the alluring beach atmosphere into your home with our shell-hanging set. The shells will look great on their own, but you can also include some synthetic leaves in green to add more color to the piece. You can hang the shells from wood pieces of different sizes and thicknesses. The alluring beach atmosphere will easily be transported into your home. Close up to the wall; they will still stand out as viewers walk away from it. For added visual interest, you can add some synthetic green leaves to the piece of wood and attach them with wire.

7. Inspirational Words on Wooden Pieces

Inspirational Words on Wooden Pieces

If you love listening to motivational podcasts or enjoy reading inspirational quotes, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by your favorite words. This coastal wall décor is perfect for that, as it will motivate you daily as you walk past this wall decoration. Don’t worry about the process; that might be challenging for some people. This coastal DIY is easy to make and requires only a few basic craft supplies that you probably already have on hand. We have provided details about how you can create this DIY project in less than 30 minutes!

8. Oceanic Blue Wooden Gallery Box

Oceanic Blue Wooden Gallery Box

This hand-crafted gallery box brings a bit of the ocean into your living room. It’s painted in shades of blue, making you feel relaxed and peaceful as if you were sitting on a porch watching the waves roll in. It also looks great with a grey or white interior scheme; just imagine sitting on your couch reading a novel under this fantastic piece of art! It is easy to hang on any wall and will become a great conversation starter among your family members or friends. You’ll love how it looks, and so will your visitors!

9. Magnificent Single Starfish on Plain Surface

Magnificent Single Starfish on Plain Surface

This single starfish motif is a simplistic but elegant marine life art that will be the perfect addition to your home décor. A starfish design is a cool coastal wall decor idea to add to any room and can instantly transform your living space into a beach-themed bedroom or living room. You can attach the starfish wall décor to a shadow box, picture frame, or anywhere in your house using Velcro strips. Although it comes in three different sizes, you can choose whichever one you like best, depending on where you are attaching it.

10. Shells Of Love In A Frame

Shells Of Love In A Frame

If you love the coastal decor, these shells of love in a frame will surely bring a touch of romance to any room. Most shells are one-of-a-kind, so shopping for the best group will certainly be an adventure! The shells can also be bought on Etsy, or if you’ve come home with several unique shells from your beach adventures, simply arrange them into a heart-shaped pattern and place them inside a shadow box with glue to create the above look. For an extra festive touch, try hanging votive candles from the top corners of the frame for an evening by the sea.

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11. Spectacular Blue Sea Horse In Frame

Spectacular Blue Sea Horse In Frame

If you love seahorses and make sure to bring a piece of them home from your ocean adventures, then this beautiful handmade bezel-set sea horse wall art is just what you have been looking for. Besides being a great way to bring seahorses back with you, it will pop in your room with its lighter shade of blue. You can order this interesting decoration that may remind you of the scenery seen at the beach on Etsy and select from various colors depending on your taste. It is an option for two sea horses to be placed next to one another within the frame if you want some company for your little seahorse friend.


12. Beautiful Modern Shell Display on Wall

Beautiful Modern Shell Display on Wall

Shells make great wall décor and make your home look beautiful. However, it can be challenging to display them in groups or hang them on the walls. You can try arranging shells in different shapes, but that can be quite difficult. An easier option is to arrange similar types of shells and display them on the wall together. Such displays work best for people who collect shells as they can group their favorite shells together and place them at the center of their living room or bedroom to create an eye-catching focal point.

13. Uniquely Beaded Coastal Mantel with Threads

Uniquely Beaded Coastal Mantel with Threads

This unique and beautiful handmade coastal mantel art is a perfect addition to any room in your home. This ocean-themed decor item can be placed over the fireplace, above your dresser, in the living room, over the couch, in the kitchen, or in any other spacious area in your home. The beads create an inner frame, and the sea shells provide an interesting pattern on the exterior part of this decorative piece. The threads hanging on top add a dramatic vintage effect that brings out colors from sea shells, creating a beautiful focal point for any wall in your home.


14. Mysterious White Shell on Blue Surface

Mysterious White Shell on Blue Surface

What do you want to do when you think of the beach? Beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and heavenly scents. If you are looking for a piece of wall art that is beautiful and captures the essence of the sea and beach, then this wall art is perfect. It has a mysterious shell attached to a blue surface to give it an authentic look. This shell displays beautifully against a blue background, making it the perfect accessory for any coastal theme home decor. Place this beautiful piece of art in a prominent area where it will get noticed by all your guests or visitors.

15. Brilliant set of Star Fish and Shells

Brilliant set of Star Fish and Shells

Bring some marine life into your home with this DIY starfish and shell décor project. You can create it any color and size you want by choosing items from the Etsy shop. Hang it in your living room or bedroom over a brown rug, white bed skirt, or an old tablecloth on the floor. This is great for a beach theme because starfish shows the marine lifestyle! Plus, they are regenerative creatures, so they can be placed on an adhesive or clear tape without ruining them as long as they are not on top of something that could tear them off. In addition to starfish, you will receive several types of shells in various sizes to add seaside detail to this project, like clam shells, crab shells, small conch shells, etc.

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