15 DIY Shoe Rack Plans to Organize Your Home

Every home needs an organization from time to time to declutter it and upgrade it. And of course, there are many stuff and items that we use daily or even most of our days, such as shoes. Yes, shoes are the main part of our daily wearables that we often have to see in a large amount in our home. And besides all of the other accessories and wearables, we also have to organize them to declutter and clean our homes. For this purpose, we have an interesting and useful collection of DIY shoe rack plans and ideas that will help you build your shoe organizers with your own hands inexpensively and easily.

DIY Shoe Rack Plans:

These DIY shoe rack plans will help you clean up your home, help you be familiar with woodworking skills, and make them better.  Now you will not have to face the pain of destroying or scattering the shoes just due to the lack of space in your closet because now your shoes will have their own home with these DIY shoe rack plans and ideas. Just pick up these ideas and make your entryway more appealing and well organized. Because a well-designed and well-made shoe rack cannot only save your money and make good storage but also brighten up your space and make it more gorgeous and craftier.

You only have to mind some precautions while working on making your own DIY shoe rack plans that will be mentioned in each project’s link. So, follow the instructions and get ready to build your own shoe organizer to find your favorite sneakers and boots from the right place without having a fear of losing them!

DIY Shoe Rack Idea For The Closet:

DIY Shoe Rack Idea For The Closet


After a long holiday season, if you face clutter everywhere in your home, then make it well organized and clean with this DIY Shoe Rack Idea For The Closet. This will help you clean up your home, keep your shoes look unmessy. So, make this shoe closet to keep all of your shoes in one place that will make to find the right pair at the time of nee dor you are in a hurry. Use plywood for this easy to work project and simple to handle and will not take too much to come in your desired project’s exact required shape!


DIY Shoe Rack Plan:

DIY Shoe Rack Plan

This DIY shoe rack plan is visibly straightforward but has a deep interest and cleverness in it. This fun and smart storage solution for your shoes will be incredibly a gorgeous and brilliant way to maintain your shoes in one place, and you could hide them to do not show them to the people and place that can be called a house of shoes. This shoe rack has been built from scrap wood and used less than a weak for finishing. Just grab the required material and get started to buy your own shoe rack by following this idea to allow you to have more space in your closet!


Quick DIY Shoe Storage With Mudroom Bench:

Quick DIY Shoe Storage With Mudroom Bench

Looking for a simple yet interesting way for your shoe storage? Try this amazing and simple Quick DIY Shoe Storage With Mudroom Bench. It’s a really brilliant idea to build up a DIY shoe rack within a few days and by using a small number of wood dowels. The good thing is that it’s easily customized, so you can create it according to space, which fits your room. It will not only organize your shoes but also add rustic or farmhouse decor to your home, so if you are a country decor lover, then try this brilliant idea to create your own mudroom bench shoe rack!


DIY Industrial Shoe Rack Plan:

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack Plan

Here is another clever idea to keep your shoes well organized as well as to add an industrial or rustic touch to your home decor. The plan is easy and made from pipe and wood planks and will take only one or two days. Moreover, you can also use this DIY industrial shoe rack plan as a bookcase in your living room or bedroom, where it will perform dual functions to keep your books stored and increase their charm and add a farmhouse touch. But if you don’t want a rustic look, you can paint these planks into your desired colors or with the colors that fit your interior and add a pop of colors to your home decor!


DIY Homemade Shoe Rack Plan:

DIY Homemade Shoe Rack Plan

What a simple, easy, and fun project to make your homemade shoe rack plan. The wooden dowels and copper pipe fittings will perform their huge role in making a perfect shoe organizer easily and quickly. This Tier Hallway DIY Shoe Rack Idea could be made in any size according to your space width, and that fits it. Copper pipe fittings add a glow and charm to this project that will help you make your home organized and more decorative!


DIY Shoe Storage Bench Plan:

DIY Shoe Storage Bench Plan

Thinking about decluttering your home and give it an elegant and sophisticated decor look? Just start with your shoe organization and try this fabulous DIY Shoe Storage Bench Plan. This mudroom storage bench will be with you as the best partner in this project and will emerge out as a great storage solution in itself. It will hold many shoe pairs, and you could organize the hoes of your family separately from each. In short, it would be a wonderful idea to build your own handmade shoe rack in less time and consuming less money!


DIY Mind-blowing Piece Of Do It Yourself:

DIY Mind-blowing Piece Of Do It Yourself

DIY furniture ideas are great to show off your creativity and save a lot of money. This mind-blowing piece of Do It Yourself furniture will consume only 35 dollars but work as a priceless furniture item as it will hold all of your shoe pairs. Its construction is straightforward, and its appearance will add elegance and sophistication to your place. It’s easy enough that you would build it even if you are not a woodworking expert.


DIY Vertical Shoe Rack:

DIY Vertical Shoe Rack

What an incredible and clever idea to organize your shoes as well as save your space. This vertical Diy shoe rack will fit in any of the corners of your home, even would be set into a walk-in closet. This stylish shoe rack will not take a lot of time, not money. So, you will not have to hit your pocket to add a stylish organizer to your home within an hour. You will get all the required material from your nearer local Builders Warehouse.


DIY Entryway Shoe Rack Bench:DIY Entryway Shoe Rack Bench

Have too many shoes but no space to organize them? If your answer is yes, don’t worry; you will find the exact solution to your problem with this DIY Entryway Shoe Rack Bench. A simple and easy project that will consume only $35 only means a big solution in a small amount. It’s so versatile as it will play a role as a shoe rack and a seating bench to put your shoes on just right on your entryway.


DIY Vertical Shoe Rack:

DIY Vertical Shoe Rack

This Vertical DIY Shoe Rack is a really creative plan that will save your space and declutter your home at the same time. You can build this project to organize your shoes just in front of your door, so you might take and of your shoes according to your need as you exit or enter from your door. The project is basically easy and need not expert’s level woodworking kills to build it with your own hands.


DIY Shoe Rack Idea:

DIY Shoe Rack Idea

This shoe rack idea can be used on any part of your house. You can use this in your bedroom, hallway, living room, or kitchen; it depends on where you are placing this DIY shoe rack will make everything more organized and add some country or farmhouse decor to your room. To give strength to these DIY shoe racks, I used conduit pipes painted black, then applied foam sheets on top of them for protection and easy grip. The DIY Shoe Rack will keep your shoes organized and prevent piles from forming in your closet.


DIY Shoe Rack:

DIY Shoe Rack

Everything will be easier for you by having a nice, stylish, and rustic DIY shoe rack. This unique and stylish shoe rack you can make by yourself with a few simple tools and materials. You can build this shoe rack on your own and give it as a perfect home decor accessory to your room. It has a rustic look and is durable enough to organize shoes of all sizes with ease.


How To Make A Super Sized Shoe Rack:

How To Make A Super Sized DIY Shoe Rack

Here I will tell you How To Make A Super-sized DIY Shoe Rack without spending too much money and time. You’ll surely find this DIY show rack useful and will wish to add more samples of it to your home. It’s huge, so you can keep the shoes of all of your family members easily in it and will surely admire the usabilities of it.


Make DIY Shoe Trays In Closet:

Make DIY Shoe Trays In Closet

Make DIY Shoe Trays In Closet by following this stunningly easiest craft idea. It will be an easier DIY shoe rack idea and require very lesser space for its setting. You can make a DIY shoe rack in every room of your house; it will act as a decluttering agent for your footwear. If you’re not so good at cutting instruments, you can use the store-bought wooden trays also.


Save Your Space By Making DIY Shoe Rack Idea:

Save Your Space By Making DIY Shoe Rack Idea

Save Your Space By Making DIY Shoe Rack Idea; it will keep your shoes in place and be best for adding an organized appearance to your home decor, especially on the doorstep. Everyone can keep the shoes in this rack because there is a lot of space for all the family members’ footwear.


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