28 DIY Wood Headboard Plans

A wood headboard is the ultimate touch of class and style; it is a detail that will bring warmth to your room. Compared to other materials, wood has the advantage of being more organic and natural-looking. It can be customized in any way you desire, so you can obtain a result that is suitable for your personal taste. If you are a handy DIY-er and have your own workshop with all the tools necessary, building a DIY Wood Headboard is an easy task. With some wooden planks and a couple of hours of work, you can have a beautiful piece of furniture that can change the look of your entire bedroom. However, if you are not familiar with this type of project, there are plenty of online tutorials which will guide you step by step through the process.

DIY Wood Headboard Plans 1

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to build a headboard, you may consider using one of these 28 DIY Wood Headboard Plans. These plans will give you the basic information required to build a headboard that is not only functional but also beautiful. From rustic to modern, there are many different designs and styles to choose from. Whether you want something more traditional or prefer a more modern look, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Look through these headboards and get inspired by this list of DIY wood headboards to give your bedroom a personal touch!

1. How To Build A Rustic Wood Headboard

How To Build A Rustic Wood Headboard


Building a headboard for your bed can be pretty straightforward if you know what you are doing. But it can also get confusing if you do not have the proper instructions and guidance. This is why we will try and make it as easy as possible for you to build this wood headboard, using the best and easiest way. So, take some time to read through these instructions before you start working on this project. After reading this article, we hope that you’ll know how to build a wooden headboard similar to the one we’ve built in our demo.

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2. DIY Easy Wooden Headboard

DIY Easy Wooden Headboard


If you’re looking to make your own headboard with a wooden pallet, this is the perfect place to begin! We’ll start by creating a simple rough sketch showing how you want your bed to look, and then we’ll share the materials required for each stage. We’ve included plenty of tips along the way, so you can get your project finished quickly and enjoy it in your bedroom. This is the perfect project to try if you’ve just started building but are looking for a challenge, too!

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3. DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

Do you want to build an exciting DIY headboard with the best quality materials, but save your money and time? This article is going to take you through the steps of making a DIY headboard from 3-4 different angles. A step-by-step guide will be provided for you; pictures and instructions will give you more details. It’s very helpful to make a simple, beautiful, and extraordinary headboard for your own bedrooms. You will not be disappointed with its stability, durability, and beauty.

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4. DIY Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

DIY Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

Whether you are building a loft bed, stair-step bunk or any other type of headboard for the top of your bed, this DIY wood headboard can be made for under $50. The idea is simple: take a reclaimed door and cut it to size for your headboard, stain it to match the rest of your bedroom furniture, and nail it onto the wall. With an idea from this guide, you can build your own DIY reclaimed wood headboard using these detailed instructions.

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5. DIY Plywood Headboard

Everyone loves to stay in a hotel when they travel. In the room, there’s always this impressive headboard that adds style and individuality to the decor and makes the bed seem more luxurious. But imagine staying at a hotel and having a one-of-a-kind headboard like that at home. That would be pretty swell, right? Well with a bit of carpentry know-how and an afternoon working in your garage, you can build it. This DIY plywood headboard is a fun and easy project that can add a burst of color to any room.

6. DIY Headboard With Geometric Pattern

A super-easy way to make a dramatic statement for your space! This DIY geometric headboard project is pretty simple and affordable. Other than measuring and marking the wall, there is very little measuring required. You can easily modify this design to work on any size bed. These big and bold geometric headboards inspire it. This is a great beginner woodworking project for your home. There’s a link in the description for more ideas and inspiration.

7. $25 DIY Headboard

This is a very affordable and fun project that comes together with a bit of effort. It’s a great project to add some personality to your bedroom at a fraction of the expense of store-bought headboards. It would be perfect to make in front of children as a weekend project. The cost of this item is only $25 and it will require only a few essential tools. The process of making it is simple and takes approximately 1-2 hours.

9. How To Make A Wooden Headboard

How To Make A Wooden Headboard


This headboard is the perfect touch to add spice and color to your bedroom. It’s so easy to build that you can easily make it over the weekend, primarily if you use the pre-made frames that are readily available in the market for next to nothing. It only requires basic carpentry skills and a few tools, so even beginners can tackle this project.

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10. DIY Salvaged Barnwood Headboard

DIY Salvaged Barnwood Headboard


This is a super easy do-it-yourself headboard project. This is known as the best wood for rustic decor and with this ​Salvaged Barnwood Headboard you can add an amazing rustic showpiece to your bedroom, no matter what size your bed is. The fact that you can use old barn wood here makes things even easier since you will not have to cut any piece of wood, which requires necessary funding and power tools.

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11. DIY Pallet Wood Headboard

DIY Pallet Wood Headboard


This DIY pallet wood headboard is a great accent for your bedroom. You may even pick up some excellent style points from friends and family who think that you’re an expert craftsman! First, take your wooden boards and lay them out in the formation that you want. Then, join the pieces together using wood glue and clamps to hold them steady while they dry. Select wood roughly the same size in width and length to ensure your headboard will hold up.

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12. Pallet Wood Headboard DIY

Pallet Wood Headboard DIY


If you’re a DIY lover, this DIY pallet wood headboard is the best choice for you. This gorgeous headboard uses several pallets to make it super easy and straightforward. The wood material makes the headboard look stylish while the design makes it a fantastic decoration for your bedroom. This is the easiest project you can do to have a really stylish headboard for your bed. The tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

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13. DIY Rustic Wood Headboard

Do It Yourself Rustic Wood Headboard Tutorial is fully detailed. This headboard can be your inspiration to make a headboard in your own design. We’ll try our best to guide you on how to build the headboard from scratch. This DIY rustic wood headboard is an affordable and elegant alternative for a custom-made furniture piece that you might buy from a furniture shop. You can build the headboard using different wood types according to your liking.

14. DIY Wood Slat Headboard

Do you have a bed without a headboard? Do you have an amazing room but don’t know where to put your headboard? Look no further. This DIY Wood Slat Headboard is easy to make and will look great in any room of your home. All you really need are some tools and supplies and someone who can help you hang your board. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a unique headboard with a rustic feel in no time!

15. DIY Wood Farmhouse Headboard

Hiring someone to make a headboard from scratch in metal sheets or solid hardwood can be expensive. Why not do it yourself, so you can save more on an essential farmhouse look? With this DIY wood farmhouse headboard plan, you’ll find all the information needed to build the perfect headboard that will fit in any home, and get your room that much is closer to being a farmhouse. This woodworking plan document is an inexpensive solution for all of your DIY wood projects.

16. DIY Wood Headboard Under $40

We all know how expensive it is to make a headboard, but we have something to tell you that you can make a DIY headboard without spending too much money. The whole project should not be more than $40. Just imagine that you can bring a new look to your bed. The design is simple, but you can easily adjust it to fit any size bed by adding or removing a strip of wood in order to make your headboard longer or shorter.

17. DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Headboard

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Headboard


With the use of pallet wood, this DIY reclaimed wood headboard is the perfect accent for your bed. It’s made with natural rustic charm and recycled wood and can be painted any color you wish. Its design stands out with multiple planks pieced together to form a beautiful headboard in a step-by-step guide for easy reading and execution.

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18. DIY Removable Wood Block Headboard

DIY Removable Wood Block Headboard


This removable wood block headboard is measured to fit a standard double bed. The jointing was done on-site with glue. This makes it easier to create your own custom headboard. The instructions make this project easy to follow as well. It is also an easy-to-assemble DIY project with all the materials needed for making it readily available in every hardware store – hence, giving you more purchasing power for getting better quality materials than other shops would offer.

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19. DIY Farmhouse Headboard

DIY Farmhouse Headboard

Want a headboard that looks great in your bedroom, and costs almost nothing? Then make this DIY farmhouse headboard. It’s easy to make with just five power tools, you save money by using scrap wood, and it doesn’t take long to complete the project. If you’ve never cut wood before, you can follow our detailed woodcutting plans and pictures to build this headboard yourself. It’s beautiful and cost-efficient and looks great in a bedroom.

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20. DIY Queen Bed Wood Headboard

DIY Queen Bed Wood Headboard

This is a queen bed headboard, but you can build it larger if you’d like. Perhaps, it would make a nice king-size headboard! The design and durability are much better than most of the simple rope-style or solid wood headboards that you’ll find online. You don’t need any building plans, just the step-by-step guide. The best part about designing and building your own headboard is that you can customize it and make it look the way you want it to without breaking the bank.

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21. DIY Pallet Headboard

If you are a crafty DIY person, then a pallet headboard is super easy to make for your bedroom. Well, not really an expensive or tough thing to make and you can do it by yourself. You can add a personal touch to painting or add any decorative stuff of your choice. It’s a very light thing and easy to carry from one place to another also. The directions here will show you what materials you will need, how to build a safe and easy headboard, and how to get started building!

22. DIY Wood Headboard For Queen Bed

How to make a wood headboard for a queen size bed is a DIY project that you can give a try at home. It’s considered as one of the easiest ways to upcycle old pallets and they’ll surely transform your bedroom into something else. You don’t have to worry because the making process is quite easy, but yet time-consuming. After that, you should know how to mount the headboard onto the wall. Keep in mind that, if you’re looking for smaller sizes, all you need to do is adjust the measurements accordingly.

23. DIY Rustic Barnwood Headboard

This DIY Rustic Barnwood Headboard project is a great way to get rid of scrap wood and create your own headboard. It’s very cool, but it’s also easy to make. This video guide is the kind of guide you need if you want to make this happen for yourself. Because it shows you exactly how to make the perfect Barnwood headboard using wooden planks, sturdy nails,, and easy-to-follow instructions. The construction materials are easy to find and so are the basic tools.

24. DIY Slat Wall Headboard

The fantasy of sleeping on top of a wooden plank in the old west was used in this very contemporary headboard made with wood slats. The inspiration for this project came from the much more expensive and sculptural metal-framed versions found in trendy boutique hotels and expensive furniture catalogs. But why pay a small fortune when you can build something similar that not only costs so much less but that you can paint the color of your choice? In this article, a complete guide will be provided on how to make your very own DIY Slat Wall Headboard.

25. DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Headboards are the ideal way to add color and character to a bedroom. They can also add comfort to it. This DIY reclaimed wood headboard provides this; however, by combining both functionality and style at the same time. If you have a king-size bed, this is a good option for you as well. The entire project does not take too much time so customizing your bedroom with one shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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DIY Wood Round Headboard

DIY Wood Round Headboard

Create your own beautiful, one-of-a-kind headboard with the DIY Wood Round Headboard guide. Our DIY instructions will walk you through each step to completion. This piece can be used in any room of the house. It is great for children’s bedrooms or your guest bedroom so you make your guests comfortable. These headboards are also great for your family room if you have a sectional sofa or love seat set to give it a chic look and feel.


DIY Wood Headboard

DIY Wood Headboard

Do you want a unique and modern headboard but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars? That’s what we thought! That’s why our DIY wood headboard is perfect for you. Follow this step-by-step guide to see how easy it is to build your own custom-fitted platform bed that doubles as a chic headboard. This one-of-a-kind DIY project is not only thrifty but easy to do!


DIY Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

DIY Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

Build your own headboard from down to doorknobs with our decorative Herringbone Pallet Wood Headboard! We’ve listed all of our DIY plans for this project. You can easily paint and stain this piece to match your existing decor or go for a cheerful natural color. You can also use any type of salvaged wood from an old barn in your area. Plus, the rustic look of the wood adds to its airiness for a more natural look.


DIY Wood Slat Headboard

DIY Wood Slat Headboard

Looking to upgrade your bedroom? Looking for a super easy project that’s going to make a big impact? This DIY wood slat headboard is the perfect solution. With just some basic supplies and simple tools, you can create an amazing new look for your room that also adds storage space. This headboard is not only functional but also a nice addition to any bedroom on a budget. This project is a guaranteed way to take your room from drab to fab!


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