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Draw An Eagle

Eagle appearance is very interesting but a little challenging to draw for newbies. If you are looking for a guide, you can learn from this easy eagle drawing tutorial for kids. It will be mainly for beginners and those who have not drawn a bird or eagle before.

So, we have provided simple instructions and hand-drawn pictures for each step for a basic sketch of an eagle in a sitting pose with no extra details and special textures to add. However, after the outline, you will learn to color it in the same brown, white, and yellow colors while also learning how we can make certain areas darker in the shade to show inbody-shadows at different body parts of an eagle. So, follow along and learn how to draw an eagle in a few minutes

How To Draw An Eagle

Bird drawings, in the beginning, seem very complicated, especially when someone demands to make one flying or another pose. So, we brought this easy drawing guide for kids. But, Before going to the eagle drawing tutorial, let’s first talk about today’s featured technique:

In-Body Shadows In Eagle Drawing

Why Needed? Inbody Shadows are needed to add a professional finish (simple or detailed both!) to a character or object drawing (here, eagle!), whether you place it in a setting or not.  These shadows are created when you consider a light source in the drawing. If you place it in a setting, there will be more shadows on the subject from other objects in the setting!

How Created? These shadows result from parts that may block the light from reaching other parts (the underparts!). In the case of eagle drawing, you have to imagine the dominant parts. In the case of our eagle drawing (you can see below!), you can notice shadows in parts: The whole belly and thigh, wings near them, tail, the part below the feathery neck zig-zags, legs, and many more.

shadow details
“How the light source impacts the eagle’s appearance.”

How do you add in-body shadows? All you need will be first to color the whole eagle evenly. Then, consider a light source (in our case, the top-left corner) and which parts may not receive much light. So, just again shade those regions and try to replicate the upper part shape that may sometimes be longer in shadow.

How To Draw An Eagle – Complete Guide

After clearing the main technique to learn, let’s move towards the step-by-step eagle drawing tutorial. 

Skill Needed: Beginners Level

Supplies Needed: 

  • Blank Paper that is not very smooth: For beginners, it is better to use a paper that causes more friction to draw the shape better. 
  • Pencil: We have used a sketch pencil for the outline. 
  • Marker: Use it to finalize the outline and be attentive because markers are mostly irremovable. 
  • Colors: Any color in brown, yellow, and black. Also, have darker shades for the shadows. 

Step 1 – Draw The Head

Step 1 - Draw The Head

Start by making the head of your eagle’s drawing. You have to make an upside-down cap with zigzag edges, and you are done.

Step 2 – Draw The Eyes and the beak

Step 2 - Draw The Eyes and the beak

Secondly, make the beak of your eagle and add an eye right behind the peak. The eye will be topped by a simple line to use as an eyebrow. And the beak will bend down a little to make it look like a real Bald eagle.

Step 3 – draw the wings 

Step 3 - draw the wings 

In the third step, draw a one-dimensional side wing of your eagle. It will determine the height of your eagle drawing, so maximize it up to your desired length your need.

Step 4 – draw the body

Step 4 - draw the body

Add the lower abdomen border to your eagle’s drawing in this step. Make a slight curve, which will serve well as showing you the best possible shape and bang!

Step 5 – draw the legs

Step 5 - draw the legs

Make one leg of your eagle in this step; try to keep the leg simple, add three nails, and move on to the next step.

Step 6 – draw the back 

Step 6 - draw the back 

In the sixth section, you can highlight the output of the previous steps and add the feathery tail to your eagle’s drawing.

Color The Eagle Drawing

You must color the beak yellow and the region below the neck brown till the legs. Color the legs yellow and the nails black. Then color the back wing and the eyes black and white.


How To Make the Eagle Drawing Better?

To make your eagle drawing even better, you use various techniques to highlight the individual feathers of the eagle. Also, to improve the eagle drawing, you can try multiple poses or add in a large drawing project. You can also go to a realistic version following reference images.

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