20 Best Free Crochet Rainbow Patterns

Rainbow colors are considered a symbol of happiness and hope for bright days. They are very popular among crafters to create many functional and decorative items for home decor and accessories. The vibes of rainbow color combinations make fascinating and gorgeous designs and patterns. That’s why I try to put together a useful and exciting collection of free crochet rainbow patterns; we are here to give you a chance to play with colors, beautifying every corner of your home, and embellish your crochet projects.

Crochet Rainbow Patterns:

This series of free crochet rainbow patterns are perfect for both beginners as well as for experts too. Many of these patterns are small or short in making, while some are complicated and perfect for advanced crocheters. These short rainbow patterns will require only a small amount of yarn; even you cab use leftover yarn from different crochet projects. So, I hope you will surely enjoy all of these free crochet rainbow patterns and would love to personalize them by changing the color combinations. Moreover, crochet rainbow patterns are in trend for a long time, so you can surely try any of these crochet rainbow patterns!

Rainbow Pops Pillow Pattern:

Rainbow Pops Pillow Pattern

Embellish your bedroom or sitting area with this free crochet rainbow pops pillow pattern because it looks so attractive and pretty due to the color combination of yarn. The cotton yarn has been used to make this superb crochet rainbow pattern; it will be a stunning addition to your pillow collection and be great for gift-giving. You have to work with some simple stitches to make this admirable crochet pillow; adding the cute colorful buttons on the top will surely enhance the beautification of this pattern.


Rainbow Brick Shawl Pattern:

Rainbow Brick Shawl Pattern

Add a colorful touch to your wardrobe with this stunning crochet rainbow-brick shawl pattern; its gorgeous rainbow bricks look decently sweet and pretty. You can also play with different colored yarn to make it look more special and attractive. This fantastic crochet shawl will be a wonderful handmade gift for your loved ones and also a great showoff for your mastery of crocheting skills.


Rainbow Heart Wreath Pattern:

Rainbow Heart Wreath Pattern

Make a decent crochet rainbow heart wreath pattern to add a masterpiece of awesome colorwork and art to your home decor. It will be a stunning masterpiece to hang at the front door and beautify your windows; the combo of different colored yarn and the admirable easier creation will surely make this wreath pattern your heartedly favorite. It will be a huge fun pattern to follow for decorating your home for special events in this global pandemic.


Rainbow Crop Top Pattern:

Rainbow Crop Top Pattern

Crochet this rainbow crop top pattern to enhance your look and to provide a modern and elegant appearance to your outlook. The mixture of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white in the worsted weight yarn makes this crop top pattern excellent to wear with any wear. It will be a perfect combo with jeans, shorts, skirts, or anything else you want to wear. This gorgeous rainbow top pattern can be an eye-catching gift for your loved ladies also.


Rainbow Blanket:

Rainbow Blanket

This crochet rainbow blanket will be great to make a cuddly toy for your baby using the incredibly soft yarn. It will be a fabulously gorgeous handmade playable item and far better than the store-bought toys; your little one can sit on this cute softer Unicron and will love to swing back and forth over it. If you have a baby shower party in the coming days, you must try this admirable crochet unicorn pattern.


Rainbow Flowers Applique Pattern:

Rainbow Flowers Applique Pattern

Make admirable rainbow-colored appliques for your home decoration, and embellish your crochet accessories following this easier pattern. Starting from center work outside manner with colorful yarn layers to finish in this admirable crochet applique, it will be a great beautifying pattern and an excellent option to make decorative additions to your home walls.


Rainbow Bobble Bag Pattern:

Rainbow Bobble Bag Pattern

Make a colorful bobble textured bag pattern for your use following this easier pattern. It will be an excellent option for market visits and picnic parties; you can easily put the groceries and food items out to lift along with yourself. This amazing bobble bag pattern will be great to make worthy additions to your bag collection and refresh the scenes of the shiny rainbow in the sky.


Rainbows Infinity Scarf Pattern:

Rainbows Infinity Scarf Pattern

Try this gorgeous and comfy rainbow and rain clouds infinity scarf pattern to make stunning additions to your wardrobe. The combo of admirable little colorful sprinkles and the softer texture of this scarf pattern will suit best to gratify your wear. You can go with the striped inspire texture using classical yarn for this rainbow scarf pattern; it will be a superb fun creation and an excellent option to show your mastery skills.


Crochet Rainbow Romper Pattern:

Crochet Rainbow Romper Pattern

Are you looking for a cute handmade crochet gift for your newborn for this winter? If the call is yes, you must try this crochet rainbow romper pattern; it will provide a superb beautiful touch to your newborn’s outlook and protect your child against cold. It will be a great gift-giving accessory for the baby shower, plus also excellent to make admirable changes to your toddler’s wardrobe. The softer texture of this pattern will be gentle on your kid’s skin, and you’ll surely love making it.


Rainbow Rug-free Pattern:

Rainbow Rug-free Pattern

Adding a quick decor, crochet floor mats help look your home complete and give it a cozy touch. This Crochet Rainbow Rug-free pattern will not only do this job but also add a pop of colors and shades to your plain or simple spaces. You can go with colors according to your home interior or matching with your room decor. Post stitches work great for this Pattern so that you can go with these stitches and colors according to your desire, and the finishing pattern will amaze you with its beautification.


Rainbow Gumdrop Squares Pattern:

Rainbow Gumdrop Squares Pattern

Little projects make you so happy and relax feelings, especially if you are a beginner. If you have the leftover pieces of yarn in your stash bin, make it empty by creating something mind-blowing and gorgeous. Crochet this Rainbow Gumdrop Squares Free Pattern and join them to create something functional and useful like a crochet blanket or appliques. In this way, you could add a pop of colors to your spaces and make your home decorative and beautiful!


Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket:

Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Use Lion Brand’s Mandala Ombré yarn in the shade Tranquil and crochet this fabulous Crochet Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket. The stunning look of this blanket will help you to make your home decorative and colorful. Due to a moss stitch’s usage, this crochet blanket will work up fast, so you would not want to spend too much time getting its finishing results. And the required results will be very relaxable and satisfied that will make you happy for a long time till you have this blanket in front of your eyes!


Crochet Rainbow Chic Throw:

Crochet Rainbow Chic Throw

The gorgeous and fabulous colors of Red Heart Chic Sheep yarn give this throw an eye-catching look. Adding this Crochet Rainbow Chic Throw to your room will show your love and interest for rainbow colors and beautify your room just by its graceful look and color combinations. It’s a wonderful project to play with colors and create a fun project for your bedroom, but you customize it according to your need and follow this Pattern to crochet a baby blanket in the same pattern.


Rainbow Pillow Pattern:

Rainbow Pillow Pattern

Embellish your room by making this Rainbow Pillow Crochet Pattern because this free crochet pillow pattern looks pretty and pleasant. The bobbled design provides this Pattern a lot of rainbow beauty, and you know that everyone likes rainbows. When you set this Pattern in your guest room, your guests will be happy by seeing this free crochet pattern. I suggested that you start making this Pattern.


Rainbow Ear Savers Pattern:

Rainbow Ear Savers Pattern

Crochet rainbow patterns make beautiful home decor accents and use these bright colors to crochet accessories that can wear easily all around the year. By protecting your ears from cold, this Rainbow Ear Savers Crochet Pattern will add gorgeous vibes to your outfit as well as provide you a stylish and modern touch to your personality. Clouds and buttons are extra embellishment details that increase their charm and beautification. It is quick to finish a project that will demand only half an hour of yours for its finishing look!


Rainbow Stripe Basket Pattern:

Rainbow Stripe Basket Pattern

If you love the rainbow and are looking for a stylish bag for different works, then you can make this Rainbow Stripe Basket Crochet Pattern because this rainbow bag is better than you buy. After all, you can use your leftover yarn for this project. The different colors of stripes remind us of the rainbow that looks after the rain. You can use this bag when you will go shopping and for other works. You can use this Bernat Baby Blanket (Polyester) Baby Sport to do this project.


Rainbow Pouch Pattern:

Rainbow Pouch Pattern

Every student needs a pouch to put their pencils, pens, colors, and other things, so if you want the best handmade pouch pattern, you can make this rainbow Pouch Crochet Pattern because this is a free crochet rainbow pattern attractive and gorgeous. The button of this Pattern is used to close this pouch when not in need of your things. Students can use this Pattern, and you can use this Pattern to keep your makeup items, kitchen items, and other things.


Rainbow Love Hat Pattern:

Rainbow Love Hat Pattern

If you want to make a stylish accessory for the coming light cold, you can make this Rainbow Love Hat Crochet Pattern because this Pattern is airy, colorful, and beginner-friendly, so the beginner can make this free crochet rainbow pattern easily. The uses of different rainbow colors make this Pattern more beautiful than everyone wants to wear. This Pattern will add perfect beauty to you when you will wear it.


Rainbow Love Cowl Pattern:

Rainbow Love Cowl Pattern

If you are looking for the best handmade cowl for all seasons, then you can make this Rainbow Love Cowl Crochet Pattern because this Pattern is lightweight, airy, and so comfortable. You can give this cowl pattern to your sister as a wedding gift and make her so happy. This Pattern can easily fit on your neck because of this Pattern’s soft design. You would have to use Lion Brand Ice Cream Cotton Blend yarn to make this Pattern that helps you make it quickly.


Rainbow Heart Square Pattern:

Rainbow Heart Square Pattern

Embellish your home by making this Rainbow Heart Square Crochet Pattern because this free crochet rainbow pattern looks so beautiful due to its heart design that provides the perfect look. There are used all colors of the rainbow in this Pattern that makes this Pattern more attractive and charming. You can hang this Pattern on your home wall by using a hook. You can pack this Pattern in a gift box and send it to your friends and other relatives.


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