17 Oil Pastel Drawing Ideas For Art Gallery

17 Oil Pastel Drawing Ideas For Art Gallery

These great oil pastels offer a high level of control over your artwork and are ideal for beginners. Their vivid colours blend well when layered, making them an exciting medium. Through this series, you can explore the basics of oil pastel painting: colour theory, value, texture, technique techniques, and layering techniques. Oil Pastels are easy to start with; all you need is a piece of drawing paper and your choice of oil pastels.

Easy Oil Pastel Drawing Ideas

17 Oil Pastel Drawing Ideas For Art Gallery

The primary goal of these drawing ideas is to encourage oil pastel beginners to use their creativity, experiment, and create fun and colourful artwork. You can create vibrant hues by blending various colours as you draw. And since they’re oil-based, they blend well with other colours when blending is called for. Beginners and advanced artists alike love using them for creating beautiful works of art that have a look and feel that is unique and richly textured.

Beginner Easy Oil Pastel Drawing

Start your oil pastel drawings off with these simple techniques. You can use these tips to create various effects, from abstract to realistic, and techniques that work best with each type of oil pastel you choose. They are easy to use and give your artwork an added dimension that expresses vivid colours and rich textures. You can do so many different things with them; here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Woman Lying in Water

Woman Lying in Water

This drawing features a beautiful woman lying in the water. She’s wearing a long flowing dress and is surrounded by flowers. The sunlight glistens on her face, which is turned toward the viewer, allowing us to see into her eyes. She looks peaceful and relaxed, like she’s there only to take in the beauty around her. Much care went into creating this piece, from the detailed facial features to the intricately designed surroundings.


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Strawberry Cake Drawing

Strawberry Cake

Always a customer favourite, this strawberry cake will surely be the most popular dessert at your next family birthday celebration or holiday gathering. It has been carefully handcrafted and accurately painted in bright shades of reds and whites and decorated with multiple strawberries. Serve this Strawberry Cake on any occasion to brighten up your day. The baker can be sure to make a delicious, moist cake every time with the recipe embedded in the app.


Oil Pastel Tomatoes Drawing

Oil Pastel Tomatoes

Oil Pastel Tomatoes is a drawing of ripe tomatoes set against an orange background. Pastel painting is a technique that combines the qualities of pastel and oil painting but with the results of each medium individually. The artist used high-quality oils and pastels to create these realistic tomatoes in a mustard yellow hue. Beautiful clay tomatoes are great as paperweights, ornaments, and gifts. A cute waxed canvas bag is included.


Pink Flower Drawing

Pink Flower

Did you know that drawing cute flowers is much easier than you think? It’s an easy project for beginners or kids to try and can be done with oil pastels or regular crayons. As you can see from the video, creating beautiful art doesn’t have to be complicated. It will be a great project to practice basic colour mixing; this is also a terrific way to relax and have fun.


Blue Night Sky Drawing

Blue Night Sky

The Blue Night Sky is a beautiful hand-drawn illustration by Naoki Nitta. This painting is calming and can be used as a background image. The blue background makes it perfect for social media, websites, or other design projects. This beautiful night sky print is perfect for desk decorating, home decorating, and office art prints.


Black and White Cat Drawing

Black and White Cat

Learn how to create a traditional oil pastel portrait of a very expressive and adorable black and white cat. You will learn the basics of composition and using colour, adding shading, details, highlights, and other techniques to give a three-dimensional effect. By the end of this class, you will have created your stunning cat portrait! It’s an oil-pastel piece, which creates a beautiful contrast between the colours. I also love how it looks like the cat has salmon-pink cheeks and ears!


Swans Swimming Drawing

Swans Swimming

Add a pop of colour and abstract beauty to your room with this mesmerizing Keita Pastel painting. This work features two swans swimming in a lake, making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Made with non-toxic paints and watercolours, this piece is safe for kids and adults. This beautiful painting shows two swans that are swimming in a lake. An easy-to-follow tutorial will help you learn how to draw this piece.


Fig Cake Drawing

Fig Cake

This drawing is a fun and unique cake idea that uses alternating layers of cake and fig fruit. It is made from two yellow and one orange-coloured layer cakes, with figs on top for decoration. The mixed design can be adapted to fit your needs. This drawing features alternating layers of cake and fig fruit, starting with a plain cake and ending with a rich, creamy layer of chocolate-flavoured frosting.


Blue and Purple Sky Drawing

Blue and Purple Sky

Every time we look up at the sky, it’s never the same. The moods of the day and night can be so different that they almost look like different planets. Sky-watching is a great way to connect with your spiritual side while sharing quality time with nature. It has been fascinating and wonderful for centuries, especially for children. Use this fun lesson to introduce drawing, and you’ll surely have a new artist emerge.


While in the Ocean Drawings

Whale in the Ocean

Drawing a whale in the ocean is a fun and simple way to bring this majestic creature to life. You’ll learn how to outline the shapes of the whale, pose it in water, add motion lines and expression lines, and then colour and shade your drawing for a realistic look. Once you’ve completed your whale drawing, why not make an underwater scene by adding sea creatures like dolphins and sharks? You’ll learn about shading, highlighting, and realistic colouring for this elegant sea creature.


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Cloud Scenery Drawing

Cloud Scenery

This artwork is full of beautiful colours and a wonderful cloud landscape. The artist used oil pastels to give the scene a soft and dreamy feel. It’s fun to see what kind of scenes artists can come up with using just oils, but even more, how their colour choices influence their art. You’ll be amazed at the detail in this artwork. The artist drew clouds and scattered them around the painting to give it a realistic look.


Blueberry Pancakes Drawing

Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberries’ sweet and subtle flavour perfectly complements fluffy, comforting pancakes. This artwork is printed on archival paper, signed and sealed on the back, and comes ready to hang. This piece of art is so cute and unique that you could even frame it as a fun decoration in your home. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a wife, girlfriend, or mother, this will make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift!


Where Rivers Flow Drawing

Where Rivers Flow

This water landscape drawing captures the beauty of a river artistically. It features an orange and blue colour palette that works perfectly with the detail of the rock formations, sunlight coming through the trees, and more. Create your water scene to capture nature at its best. This drawing is beautifully detailed and shows a river flowing into a pond. The artist chose a soothing light colour scheme while also conveying movement across this landscape with the flowing water.


Oil Pastel Bird Drawing

Oil Pastel Bird

This hand-drawn illustration will help you become more confident and familiar with oil pastels. We’ve always said that “practice makes perfect,” This drawing is an excellent way to practice your skills with oil pastels in the comfort of your home. Each piece includes a birds-eye view of the landscape, with each area filled with beautiful shades of cool blue, grey, pink, and red.


Flowers in a Vase Drawing

Flowers in a Vase

This beautiful still-life painting features flowers in a vase and is a great way to practice your drawing skills. This painting is perfect for beginners and advanced artists looking for a challenge. You shall try this design when looking for your next still-life painting. The flowers in the vase are a classic still-life subject that can be great for practising blending and contrast techniques.

erini. jin

River Landscape Drawing

River Landscape

The beauty of nature is visible in everything around us. From the rolling hills of a forest to the flowing waters of a river, it inspires artists who seek to capture their world on paper. A river landscape is challenging and rewarding for artists to portray, with many elements that must incorporate into the drawing for it to appear realistic. Few things are more inspiring than watching the water flow over rocks and seeing wildlife stroll along the banks of a peaceful body of water.

art. alga

Window Scene Drawing

Window Scene

It’s easier than you might think to draw a beautiful window view. If you want to create your window school of art, you only need an oil pastel, a flat surface to lay the art on, and patience. Oil pastels are inexpensive, easy to blend and layer, non-toxic, and come in many colours. Start by setting up your drawing space with a clean piece of paper and an oil pastel. As with any art form, don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find one that works.


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