35 Adorable Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

These crochet flower patterns are created to provide the best of what fresh flowers can bring, but they last longer. They can be used as accents on your sofa, side tables, or wherever appropriate. Crochet flowers also make lovely decorations for weddings and parties. To learn how to make crochet flowers, check out the projects we have carefully selected for you here and get started!

The wedding preparations contained in crochet flowers are always long-lasting, so you don’t have to rearrange the places every day. Moreover, flower crochet patterns can use up all of your leftovers and stash them in your crochet bins. So, you could spruce up your places and make any of your events just like your dreams within no time and without spending a little fortune. These fun crochet flower patterns will also help you decorate your gift wraps and stay in your dear ones’ hearts for a long time as being your love and deep care.

Crochet Flower Patterns:

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Adorable Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

The options are endless to style crochet flowers in your daily life, from crochet blankets to crochet shawls and headbands to crochet wall hanging patterns; you can increase the charm of every single from tiny to a large item of your life and add beauty and stunning look to them. Crochet flower patterns are fantastic and fast to work, and you can make many patterns within no time. It means you can beautify every accessory, whether it’s about home décor or wearables, with your crafty skills and the following list of free crochet flower patterns that have a big range of designs and ideas to hook up flowers with your own hands.

Crochet Drawing Flower Coaster

Drawing Flower Coaster

A colorful coaster is a lovely addition to your table and the perfect way to show off your artistic flair. This is a fun project for girls and women of all ages, and it’s easy to make your own! It is perfect to put your cup so it can be used as a coaster. The durable and non-slip bottom keeps the coaster in place. Make a beautiful and fun addition to your decor. You will be the envy of your friends with this quick and easy project.


Rose Flower Bouquet

Rose Flower Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet of roses brings a bit of the rose garden indoors. Crochet flowers make this bouquet perfect for any goodbye party or Valentine’s Day activities. This adorable Rose Flower Bouquet is perfect for gift-giving. It’s made with soft, natural and eco-friendly materials that create a unique look and feel. The crochet rose flower bouquet makes an excellent anniversary, birthday or just because of gift. Suitable for decoration or can also be used as a beautiful gift idea.


Flower Power Wrap

Flower Power Wrap

Sew a beautiful crochet wrap with pretty flowers in three different colors. Perfect for the beach, picnics and summer evenings. This crochet dress features a beautiful flower, which makes a stunning shoulder decoration. The flowers will make you feel so feminine and beautiful. Set yourself apart from the crowd by making your style statement. This beautiful wrap features a unique, handmade crochet flower embellishment. You’ll love it so much you can wear it all year long!


Crochet Daisy Bouquet

Daisy Bouquet

This crochet daisy bouquet adds the perfect, soft touch to your decor. The fluffy daisies look beautiful in any space, and the crochet keeps everything super simple. This crochet daisy bouquet would make a lovely addition to any room. This piece is lightweight and sturdy, so it can readily be displayed on a desk or bookshelf or slip it into a vase and set on your coffee table. It makes a lovely gift or decoration and you can make it in any color you like.


Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

Capture the beauty of spring with this charming crochet daisy flower finished with a delicate crochet edge. This crochet daisy flower is perfect for all your projects, whether you want to create a beautiful springtime garland or use it as the perfect embellishment. The pattern is so easy to remember that you’ll want to make a bouquet once you make one! This flower has many uses and can be added as an accent piece to hats, scarves and baby items. Make it to give as a gift, or keep it for yourself!


How To Make Easy Crochet Flowers:

How To Make Easy Pattern

Do something crafty with your scrap pieces of yarn following this easier crochet flower pattern. It will be a superb proper decorative pattern and a great choice to add embellishment to anything; you can easily make these cute flowers in a shorter time; they will serve excellent to embellish the hats and other crochet accessories. I suggest working with the DK weight yarn for these flowers; it will make them cuter and more admirable.

How To Make Easy Flowers

Easy Crochet Flower Pattern:

Easy Crochet Flower Pattern

Make some quick and easy embellishment pieces for your hats, blankets, or crochet; wearing this amazing crochet flower pattern will be the best choice for you in this regard. Start from the center by working with the softer shiny colored yarn and then work outside to make this admirable flower pattern. You can go with smaller, medium, or larger-sized flowers according to your desire buy the base pattern will be the same.

Easy Pattern

Simple Crochet Flower Pattern:

Simple Crochet Flower Pattern

This cute and simple crochet flower pattern will be an easier decorating accessory that can be made within a few minutes. You have to work from the center to outside for these flowers, although you can go with the two different colored layers or one solid color yarn. It will be your heartedly favorite, and adding them to your other crochet accessories will also be a great beneficial choice.

Simple Flower

Easy Crochet Rose Free Pattern:

Easy Crochet Rose Free Pattern

Here we come with easy crochet rose pattern, which can be a great choice to prepare a crocheted flower bunch for gift giving and add a decorative essence to any home décor. Get the scarp leftover from other crochet patterns and turn them into this admirable rose pattern; it will be a fun project, and adding them to your home décor will also be a beneficial task.

Easy  Rose Free Pattern

Bloomin Baby Headband:

Crochet Bloomin Baby Flower Headband

A cute little flower headband will be a decent handmade addition to the wardrobe of your newborn princess. Because of the excellent softer texture and the attractive combination of colors, it will serve great to enhance the charm and beauty of her look. The adorable petals and the cozier band will make this headband comfortable for your baby, and you’ll also desire to make several copies of it.

Bloomin Baby Flower Headband

Daisy Garden Flower Blanket:

Daisy Garden Flower Blanket

Make a decent daisy garden blanket for your home décor or children’s wardrobe following this easier pattern. It will be a great sophisticated blanket. Making it will be too easier; you can make several squares individually and then stitch them together by ending with a ruffled border outside for this blanket. Its softer texture and attractive colorful design will make this blanket a superb masterpiece for your little one.

Daisy Garden Flower Blanket

Baby Blanket:

Crochet Flower Baby Blanket

Make an adorable baby blanket for your home décor following this easier crochet flower pattern. The softer crochet flowers inside and the outside squares make this blanket pattern perfectly superb to work on; it will be a decent warmer and comfy accessory for your toddlers, and adding it to your home décor will also be great fun. The layer borders and the comfier flower inside will make this banket pattern a decent gift for baby showers.

Flower Baby Blanket

Crochet Flowered Cowl:

Crochet Flowered Cowl

Try this adorable crochet cowl with a flower pattern to make a decent beautifying touch to your home décor, especially for the summer and spring season; it will serve excellently superb for adding coziness to your look and wear. I suggest working with the combo of light brown and cream-colored yarn for this flower buttoned cowl pattern. Make several copies of this admirable cowl pattern for your wardrobe, and it will be a superb beautifying pattern and a great gift-giving choice also.

Flowered Cowl

Crochet Flower Garden Throw:

Crochet Flower Garden Throw

Crochet a beautiful throw pattern for your home décor following this easier pattern. Because of the superb stylistic design and unique texture, it will be your heartedly favorite, and you’ll desire to add it to your tv lounge, living room, and bedroom. I suggest working with the solid green color for the blanket and different glitter colored yarn for the flowers; it will make this blanket look like a garden bed.

Flower Garden Throw

Crochet Flower Cloche:

Crochet Flower Cloche

Add a touch of coziness for your wear following this easier beautifying crochet pattern. I suggest working with the softer pink shaded yarn for this flower hat pattern; it will look too unique and be a great cozier addition to your wardrobe. You can use this admirable flower hat pattern in the winter season to enhance your wear’s glamour and coziness.

Flower Cloche

Crochet Forever Flower Pattern:

Crochet Forever Flower Pattern

The flower is the best choice for giving someone special as a precious gift. I think the flower is a universal gift. We can use crochet flowers everywhere, such as hats, blankets, shoes, and wrap gifts.  Here we used different colors of yarn for making this beautiful forever flower. So you can try to make it by using our free pattern.

Doily Crochet Flower Pattern:

Doily Crochet Flower Pattern

The doily pattern is the best way to celebrate the spring season. The bright color bold up the beauty of the pattern. This pattern is a great addition to your home decor and stylization. As you can see in the picture, this can also be used as a mat. So pick up your crochet hooks and try to make this beautiful crochet pattern.

Crochet Path Throw Flower Pattern:

Crochet Path Throw Flower Pattern

The crochet path throw pattern is the combination of two different colored yarns. This flower pattern can use as a beautiful blanket. Here is good stitching skill use in making the perfect squares on the path throw the flower pattern. The squares boxes enhance the beauty of this pattern. So try to make this beautiful pattern by following our free pattern.

Crochet Easy Flower Pattern:

Crochet Easy Flower Pattern

The crochet easy pattern is the best pick for giving a gift. Here is good stitching skill is used for making the three layers of pattern. You can change the pattern of layers according to your taste. You can try to make this charming flower pattern for your own and giving somebody a precious gift. The following link will give you an easy and free pattern that guides you step by st about this pattern.

Crochet Triple Layer Flower Pattern:

Crochet Triple Layer Flower Pattern

I really loved this crochet triple layer pattern, and I hope you will love it. Actually, I make this flower pattern to add some decoration to my hat. This pattern is really versatile and beautiful. You can use it on bags, hair bands, and other things for decoration. It really brings colorful goodness into your life. We used DK weight merino yarn and a 3.5mm hook for making this pattern.

Crochet Leaves Flower Pattern:

Crochet Leaves Fower Pattern

I am very excited after making this crochet leaves pattern, and I hope you will also inspire by this pattern. These flowers and leaves are amazing and quick, and you can put these to any pretty use. I used rowan handknit DK cotton with a 4mm hook for making this pattern. You can try to make these flowers for your own and give somebody a gift.

Crochet Brooch Flowers:

Crochet Brooch Flowers

We have much variety of these brooch flowers, as you can see in the picture. You can also make all of these flowers. The button on the top of the flower enhances the style of the flower. These are very simple to make and feel free to make these flowers for your friends and family. Now pick up your crocheting hooks and start to crochet these flowers.

Granny Square Flower:

Granny Square Flower

The granny square flower is an adorable and fashionable pattern of crochet. Here we used different colors in making squares that bold up the beauty of the pattern. They are amazing with the floral motif. Here the good stitching skill is used to make the perfect squares. You can try making this square pattern for your own and give someone special a gift.

Crochet Lovely Flower Pattern:

Crochet Lovely Flower Pattern

The crochet lovely pattern needs not explain itself because the colors bold up its beauty and style. You can create a different design for your family and friend. These are easy squares, and you can make them easily. You can change the color combination according to your taste. Its pattern is free for all, and you can follow the pattern step by step and try to make these beautiful flowers.

Crochet Flower Mandala Pattern:

 Mandala Pattern

We make this crochet mandala pattern by inspiring from the mandala. She is amazing and full of joy. That’s why we used bright colors to make them. It will be a great and worthy addition to your home decoration. Its pattern is completely free, and you can follow it to make this colorful pattern. We used Falkgarn Emma 8/4 yarn for making this beautiful pattern.

Crochet Flower Coasters:

Crochet Flower Coasters

Adding a unique touch to any setting, these pretty flower crochet coasters will make any home feel more homely.  With four unique designs, they are quick to make and look even better in a set. Crochet a set of these cheerful flower motif coasters to use on your table or as a pretty gift. They’re a great first crochet project, and from choosing from some fantastic yarn colors, you can pick some gorgeous combinations.

Use the free pattern to learn how to crochet these pretty flowers. These free crochet flower coasters are the perfect Summer project! They use bright colors, so you can use them to brighten up your table or to treat yourself. Crochet flower coasters are a classic, but they are so bright and pretty these stand out. The center is crocheted in the same color yarn; the flowers are crocheted in contrasting bright colors.

Flower Coasters

Crochet Flower Puff Shawl:

Crochet Flower Puff Shawl

The Flower Puff Shawl has a deep, wide, and very lacy border that is worked first. Then twenty-four eyelets are spaced evenly along the side edges. The upper edge of the shawl is worked in beautiful flower lace stitches for about five inches (12.5 cm). This area will be overlapped with the upper edge of the middle section by seven eyelets (18 stitches). After working down to the end of this middle section, knitting resumes with raised shell stitches and reaches the end after four rows. Only then will you begin again to work the upper edge in flower lace patterns and continue.

This crochet Shawl has a deep, wide, and very lacy border that is worked first. Then twenty-four eyelets are spaced evenly along the side edges. Each flower puff is as unique as a snowflake. No two flowers look exactly alike, but you can assured that they will all have a ‘petal’ effect because that makes this pattern so much fun to work with! The finished crochet Flower Puff Shawl is a lightweight accessory that adds a dramatic splash of color and texture to your wardrobe. Wear it as a shawl or wrapped around your neck; the possibilities are endless!

Flower Puff Shawl

Crochet Flower Applique:

Crochet Flower Applique

These crochet flower appliques are made from a simple stitch and maybe worked in any color. The perfect way to use up your scraps of wool. This crochet pattern makes perfect flowers to use with any projects you may have, whether it’s for home decor, clothing, bags, or even accessories. Crochet Flower Appliques are the perfect way to add something extra when you want to finish any craft project. Easy to use for clothes, accessories, hats, or whatever else you can think of. Use any color combinations that you like to make them unique! Use any color combinations that you like to make them unique! Ready to make?

 Flower Applique

Crochet Flower Face Scrubby:

Crochet Flower Face Scrubby

Face scrubbies are so much fun to create! This is a super cute and really simple flower and would enhance any beauty box, but also one that you could also use one even if you’re not a beginner. This pattern is fun and easy for everyone! This crochet flower face scrubby is the perfect addition to any skincare routine. The 100% cotton works wonders for all skincare needs. It is easy to wash and simple to maintain. At 2 1/2″ in diameter, it’s totally cute and small enough to keep in your purse or in your washroom for when you need it most.” Face scrubbies are so much fun to create! This pattern is fun and easy for everyone!

Lightweight and compact, these face scrubbies make a terrific decoration for any bathroom. They are easy to use and machine washable. Available in three lovely pastel colors: soft pink, sky blue, and snowy white.

 Flower Face Scrubby

Crochet Flower Power Square:

Crochet Flower Power Square

Power being the operative word, this square is just that. The bold flower with its texture is made with back post stitches and the eyelet holes create a lovely flower pattern for this square. And if you’re looking for a bigger project no problem. Double the yarn and the stitches to achieve a bigger result. This pattern is both fun and rewarding as the designer takes you through this project from start to finish.

The finished size of the square shown in this pattern is 12” with worsted-weight yarn and a size J mm (H/8) crochet hook; easily adjusted by making changes to the number of starting chains and final chain. These lovely squares are worked from the center out, with textural ridges running along the side of each block. To make a design similar to those shown, you will need worsted weight yarn and a J hook. You can make a blanket by working a set of nine squares in nine different colors.

Flower Power Square

Crochet Flower Star Snowflake:

Crochet Flower Star Snowflake

This textured snowflake is an easy pattern to work up in one afternoon. For this star snowflake, you need some basic crochet knowledge. A good base for this is the Flower Star. This textured snowflake is an easy pattern to work up in one afternoon. with this easy-to-make textured snowflake. Worked in 6 rounds from the center out. Be prepared for ‘puffy’ hard work. The flowers are worked by front post stitches.”

This textured snowflake can easily be adapted to all sizes and shapes. Make it in solid or self-striping yarns to create a very individual look. The chart might be helpful for a beginner in reading crochet charts.

Flower Star Snowflake

Crochet Lacy Flower Coaster:

Crochet Lacy Flower Coaster

These free pattern crochet Lacy Flower Coasters are perfect for coffee cups and glasses. They warm up your table and add that special touch to your home decor. I am sure you will love to make them in different colors and sizes. Crochet these lovely flowers with cotton yarn. Super easy to make, the crochet pattern calls for size Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran-Aran and a size 5.0 mm (H) crochet hook.

Simply follow the pictured instructions to create these lacy coasters that also act as trivets under your cup. Each coaster measures 7.5 inches across – approx round. These crochet flower coasters are a beautiful, quick gift to make for someone you love. They will brighten up any coffee table and add a splash of color when the sunlight shines through. The pattern is suitable for beginner plus crocheters, uses easy stitches, and is quick to make.

Lacy Flower Coaster

Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set:

Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or are just whipping some lovely artwork for yourself, this Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set is the perfect beginner pattern! With 4 coasters in total, they make the perfect gift set. Looking for something to treat yourself? These will brighten up your coffee table too! The Crochet Treble Flower Coaster Set makes four amazing coasters that are super easy to crochet and will look perfect with your setup.

You can mix up the flower colors to match your decor or your mood. This pattern also includes instructions on how to make the lovely little edging around each coaster. Crochet Treble Flower Coasters are so much fun to create – they look great, and it’s super easy. The flower pattern is worked in the round, so no joining or sewing together is necessary! You can change up the colors to match your favorite decorating scheme, simply by swapping out the yarn colors! I hope you enjoy crocheting up these gorgeous little flowers! Enjoy…

Treble Flower Coaster Set

Crochet Frozen Flower Snowflake:

Frozen Snowflake

This lacy crochet snowflake is a classic they’ll keep in the family for years. A beautiful and delicate crochet pattern, this ice snowflake allows you to use up all your yarn scraps and also is very easy to crochet! Although it will be beautiful on any window, of course, we think it would be marvelous on a Christmas tree! Go for this project, and we’re sure you will be amazed by the final result.

There are so many ways you can incorporate this crochet snowflake into your home decor, first of all, it could simply be a beautiful wall decoration. It could be hung on the bedroom door handle. If you have a doorway to your kitchen, why not hang it there to complement the interior design theme? You can also make several snowflakes and make a wall hanging. Several snowflakes hung next to each other would look cool. Of course, hanging snowflakes at Christmas time would be totally awesome!

Frozen Flower Snowflake

Crochet Little Flower:

 Little pattern

Won’t you make a lovely little flower for spring? This amigurumi crochet flower doll with puppy eyes is a very simple design, but the doll has a certain level of sweetness that is almost unbearable! We think crocheting this doll would be great fun for the intermediate crocheter because of the petals. Those are worked in reverse half double crochet stitch, which is NOT so quick. For example, each half-eye petal has to be crocheted around 20 times!

The flowers are made with a big center and small outer petals. There are so many ways to make them in different colors. This free pattern with pictures is easy to follow and fun, and enjoyable, and may also be used as a guide to creating variations on your own.

Little Flower


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