10 DIY Penguin Crafts For Fun Winter Activities

DIY Penguin Crafts

These penguin crafts to DIY are simple, adorable, and fun for preschoolers and high-school kids as well. Each idea is unique from others; many are usable but mostly cute decorations for kids’ rooms in winter. You can find guides for penguin puppets, ornaments, wall stickers, paintings, and much more. So, if you landed in our post for handmade penguin items, continue reading our list!

DIY Penguin Crafts For Little Ones

10 DIY Penguin Crafts For Kids To Inspire

Penguins have gained huge popularity among all ages. So, it is not a bad idea to try penguin crafts and then share them with friends, classmates, or family members. You can use paper, cardboard, plates, clay, tissue rolls, and many other cheap and accessible materials for these DIY penguin crafts. Like other animal crafts, moms can teach many facts about these birds while making penguins. So, keep reading!

Benefits of DIY Penguin Crafts

DIY penguin crafts are a fun way to share your love for penguins with others. 

This is how our collected penguin crafts are so special:

  • They can be made with items that you already have in your home.
  • Each penguin craft can be done in a few minutes and needs less detailed coloring.
  • Nothing is a better subject than the penguin for the winter because they have been associated with snow and ice.

Pop-Up DIY Penguin Craft

Pop Up DIY Penguin Craft

Spend quality time with your child creating this fun DIY project. The 3D penguin design features a clever paper spring mechanism that enables the penguin to pop up, wobble, and bounce around adorably. You can place this craft in a gift box for people of all ages. It can create a great surprise when the receiver opens the gift, and the penguin jumps out of the box.

Start by coloring and cutting out the penguin template pieces. Fold the body piece in half and crease firmly. Fold the square ‘springy’ tummies into a concertina fold until you’ve used up the entire strip. Glue one end of the concertina body to the colored feet. Then, glue the other end of the concertina to the edge of the folded body piece. Now, overlap the wings slightly at the feather end and glue them to the back of the body. Fold the white chest piece in half and stick it on the body. Stick the beak and eyes on the head, and your pop-up penguin craft is ready.


  • Printable Pop-Up Penguin Craft Template
  • Cardstock: Black, Orange, White
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes


Paper Plate Yarn DIY Penguin Craft Idea

Paper Plate Yarn DIY Penguin Craft Idea

Here’s a charming and creative DIY project for kids to enjoy this winter season! Showcasing cute facial expressions and a yarn belly, it’s the perfect addition to any winter classroom decor or even your own room. Plus, this delightful penguin craft has a free craft template making it easier for little ones to follow along.

Paint the paper plate black and let it dry. Cut out the template shapes and trace them onto the colored papers. Cut the circle at the bottom of the plate and punch holes along it. Make a long strand of yarn, thread it through the needle, and tie one end to the needle. Secure the other end with tape. Thread the yarn through the plate’s holes. Glue the eyes and beak, followed by flippers on both sides and feet at the bottom of the plate.


  • Free penguin template 
  • Paper plate
  • Black paint
  • Construction paper or card stock
  • White yarn
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Hole punch
  • Plastic yarn needle


DIY Paper Penguin Craft Plan

DIY Paper Penguin Craft Plan

This penguin craft is easy to create and will make a fun decoration for your child’s room or desk. The charming penguin, made from paper rolls, features a delightful pair of googly eyes and stands on a handmade icy base, creating a fun, Arctic-themed craft.

Begin by cutting two black paper strips of different widths. Roll each strip into cylinders and secure with glue, forming the body and head. Attach googly eyes and a beak to the smaller cylinder (head). Attach a white semicircle onto the bigger cylinder (body) representing the belly. Glue the head on top of the body. Cut out feet from orange paper and stick them onto the base. Finally, stick the penguin onto the base.


  • Black paper 
  • White paper 
  • Orange paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes


DIY Cotton Balls Penguin Craft Idea

DIY Cotton Balls Penguin Craft Idea

This adorable cotton ball penguin is not only engaging but also a perfect winter-themed craft to create with little ones. It features a fluffy, three-dimensional penguin that showcases the soft texture of cotton balls while also incorporating white for the body and black and orange for the penguin’s distinct features. 

Initiate the project by carving your paper to form the shape of a penguin’s body. Ensure you have a smaller semi-circle for the head and two larger ones for the wings. Secure the wings and the head to the main body. Progress by crafting out shapes for the beak and webbed feet and attach these as well. Spread glue all over the penguin’s body, then pat cotton balls onto the glue for a furry effect. Once the glue has set, proceed to color in the black parts of the penguin. The final step would be adhering your fluffy penguin to a blank sheet of paper.


  • cotton balls
  • 1 sheet of white, black, and orange paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • buttons (optional)


Egg Carton Penguins DIY Craft Idea

Egg Carton Penguins DIY Craft Idea

The Egg Carton Penguins is a delightful DIY project that turns everyday egg cartons into adorable penguin representations. Showing the complete aesthetics of the chubby petite penguin, these cute ornaments are ideal to use as gift toppers, your child’s school project, or for your tree at Christmas!

Cut the cups out of the egg carton and apply a coat of black paint; let them dry completely. Attach a white belly to the small bump on the egg carton cups, then glue on an orange beak. Next, fix the eyes and fold the feet, attaching them to the inside of the egg carton cups. Your cute little penguin craft is now finished!


  • Egg Carton
  • Black Paint
  • White and Orange Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue


Rocking Paper Plate DIY Penguins Craft:

Rocking Paper Plate DIY Penguins Craft

Are you looking for a cute and fun craft for kids? These DIY Penguin Crafts are perfect! They’re easy to make and a great addition to any wintertime activity. Kids will love making these cute penguins and other arts and crafts projects! Just follow the steps and create this excellent craft from paper plates and other materials. Great for kids of all ages. They would look great as home decor or added to your holiday tree as a gift.

Fold a paper plate in half and draw the outline of penguins, leaving the heads attached at the fold. Paint the heads and sides black, allowing time for it to dry. Cut and fold feet, gluing them under the plate. Add small orange triangles for beaks, fix googly eyes, and give your penguins a gentle tap to set them waddling!


  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic paint or markers
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick or white glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Printable Penguins (optional)

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Heart-Shaped DIY Penguin Ornaments Craft

Heart Shaped DIY Penguin Ornaments Craft

This DIY craft lets you make adorable heart-shaped penguin decorations for your Christmas tree. Decorate a heart with black and white paint to make it look like a penguin. You can customize your penguin by adding details like an orange beak or googly eyes. A fun and engaging activity for kids.

Open your plastic heart ornament and sketch a heart shape for the penguin’s face. You can keep the ornament as two halves, or one single piece. Paint the outer heart black and the inner heart white. Allow time for multiple coats if needed. When completely dry, add an orange beak plus eyes. Apply a clear sealant for a polished look. Thread an attachment for hanging through the hole at the top. Optionally, you can glue on a bow tie.


  • Clear plastic heart ornaments
  • Paint 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent marker (optional)
  • String/cord/ribbon for hanging


Walnut DIY Penguin Ornament Idea For Christmas

Walnut DIY Penguin Ornament Idea for Christmas

Who would believe that walnuts can be transformed into eye-catching and adorable ornaments for the Christmas tree or as gifts? The DIY Walnut Penguin Ornament for Christmas is a creative and engaging project that you can enjoy making with the kids.So, play with its colors and start making!

Begin by splitting your walnut in half. Clear the inside and keep the shells. Knot a string for hanging and place it between the two shells. Glue them together, ensuring the string is attached securely. From here, paint the entire walnut and leave it to dry completely. Paint a white tummy and black eyes, letting it dry once more. Attach a small beak and feet. There you have your walnut penguin ornament.


  • Walnuts
  • Acrylic paints 
  • Posca pen in pink 
  • A little felt 
  • A knife
  • Glue


DIY Darling Penguin Newspaper Craft Idea

DIY Darling Penguin Newspaper Craft Idea

The Darling Penguin Newspaper Craft is a creative and fun activity that pairs wonderfully with any children’s book about penguins. This mixed media project is not only fun for all ages but also an excellent way to recycle old newspapers. The finished craft can serve as a delightful winter-themed decoration. They make cute decorations for the home or classroom and can also be used as party favors!

Make this by painting a sheet of newspaper black and letting it dry completely. Use a template or create your own to cut out a penguin’s body, arms, belly, and eyes from the black-painted and unpainted newspapers and an orange beak separately. On a blue background, create a snowy hill with white cardstock. Assemble the penguin parts on the hill, positioning the arms as desired. Finish by adding snowflake stickers around the penguin.


  • Penguin newspaper craft pattern
  • Blue cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Orange construction paper or cardstock
  • Newspaper
  • Black paint
  • Sponge dabber painting brush
  • Paper plate
  • 1-inch googly eyes
  • Snowflake stickers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Cute Clay DIY Penguin Craft Idea

Cute Clay Craft Idea

Clay art is a peaceful mind activity, so why not make little penguins to create a cardholder with this DIY idea? This not only serves as an exciting and inexpensive DIY project but also leaves you with a beautifully crafted photo holder. It’s perfect for holding notes, business cards, or photos on your desk or as a thoughtful, handmade gift.

Firstly, produce airflow clay and ensure it dries to become translucent. Form a sphere for the body and add a small portion of paint into another clay part, knead well for wings. Attach wings to the body. Create a crown, beak, and legs by shaping small clay pieces and attaching them accordingly. Make eyes with small balls of clay. Lastly, insert a wire holder through its head and body, coil it with pliers. Let it dry in a cool, dry place for three days.


  • White, black, brown, and blue acrylic paints 
  • Petroleum jelly
  • A plastic sheet or nonstick mat
  • Clay modeling tools 
  • Wire and wire twisters


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