25 House Drawing Ideas – How To Draw House

25 House Drawing Ideas - How To Draw House

House Drawing ideas are some of the favorite drawing patterns for young children who want to draw a home for themselves. In these tutorials, we will depict various houses and give you creative ideas on how to draw them. The difficulty level in these house drawing projects varies considerably, but all have been categorized as easy enough for anyone 5 or older to complete.

Easy House Drawing

25 House Drawing Ideas - How To Draw House

Drawing is a fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing, and there are so many different ways you can use it to make your home look beautiful. Whether you’re trying to create an illustration for fun or work, knowing how to render a house is essential. There are many different ways to create a realistic-looking house drawing. Here are 25 House Drawing Ideas to help you learn the basics of drawing houses.

Beautiful House Drawing

If you like drawing, house drawings are a fantastic way to practice and keep your skills fresh. They all have one thing in common: they’re free! And they can be done in any medium—pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils, or even watercolors. Even if you’re not really into creating artwork, these 25 House Drawing Ideas will help you relax and have a few minutes of fun. Every home is different, and we want to help you capture that in your house drawing. Many people have ideas of what their dream home is. They might even be able to draw a picture of their dream home.

Tips And Tricks For Simple House Drawing Ideas

  • Know the difference between a house and a home.
  • Find inspiration in your own life and surroundings
  • Draw a floor plan before you start drawing the walls
  • Use reference photos to help you draw accurately

Step By Step Guide To Draw House

Step By Step Guide To Draw House

Kids usually love to make simple drawings of their favorite objects. They also like to draw houses, and this is the perfect project to make a house drawing with your kids. Not everyone has an artistic background or a professional skill, but don’t worry about that because you can do this drawing as simple as possible by following our step-by-step guide.


Easy White House Drawing Tutorial

Easy White House Drawing Tutorial

Make your White House drawings or coloring page look nice and neat with the help of this easy step-by-step tutorial video. Use a grid guideline to make sure you get it right! This easy-to-follow tutorial is perfect for beginners and can be used in classrooms and at home. Complete with a coloring page to emphasize your creativity; we recommend all our viewers try it! We’ll also show you how to color the White House using simple shapes and lines.


Modern House Drawing Plan

Modern House Drawing Plan

The Modern House is the perfect project for beginners. You’ll learn to use drawing supplies like pencils, pens, and markers. We’ve also included an example of a final drawing for inspiration! This beginner-friendly guide can help you create great simple drawings of buildings, whether your creation or someone else’s!


Easy House Drawing For Beginners

Easy House Drawing For Beginners

This step-by-step guide is a great way to learn how to draw a house for beginners. We will start with basic shapes like spheres, squares, and simple construction lines and then blend them to form a house. This easy drawing tutorial will keep you entertained while learning and practicing your art skills.


House Covered In Vines Drawing

House Covered in Vines

A beautifully simple house drawing idea for kids, with plenty of room for detailed coloring projects over the top. This beautiful house drawing idea is a unique and creative way to give your home a rustic and natural look. The best thing about this kind of garden wall is that you can plant whatever plants you like in it, so it will constantly change, and you might even be able to harvest some vegetables from it!

Floating Away Drawing

Floating Away

House Drawing Idea is a beautiful illustration of a house being carried away by balloons to the sky. Floating Away is a house drawing in which a picture of a house has been drawn using a thick brush. The minor part of the house is visible but needs to be defined more. The house is floating away in the air, which creates isolation.

Greenhouse Drawing


A greenhouse drawing idea might be the perfect house design for you. This idea is mainly used by people that have greenhouses or want them in the future. It can also be used if you want to own a house without any particular reason. You can personalize this house drawing idea with your designs, wishes, and every detail that belongs to your favorite hobby or interest.

Wearing Sunglasses DrawingWearing Sunglasses

This design is unique, with the sunglasses in front of the house to make it stand out. It’s an idea we came up with after seeing more and more people wearing sunglasses inside. The sunglasses have become an icon for our generation and a way to block out unnecessary information and keep things simple.

Simple Houses Drawing

Simple Houses

Drawing a house is an excellent way to start learning how to draw. You don’t need to be an artist or have any previous experience in drawing. All you need is a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and this book! This simple house drawing is a great way to draw the home of your dreams. This easy drawing tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions to create your home style.

Neighborhood House Drawing

Neighborhood House

Create your neighborhood using this house drawing idea. Get creative and create houses that are unique and represent your neighborhood’s characteristics. Drawing a house is one of the most beloved activities for kids and parents. This tutorial will give you all the tips and tricks to draw your neighborhood house confidently.

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House On A Hill Drawing

House on a Hill

This drawing idea is a quaint house on a hill. The house looks like it has been there for years, and you can imagine how many people have passed by, walking down the sidewalk from their cars, or maybe that dog lives on this street and always did! It could be an old place where the ghosts of children are heard playing in the distance or something worse. Make up your own story to go along with this picture.

Types Of Houses Drawing

Types of Houses

If you love tiny houses, you will LOVE this! This drawing is packed with exciting and unique details. The house features a loft, a porch, and many windows. Drawing uses pencil, pen, fire, and other artistic tools to create pictures. It’s complex to do well, but it’s great fun trying. Here are some tips to help kids start drawing house pictures that are fun to look at and easy enough to make it feel less scary than usual.

Tiny House Drawing

Tiny House

Let’s draw a cute blue and white house. Using the paintbrush or crayon tool, you can get nice bright colors. This little house has lovely grass and flowers, so use the pink pencil to draw some flowers around the bottom of your house like so! What a fun drawing to do! You can add your touches and make it any size you please. The fun thing about this is that the house looks like it is moving forward, full of excitement and adventure. Let’s start by outlining our new tiny home, then fill it in with color.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Drawing

Home is Where the Heart is

A heart with a home is where your thoughts and feelings on the subject will remain strong. The home is where you live, love your family and friends, play games, or relax after a long day at work. Here’s a simple, quick doodle of a house with a heart in it. Featuring the hearts in our logo, this design is perfect for a banner at weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays. This creative drawing communicates how home, family, and love are connected.

Home Windows Drawing


House Drawing is a great house drawing app that lets you practice your sketching skills to get better at drawing windows, doors, balconies and everything else! Here’s a house with many different windows to help you practice drawing. Try drawing some boxes and placing different kinds of windows in them. Locate the corners, draw the windows from left to right, then fill the rest of the house with bricks and wood shingles.

House In The Clouds Drawing

House in the Clouds

Many of us have dreamed about drawing a house in the clouds. This is if you’re looking for an easy-to-do yet eye-catching and fun drawing idea. This cute drawing idea is super easy, and it’ll be fun to see what your kids can develop. They’ll want to color it, add windows, or even make it into a playhouse for their favorite stuffed animals.

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House Doodles Drawing

House Doodles

An easy way to draw house doodles: add color! Tear off the top of the book, and you have a doodle pad. It is perfect for little hands. Create a house drawing with lots of doodles. Be creative and draw many different decorations, flowers, and plants! Your kids will love coloring this drawing with their markers or crayons. With standard features like doors, windows, walkways and lawns, House Doodle makes it easy to make almost any house drawing dream come true.

House And Trees Drawing

House and Trees

Are you looking to learn how to draw a house drawing? This easy drawing tutorial will teach you the basics. You’ll learn how to draw a simple house that would fit on any street. We’ve also added trees for some greenery and shade. This is an excellent drawing for younger homeschoolers who want to see their work look like an actual house. Add some trees in the distance and maybe even a bird in the sky, and your child will feel like they are an accomplished artist with this project.

Big House Drawing

Big House

Let’s try to draw a big house in our sketchbook! There are many ways to create a house, so let your imagination go wild. If you want to add people, you can draw stick figures or the house and add the people later. This is a great place to start your drawing journey. You can ask your child what they would like in their house, or they could draw their house first and then add things later.

Bird House Drawing

Bird House

This birdhouse drawing is super easy to do – and makes for a tremendous beginner-level project! This is a simple drawing of a bird. This is great for children who wish to start with it. You can also use this as inspiration for your creation. This drawing is meant to be simple, easy and fun. You can add your birdhouse color schemes or use different colored pencils. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating with pencils!

Growing A Flower Drawing

Growing a Flower

Grow a beautiful flower from your house’s chimney with this fun template. Print, color, and follow the instructions to make this cute gardening printable house drawing perfect for nature lovers! This ambitious drawing set brings a little piece of your favorite nature indoors. Grow and nurture your flower from its first blooming to its full beauty. Then watch it bloom again!

Wonky House Drawing

Wonky House

Draw a Wonky House with this special kit! The secret to drawing it is in the tape; you’ll learn how to make it wonky using masking tape. Here’s a house drawing that was a little wonky but still cool. This poster is great for hanging in your office, home or anywhere else! Add some whimsy to your home with my fun, modern house drawing.

Tree House Drawing

 Tree House

A great way to start an artistic journey is by rediscovering the joys of drawing. This step-by-step drawing guide will help you draw anything from trees and houses to people, animals, and more. In this activity, kids can draw their favorite tree house! Also included are the materials needed to draw this beautiful and unique masterpiece. Let’s get started on the next adventure.

House With Face Drawing

 House with Face

Sometimes these house drawings look like they could have faces, so here’s one inspired by that thought. It might look like the house is watching you, but it’s only looking out for you. The thought of a house inspires this house drawing with a face. You might be wondering what I’m talking about, but look straight at this drawing, and you will see it.


Dog House Drawing

Dog House

Let’s draw a dog house next. It looked like it could be Snoopy’s house, but don’t worry; we won’t tell him. Luckily, another tutorial can help you learn how to draw Snoopy’s dog house! It is straightforward to draw this house. Draw the square foundation and then add some simple lines for the roof and walls on each side. Add two shapes for ears and a simple dog door on the front.

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