15 Free Crochet Duster Patterns

Free Crochet Duster Patterns

There are several reasons you may want to get a set of crochet duster patterns. In terms of beautification and useability, the duster cardigans always suit best. They are great for adding a touch of sophisticated flair to one’s outlook. The long-sized designs will make the dusters everyone’s favorite. These crochet duster patterns are simple, but they will take your creative sewing game to the next level. Imagine how much more stylish and effective you will look with these on your shoulder while working on projects. I suggest following these simple and attractive crochet duster patterns to add excellent accessories to your wardrobe.

Crochet Duster Patterns

Free Crochet Duster Patterns 1

Everyone will have a question in mind about choosing the crochet duster patterns when we have endless designs for cardigans available in the market. Well, the crocheters will endorse my opinion that wearings and stylizations must have to be unique and indifferent from simple so everyone will attract towards you, as the crocheter’s outfit usually became the talk of the town at most the parties because their clothing accessories are the most unique even the single piece on the whole earth crocheted custom for themselves. With these circumstances in mind, we put together this fabulous list of crochet duster patterns that will surely be excellent to enhance the beautification of your wardrobe. You’ll love to add them to your favorites list. Whether you’re looking to crochet party wear, the house used accessories, or add some decent warming wearables to your tour’s luggage; these duster cardigans will always provide fruitful options.

More Patterns:

If you want some cozier lightweight dusters for your wardrobe but don’t want to compromise on style and appearance then these crochet duster patterns will suit you best.

  • Lotus Mandala Duster Crochet Pattern
  • Crochet Retro Duster Vest Pattern

How To Crochet Duster Cardigan

This How to Crochet Duster Cardigan is a great beginner project for those interested in learning how to crochet. This simple pattern uses basic stitches to create a beautiful duster cardigan. The finished product will be an excellent staple piece you can wear year-round, no matter the occasion. This beautiful crochet cardigan is a choice to crochet with only one ball of yarn, taking advantage of the different shades to make this long jacket look amazing! You can easily customize this pattern using your favorite colors and adding your embellishments as you see fit.

Crochet Duster Cardigan

Stylish, lightweight, and easy to wear, the Crochet Duster Cardigan is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. With its lightweight design and relaxed fit, you can layer up for cool evenings or take it on as outerwear for colder weather that requires a bit more coverage. Make this crochet duster cardigan with a simple crochet pattern. The duster is perfect for spring and summer with its lightweight and breathability. Use it as an outerwear piece to give you extra warmth in the cold months.

River Walk Duster

River Walk Duster

Give your over-the-shoulder look an edgy update with our Crochet River Walk Duster. This Crochet River Walk Duster is just the thing for those cold nights out on the town. This stylish yet functional accessory can be worn as a top or shawl. Women of all ages will love this piece because it allows them to express their fashion sense while keeping warm in style. This versatile short coat features a modern, lacy top and fur trim.


Doireann Duster

Doireann Duster

Get a fresh look with this duster from crochet’s new Doireann collection. Made from the finest yarn, it features comfortable hand-crochet detailing, making it ideal for those cold spring and summer months. This crochet Doireann duster is a versatile fashion statement that adds texture and utility to your everyday wardrobe. The oversized crochet will easily dress up or down depending on your accessorizing, but the usable length and full coverage keep you warm in any weather.


Dasypus Duster

Dasypus Duster

Be stylish and sophisticated with the Dasypus Duster. This duster has a crochet stitch to give it a unique texture that is perfect for any outfit. It can be paired with jeans or dressed up with a skirt when going out on the town. Cool and breezy, the Crochet Dasypus Duster is the perfect layer to keep you warm in springtime. Pair it with a tank and jeans or as your first layer of warmth before layering up with coats, sweaters, and more to create an outfit that’s all you!


Flower Duster

Crochet Flower Duster Pattern

The Flower duster is crocheted from the bottom up. It’s a great pattern for making a gift as you can easily make it as long or as short as you want. You can also customize it by adding more or fewer Flowers to make it more fitted or loose-fitting. The crochet Duster will make any outfit pop while still being super comfortable.  It is suitable for wearing home or to work, It is just the right length to wear with leggings or jeans. It will also be a decent alternative to the store-bought cardigans.


Retro Duster Vest

Crochet Retro Duster Vest Pattern

The Crochet Retro Duster Vest Pattern is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Create a warm and cozy throw-on for any season and add to it for your next crochet project. With lace and texture and Victorian and retro design, this piece can be worn around the shoulders or in shawl style. The pattern is written in one size only but has several options for customization. This retro duster vest is a fashionable layered look with a touch of flair. Made from a cotton blend, it can be worn with anything. And since it’s fast and easy to make, it’s ready to wear in no time.


Autumn Cardigan

Crochet Autumn Duster Cardigan Pattern

Long cardigans are a wardrobe must. They layer over every possible outfit and keep you toasty no matter the weather, from 60° to 60°. This stylish duster sweater has a customizable fit, long hemline, and optional pockets. The cozy hood can be embellished with a variety of stitch patterns for added interest, and it’s so easy to throw on over a t-shirt or button-up! It features a soft worsted-weight cotton yarn, so it’s not too hot and works up quickly so you can wrap yourself up in it as soon as possible!


Boho Duster Cardigan

Crochet Boho Duster Cardigan Pattern

The Boho Duster Cardigan Crochet Pattern is a great project for the fall season. The sleeves have a fun flare at the hips, and the length of this cardigan is amazing! It’s great for layering over your favorite tank tops, tees, or even dresses. It also works well with leggings. This amazing cardigan pattern will always be great to bring a touch of coziness and admirability to your wear. Make one in your favorite color or be brave and try something bold!


Quarry Duster

Crochet Quarry Duster Pattern

This crochet duster is an ideal way to add warmth and softness to rooms with high ceilings. Crochet it in cotton or linen for a casual look, or choose colorful hand-painted yarn to express your personality. The crochet quarry stitch’s large hook and cascading chains create an airy, flowing fabric that’s fun to wear and easy on the hands. If you’re new to crochet, give the fringe a try—it will give this piece a bohemian vibe that makes it more than just another cardigan.


 Elevation Duster Cardigan

Elevation Cardigan Pattern

The Elevation Duster Cardigan is an easy, quick crochet. The drapey fabric makes it perfect for pairing with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to your favorite outfit for a more polished look. This cardigan can be worn as a top or cover-up on those mild fall days (or even early spring days). It’s the perfect addition to your closet and has made wonderful gifts for women of all sizes who adore it! It features an easy lace stitch pattern and simple construction and is perfect for beginner/intermediate crocheters looking for a little bit of a challenge.


Madison’s Duster

Crochet Madison's Duster Pattern

Use this free duster pattern to make your crochet duster, perfect for fall and winter. You can easily use the yarn that you already have on hand. It’s beginner-friendly with simple shapes and stitches! This pattern is for a crocheted, lightweight, and airy duster to be worn over dresses or tanks. Made to fit an average-sized nine-year-old, this pattern also gives the crocheter the option to make larger sizes to fit other body types and ages.


Mauve A Lous Duster

Crochet Mauve A Lous Duster Cardigan Pattern 1

Mauve-A-Lous Duster Cardigan is the perfect crochet cardigan to keep you warm and cozy. The duster style cardigan is worked in one piece from side to side across. Basic crochet stitches are used throughout with a simple 2-row repeat for easy crocheting, or it can be crocheted using five strands at once to make this look quite impressive. It’s also great for layering over sweaters or long sleeves in the fall/winter months. Follow this unique pattern to make adorable gifts for your loved ones also.


Derby Duster Vest Derby Vest cardigan pattern

The Derby Duster Vest is a fun crochet project that works up quickly. It’s perfect for traveling because it’s lightweight and can easily be carried in your bag if it gets too warm. The possibilities with this pattern are endless! One of the great things about it is the different styles and colors of yarn you can use. The garment is very easy to customize when it comes to the different ways it can be worn. This vest is lightweight and airy and great for spring and summer weather, but with the addition of a cami/tank top or long-sleeved shirt underneath, you can also easily wear this vest during other seasons!


Lotus Mandala Duster Lotus Mandala cardigan Pattern

The Lotus Mandala Duster Crochet Pattern is amazing, super simple, and will keep you very warm. Made with the crochet technique, this duster cardigan can be worn into various outfit combinations. This one will be the must-have over any outfit from denim to a maxi dress. Edgy and simple openwork design will have heads turning. You’ll be styling everywhere you go! If you’re looking for something cozier and stylish to enhance the gratification of your outfit, this pattern will suit best for you.


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