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24 DIY Coasters Ideas For Home Decor

Do you love to make things on your own? Then, here is a nice collection of DIY coasters Ideas with which you can decorate your home and make it look more beautiful. These coasters are easy to make, so if you have some free time, you can try making these. If you want a unique pattern in your coaster, you can add wallpaper to the bottom side of it or use any other material of your choice. The shape and size of this coaster can be based on your wish. You can decorate them with beads of different shapes and colors and make a beautiful design on the top. As you look into your big box of coasters, get creative and give your home some personality by making some DIY coasters!

DIY Coasters Ideas For Mugs And Cups

DIY Coasters Ideas 1

The time of year is fast approaching when we’ll be throwing a few holiday parties and hosting plenty of guests. With that in mind, it’s an excellent time to start crafting some DIY coasters to help keep our tables looking neat and clean. There’s nothing worse than fancy glasses sitting on a table with no protection from nasty rings, and the last thing you want to do is offend your guests with stained wood surfaces. This roundup of 24 of the best coasters out there has something for everyone: whether you’re into functional crafts that keep your stuff safe and sound, or you’re more into being crafty without any real purpose in mind, there’s something here for you.

Uses Of DIY Coasters Ideas

Fun DIY coaster ideas are a great way to add a little personality to your home decor. Whether you’re looking for a fun craft project or a way to use up some of your favorite fabrics, there are so many great options for DIY coasters. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sew Coasters: This is the perfect project if you love sewing and crafting! These DIY coasters are made from old t-shirts cut into squares, then sewn together with contrasting thread. You can even make them into poufs if you want!
  • Cloth Napkin Coasters: If you’re looking for something simpler than sewing, these cloth napkin coasters might be right up your alley. They’re made with only two materials: cotton fabric and iron-on interfacing. No sewing is required!
  • Chalkboard Coasters: Chalkboard paint is one of my favorite crafting products because it’s so easy to use — apply it with a brush and wipe off any excess when dry! These chalkboard coasters are perfect for marking drinks orders or setting out place settings at a party or event.

1. Mason Jar DIY Coasters

Mason Jar DIY Coasters

A beautiful and elegant DIY project is a great way to spend quality time with the kids in the summertime. This mason jar coaster brings together the perfect combination of summertime fun, crafts, and beautiful design. With a few supplies, this DIY project is easy for adults and adults alike. The kids will be able to create these mason jar coasters, as many as they want. Making your own coaster is one of the most fantastic DIY mason jar craft ideas. The fun part of making these coasters is using materials readily available at home. You can use various materials to create a unique look for each coaster.

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2. DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters

DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters


Do you love scrabble and coffee? This is the perfect gift for you. Make these DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters in minutes. You can make these scrabble coasters for home use with a few simple steps. These coasters are best used with a cup of coffee or tea. You can create as many as you want in your home! These DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters make the perfect home decor. This DIY project is straightforward, fun to do, and will look great on your table or countertop.

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3. DIY Fall Leather Coaster

DIY Fall Leather Coaster

This DIY Fall Leather Coaster is a quick and easy project that will give your home a fall flair! Perfect for Thanksgiving, the holidays, or anytime you want to add some color to your table. This DIY Leather Coaster is the ideal project to start using your leather scraps from previous projects and upcycle them into this functional and pretty coaster. These would make a great housewarming gift, or use them to accent your home decor year round! Adding interesting textures can make your plain coasters stand out and show off your personal style.

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4. DIY Cowhide Coasters

DIY Cowhide Coasters

You can personalize decorative cowhide coasters with a message, monogram, or vintage design. They’re easy to make and a great excuse to stay in on a rainy weekend night with friends or family. Take a piece of your favorite leather and make yourself some coasters at home. It’s easy and rewarding to create your own selection of home decor using cowhide leather. Whether making these DIY cowhide coasters as a gift for someone or yourself, try these handmade cowhide coasters. Handcrafted in Mexico by talented artisans, this crochet coaster set features a durable, thick piece of top-quality leather to protect your table surface.

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5. DIY Scented Hot Pad

DIY Scented Hot Pad

This DIY Scented Hot Pad is not just pretty to have around. When a hot cup of coffee or cocoa is placed on, the essential oil gets released and scents up the place. It is one coaster that would be welcome in any home. The making process for this coaster is relatively easy to follow. It is the perfect hostess gift for the holidays and will last for years because of its durability and the fact that you can recycle it. Now she can enjoy warm cocoa in any season simply by placing it on a scented hot pad.

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6. DIY Pallet Wood Coasters

DIY Pallet Wood Coasters

So much more than just a coaster, these beautiful wooden coasters are perfect for any outdoor patio, cafe, or restaurant. They are handcrafted from all-natural wood and food-safe lacquer, making them sturdy and durable. The unique lightbulb bottom will help protect your surfaces from scratches and stains by allowing condensation to drip off rather than pool on top of your tables. These rustic Pallet Wood Coasters are an excellent project for anyone who enjoys making something unique for their home! The DIY Pallet Wood Coasters are a perfect gift idea. You can make them with or without paint or stain, and they turn out cute. These DIY Pallet Wood Coasters make excellent gifts, mainly if you use the recipient’s favorite color.

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7. Wooden Coasters DIY

Wooden Coasters DIY

Delight your guests with these handmade wood coasters. They are rustic and sturdy, making them perfect for placing glasses or cups on. Each coaster is shaped by one-of-a-kind natural wood, so each coaster is different. These DIY wood coasters add a rustic feel to your home and bar. Beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly, these coasters will look great in any kitchen or bar. Perfect for bars and kitchens, these handmade wooden coasters are one of a kind! These coasters are made from rustic reclaimed wood and look amazing on any table.

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8. DIY QR Coasters

DIY QR Coasters

If you love entertaining as much as we do, these QR coasters are the perfect accessory to add to your home decor. With just a few supplies and an hour of your time, you can create a unique coaster that will wow guests while they enjoy their drinks. This DIY is easy to do and gives a fun twist on the usual coasters you get at parties. Your guests will appreciate them! This is a fun project for the whole family and can easily be customized with different color themes. Use this as an exciting activity for kids to make in school or club meetings. The code is scannable by all QR apps, so your guests will always be able to find out more about your business!

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9. DIY Abacus Coaster

DIY Abacus Coaster

Use this DIY coaster to keep yourself entertained and hydrated! With the abacus feature, you can add up how many cups of water you’ve had today or calculate your cell phone bill at the end of the month. Get rid of those boring coasters and make your drinks look much more relaxed with this DIY coaster! This DIY abacus coaster is easy to make. It’s a great way to combine functional drinking and creative art. The coaster will help you keep track of your daily water intake or anything else you want to track!

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10. 5-Minutes DIY Coasters

5-Minutes DIY Coasters

Are you a fan of the hexagon shape? Here’s an easy-to-make coaster using the hexagonal design. This DIY project is suitable for beginners who want to give their house a fresh look, so get started now! The mini hexagon shape of these coasters makes them attractive and a great addition to your coffee table. The most beautiful part of this DIY coaster is that you can make them in less than 5 minutes if you are skilled enough!

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11. DIY Painted Wooden Coasters

DIY Painted Wooden Coasters

Transform plain wooden coasters into beautiful works of art with simple paints and brushstrokes. This craft is easy enough for kids and is a great way to use your leftover wood planks. Paint the coasters in any combination of colors, add some embellishments, personalize them with initials or names, or make a set as a gift. These cute DIY Painted Wooden Coasters are made from leftover wood scraps and painted with your favorite colors. They are a quick and easy-to-make project that features a classic look. These coasters are perfect for getting crafty with your friends and family.

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12.  DIY Concrete Coasters

DIY Concrete Coasters

Are you looking for a creative way to use concrete and make something useful? Why don’t you start with these DIY concrete coasters? They’re easy to make, requiring only a few basic materials. You’ll also be using items you might already have lying around the house while letting your inner DIY artist shine. Give your guests a piece of the concrete theme and make your own concrete coasters. You can choose from various designs, create them yourself or use this idea and turn it into a gift for your friends and family.

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13. How To Make DIY Map Coasters

How To Make DIY Map Coasters

Your guests will love to see a little piece of the world on your tables. These DIY map coasters are an excellent addition to your home decor. You can make them yourself or even give them as a gift; this will surely add an extra touch of elegance and beauty to your table settings. Making DIY coasters at home is a beautiful idea. You can use these as a great addition to your home decor, especially if you have a themed one. This project is so simple that anyone can make it anywhere with anything they already have lying around at home.

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14. Tile Coasters DIY

Tile Coasters DIY

You can make these DIY tile coasters for a unique way to serve drinks and keep your new tables looking great! You’re sure to be the party’s life with these easy DIY tile coasters. The finished project is pretty and practical, an ideal gift you can make in bulk for family and friends. These fun and easy tile coasters are a great way to use leftover tiles from your shower, tub, or backsplash. They’re also an excellent project for using up scrap wood from other projects around the house. The best part? You can customize them however you like!

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15. Painted Clay Coasters DIY

Painted Clay Coasters DIY

Turn your favorite photos and illustrations into unique coffee table coasters. The best part is that you don’t need a photo editing program! Show off your creativity with these DIY Painted Clay Coasters. These handmade coasters are easy to paint and make an excellent gift for the host or hostess in your life. These painted clay coasters make an ideal gift for friends and family or give them a personal treat. Using easy-to-find items, they are simple to make, but the results are stunning.

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16. DIY Macramé Coaster

If you love macramé and crafts, this DIY Macramé Coaster craft is for you! This is an easy-to-follow pattern for creating your very own macramé coaster. Pair it with a delicious summer drink, or set it on the dinner table as an optional extra seat. Macramé is a twisty, knotty way to make extraordinary things, from giant blankets and home decor items to jewelry. But did you know that macramé can also be used to make this beautiful coffee or tea coasters that are easy to assemble? They make a great gift idea or stocking stuffer too!


17. DIY Knotted Coaster

If you have a nice little collection of cups and jugs, then this coaster might just be the best way to keep them safe. It looks great, works well, and is super easy to make! These DIY Knotted Coasters are simple, easy to make, and super cute! You can use any rope you want, and they’ll look great on your coffee table or kitchen counter. They’re a fun way to show off your knot-tying skills, so grab a pair of scissors and get started! This adorable DIY Knotted Coaster would be a perfect gift idea for people who love home decor.


18. How To Make Marble Coasters From Clay

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own marble coasters from clay. It is easy to follow; even a beginner can make these! Being made of clay and acrylic paint, they look just like natural marble and are a great addition to any table. This DIY project will show you how to make marble coasters from clay. This is a relatively easy project and can be done quickly. The finished coasters look like marble, but it is clay.

19. DIY Fall Leaf Coasters

Get ready for fall with these DIY Fall Leaf Coasters that are made using only two colors of yarn! A great project to work on while watching the leaves change outside. Each coaster can be customized to fit your décor and make a fun gift too! These DIY Fall Leaf Coasters are perfect for fall entertaining. Create a set of four-leaf silhouettes and use them as placemats or drink coasters on your next (or all!) future autumnal occasions! Fall is almost here, and the leaves are changing. Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with these DIY Fall Leaf Coasters! It only takes a couple of supplies and minutes to make your own set of pretty Autumn coasters for your next get-together.


21. DIY Resin Coasters With Dried Flowers

This craft project is to make your resin coasters with dried flowers. You will need (in addition to the links below and later mentioned) oil paints, artist brushes, masking tape (optional), a glue/glue gun (optional), a mouse pad, a cardboard box, and something to seal surfaces like a paper towel. With the summer months of warm weather, there’s no better way to cool down your patio than with these DIY Resin Coasters With Dried Flowers. Whip up a batch of coasters and use them on the deck this summer. The best part about coasters is that they do double duty as both decor and practical—never again will your drink leave watermarks!

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22. DIY Hexagon Concrete Coasters

This is the perfect project to experiment with concrete or to make a few of these beautiful-looking coasters as gifts. You’ll love these easy DIY concrete coasters. Start with a mold and concrete, then smooth the tops and add colored concrete to create the hexagonal pattern. The finished pieces make beautiful accessories for your coffee table or kitchen counter. Even if you have no experience at all with concrete, we will show you step by step how to make these fantastic coasters that are so much more than just functional pieces.


23. DIY Coasters With Fabric

Are you looking for an excellent way to add some color to your home? In this DIY project, the creator made beautiful coasters using fabric. If you have gorgeous pieces of fabric in your home, you can use this guide and learn how to convert them into great-looking coasters. Fun and easy, this DIY project will instantly change your table’s look. Fabric coasters are not just simple; they are also efficient. You can use these DIY Coasters with fabric to refresh your dining table elegantly and stylishly.

24. Epoxy Resin Wood Coasters DIY

Turn your favorite wood planks into beautiful coasters with this DIY Epoxy Resin Wood Coasters Kit! Follow the easy steps to transform your planks into fun, handmade coasters that are perfect for entertaining. DIY Epoxy Resin Wood Coasters are a simple, easy, and fun way to create a functional art piece. It contains everything you need to make these beautiful coasters and enhance your home decor simultaneously. The epoxy kit will provide hours of fun and a great conversation piece for your guests!


25. Clay Kitty Coaster DIY

Clay Kitty Coaster DIY

This DIY project makes for all cat lovers a perfect gift for the person with everything! These clay kitty coasters are easy to make and very relaxing. All it takes is some time to create art on a piece of wood, and you’ll have your own set of cute cat coasters that you can use with your friends or keep for yourself. This is an easy project, and if you make them as gifts, they’ll be a big hit with your friends and family – even if they’re not a cat person! It will look great in any home because it’s simple yet stylish.


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