30 Best Free Crochet Tunic Patterns For 2021

Explore a wide variety of Free Crochet Tunic Patterns here that will allow you to work on such nice and amazingly crocheted layering garments to brighten your wardrobe. We have included many easy to difficult skill level crochet tunic patterns here with lacy to bulky patterns. Each has its own beauty and features that will force you to try each one from these. You can crochet sweater patterns or tops for your family members too by getting inspiration from these ideas or give your beloved ones a lovely and cheap handmade gift, especially those who are fans of your crocheting talent.

Free Crochet Tunic Patterns:

These designs are modern and fancy that will completely change your look and add stylization to it.  Sleeveless or full sleeves, airy or dense textural, simple or fabulous, you will be amazed to see every kind of pattern here that meets your criteria. Just grab a bundle of yarn, innovative ideas from here, and sit on your couch to hold your crochet hook to get started to crochet your favorite one! Get impressive and unique ideas for adding fun and coziness to your wear with these beautiful crochet tunic patterns.

Other Patterns

Lunar Crochet Tunic Pattern:

Lunar Crochet Tunic Pattern

This beautiful lunar pattern looks incredible over white-colored wearings. Make a light-weighted flowing crochet accessory for your summer; it will beautify your outlook. If you are looking to crochet a gift-giving addition try this lunar crochet tunic pattern. Get the red heart Rainbow yarn and (H) sized crochet hook to make this beautiful crochet pattern.

Crochet Not So Granny Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Tunic Pattern

The excellent color blend of this crochet pattern makes it every girl’s favorite. When it’s chilly outside, it will be a useful crochet pattern to keep you warm and stylize your outlook in a cozy manner. Make this crochet tunic pattern for yourself. You’ll admire the versatility and useability of it. For making this crochet tunic pattern, you’ll need the red heart rainbow yarn and (F) sized crochet hook.

Make The Grade Crochet Tunic Pattern:

Make The Grade Crochet Tunic Pattern

Try this make the grade pattern for enhancing your crocheting skills; the superb texture and stitches combination makes this pattern everyone’s favorite. It will be a magnificent gift for your beloved ones. Make it in solid-colored Red heart Amore yarn using (H) sized crochet hook. This is an easier crochet project, and you will surely enjoy making it.

Crochet Palermo Tunic:

Make an admirable Palermo tunic for your wardrobe following this easier pattern; because of the softer texture and unique design, you’ll love this tunic pattern and will desire to add it to your favorites list. It fits excellent with the jeans, and the admirable texture will make it your heartedly favorite, especially for the winter and mild temperature. This fantastic tunic pattern will also be the perfect choice for gift-giving, and you’ll surely desire to add it to your favorites list.

Crochet Tanya Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Tanya Tunic Pattern

This crochet Tanya pattern looks incredible in light brown color. It will enhance the look of your simple wearings. Wear it over any white-colored wearings, and it seems so impressive. Make it for yourself and also to gift your special friends. You’ll need the Red heart dreamy yarn and (M) sized crochet hook to make this beautiful crochet tunic pattern.

Easy Crochet V Stitch Tunic:

Try this unique style v stitch pattern to make an admirable and comfy tunic pattern for your wardrobe. The fantastic layer design and the added buttons will make this pattern your heartedly favorite and unique choice for gift giving. The open and softer texture will make this tunic pattern great easier to wear and add stylization to your wear. You can go with solid colored ayr and blend different colors to make this tunic pattern fit your will.

Crochet Tammy’s Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Tammy's Tunic Pattern

This tammy’s pattern is the perfect choice to wear with anything, and it gives a superb outlook with jeans, a skirt, and anything you desire. It will stylize your view and will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. If you have already hooked up some crochet pattern, then this crochet tunic pattern will be a fun project for you. Get the required supplies and start making this beautiful crochet pattern for you.

Valerie Tunic Crochet Pattern:

Make this sweater-inspired Valerie tunic pattern to add a beautifying decorative touch to your wear; the softer texture and unique design will make this pattern your heartedly favorite. I suggest working with the softer yarn and simple stitches for this crochet pattern; it will be a super unique warming accessory. It will also be a tremendous gift-giving tunic pattern.

Pocket Pattern:

Crochet Pocket Tunic Pattern

This pocket pattern will help you go outside your home in a chilly atmosphere. It looks awe-inspiring in a blend of black and grey color. Get the Patons Classic wool yarn and (G) sized crochet hook to make this pattern. It will be a useful crochet accessory, and you will admire making it. Make this crochet pattern for yourself and also to gift your beloved friends. For more information about this crochet tunic pattern,

Lacy Detail Tunic Pattern:

Lacy Detail Tunic Pattern

Are you looking for a lightweight crochet tunic pattern? This lacy detail pattern will surely be the perfect choice for you. The elegant texture and the softness of this pattern make it the most excellent design of this series. Crochet it for wearing in your daily routine at home. The easiest to crochet Red heart dreamy yarn and (K) sized crochet hook to make this pattern for more information about this crochet tunic pattern, follow the below-associated link.

Tilted Free Pattern:

Crochet Tilted Tunic Free Pattern

Tilted Pattern is a stylish and gorgeous top pattern that will provide you coziness and a really impressive and lovely look. It’s a really fantastic and mind-blowing pattern just to given up a really precious handmade gift too!

Crochet Easy Breezy Tunic Free Pattern

I love the color texture of this Easy Breezy Free Pattern. It’s not only attractive but stylish and cozier too. Its airy and breezy design makes it to wear all around the year.

Crochet Glitz And Glamour Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Glitz And Glamour Tunic Pattern

Make a decent stylized tunic for your party wear follows this easier pattern; the unique guazed texture and the comfy yarn will make this tunic pattern great to provide comfiness. The stylistic texture of this tunic pattern will serve excellent to enhance the coziness of your wear, and you can go with your desired sized version to make it fit the lady whom you’re connecting for, although the base pattern will remain the same.


Crochet Medallion Tunic:

Crochet Medallion Tunic

Here we come with a super unique and admirable medallion tunic pattern to enhance the charm and coziness of your little one’s dress. Its softer texture and comfy design make this tunic look too unique and admirable. Whenever you’re searching for something cozy and comfy, especially for your princess, this colorful crochet tunic pattern will be the best choice for you.


Crochet Mystique Tunic:

Crochet Mystique Tunic

Add a super unique and comfy tunic pattern to your home décor following this superb easiest pattern. It will serve excellent for the breezy summer nights and best wrap your shoulders in the air-conditioned places. This amazing tunic suits best to any style; the blend of shaded colors makes it everyone’s heartedly favorite. It will be a decent addition to your home décor, and you’ll surely desire to add it to your favorite list.


Free Crochet Angles Tunic:

Free Crochet Angles Tunic

Spruce your children’s wardrobe following this easier crochet tunic pattern; it will be a decent handmade stylizing piece for your child’s wear and making it will also be fun. The unique style design and the softer texture will make this angles tunic best to beautify your kid’s look. I suggest working with the softer sport-weight yarn for this tunic pattern; it will be a great masterpiece of your home decor.


Free Crochet Lunar Lace Tunic:

Free Crochet Lunar Lace Tunic


Free Crochet Tivoli Tunic:

Free Crochet Tivoli Tunic


Free Crochet Shells & Trellis Tunic:

Free Crochet Shells & Trellis Tunic


Free Crochet Tunic Tee:

Free Crochet Tunic Tee


Crochet Tunic Nizza Pattern:

Nizza Pattern


Crochet Angel Sleeve Tunic:

Crochet Angel Sleeve Tunic


Crochet Denim Chic Tunic:

 Denim Chic Pattern


Crochet Ollie Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Ollie Tunic


Crochet Bikers Whirl Tunic Pattern:

Crochet Bikers Whirl Tunic


Crochet Mesh Tunic:

Crochet Mesh Tunic


Crochet Audrey Tunic Pattern:

Audrey pattern


The Ginny Granny Square Tunic Pattern:

 The Ginny Granny Square


Crochet Easy Tunic:

Crochet Easy Tunic


The Elizabeth Top Pattern:

Crochet The Elizabeth Tunic


Summer Pattern:

 Summer pattern


Vintage Pattern:

Crochet Vintage Tunic


Sand-n-sea Beach Pattern:

 Sand-n-sea Beach

This Sand-n-Sea Beach Tunic pattern will be a decent handmade addition to your summer’s wear. The unique airy design and the softer texture will make it great to enhance your outlook’s charm and beauty. You can go with the sport-weight yarn for this admirable tunic pattern; it will be easier to work and finely washable, so it will enhance the lifetime of your tunic.


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