20 Free Crochet Kitchen Patterns

The kitchen is the central part of your home because you spend more time there than anywhere else, and it’s an ideal place to display your personality and style. We will show you how to embellish your pots and pans with these amazing crochet patterns. Each of them is very easy to make, but all these crochet kitchen accessories patterns are the most adorable and unique. You will find these crochet kitchen accessories patterns beneficial for your home and also be best for gift-giving. All these crochet kitchen accessories patterns are very cheap and costless. I’m sure that they will cost less than the market ones.

Best Free Crochet Kitchen Patterns:

You can also utilize these crochet kitchen accessories patterns to embellish your dining tables or patio tables with these crochet kitchen accessories patterns for parties and other occasions. Each of the patterns in this list is so versatile that it will be the perfect handmade gift for your loved ones. You can use yarn that has leftovers from your other projects and make them according to your wish, but for this first, you should see the original designs that will help you make them easier.

Pass your leisure time by making these free crochet patterns; you can make them in colors according to your wish and grace you all seasons. I hope you will love to construct these free crochet kitchen accessories patterns.

Crochet Farmhouse Striped Kitchen Towel Pattern:

Free Crochet Farmhouse Striped Kitchen Towel Pattern

Sometimes in a great hurry, the handle of your oven slips off, and you become irritated. You Don’t have to worry; here is the best solution to that problem, make this Free Crochet Farmhouse Striped Kitchen Towel Pattern and get rid of slipping your handle again and again. This crochet towel pattern is quite easy and less traditional in style but looks so unique. The button embellished in its center makes it more adorable. You can use Lions brand cotton yarn because it is absorptive and provides an amazing look to your project. Plus, you can easily customize its size. Happy crocheting!

a crocheted simplicity

Free Crochet Mosaic Dish Towels Pattern:

Free Crochet Mosaic Dish Towels Pattern

If you are looking for a kitchen accessory, this Free Crochet Mosaic Dish Towels Pattern would be an amazing project. This project uses Mosaic knitting, and if you never tried it, this would be a great introduction for you. You can proudly display this crochet dish towel in your kitchen. This crochet dish towel does not only beautifies your kitchen but also very helpful in cleaning your utensils. Its color combination is also gorgeous. I hope it would be a fun project for you.


Crochet Plaid Placemats Pattern:

Free Crochet Plaid Placemats Pattern

Embellish your patio table or dining table with this Free Crochet Plaid Placemats Pattern, as it looks so astonishing and pretty. This crochet plaid Placemat is quite easy as it is made up of several squares that you can make in a bit of time. Its matching colors will grace up your table for summers, winters, and fall too. It is versatile enough as you can make it as a handmade gift for your loved ones. Here red, pink, and white colors have been used, but you can use your favorite contrasting colors.


Oven Mitt Set  Pattern:

Oven Mitt Set Crochet Pattern

We all have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make snacks for guests during the holiday season. So, you can make this Oven Mitt Set Crochet Pattern for that time because it is easy to make but would be beneficial for you to easily protect your hands from burning and grip the oven tray. This crochet oven mitt set is ideal for baking pies and roasting turkey. You must use Berroco Pima yarn because it is 100% cotton that provides extra cushion and soft texture.


Farm House Washcloth Pattern:

Farm House Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Add fun to your summers with this Farm House Washcloth Crochet Pattern. You can use this crochet to wash clothes in the bath or your kitchen. This crochet washcloth is very easy as it uses spider stitches and these stitches are very easy for beginners. You can use cotton yarn for this project because cotton is very absorptive and soft. I am sure these crochet washcloths would be very useful for you.


Floral Mug Rug Crochet Pattern:

Floral Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

Make this cute Floral Mug Rug Crochet Pattern use it as a cup coaster. You can make it easy with your leftover yarn because, for this project, yarn is required. It would be an excellent last-minute gift for your beloved. The addition of fringes makes it more adorable but can also use tassels of different colors. You can also grace up the crochet handbag by adding this floral granny square.


Scrubby Set Crochet Pattern:

Scrubby Set Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for a crochet project for your kitchen, this Scrubby Set Crochet Pattern would be good. They so affordable as regular kitchen sponges, and you do not have to purchase them again and again. It would be harsh to the tough stains and gentle to your skin. It is also very budget-friendly.


Chevron Kitchen Towel Pattern:

Chevron Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern

You can make this chevron kitchen towel crochet pattern as a warm-weather project. These crochet kitchen towels are very easy to make, are so absorptive, and look cool and unique. The chain pattern, zig-zag design, and color combination make it an awesome kitchen decoration. Here in this pattern, the red, white, and bright navy colors are used and use your favorite contrasting colors. So take the supplies and start making this superb crochet pattern for your use.


Kitchen Scrub Bean Pattern:

Kitchen Scrub Bean Crochet Pattern

Make this kitchen scrub bean crochet pattern because it is easy to make but has the same texture as the regularly used kitchen sponge. Bean stitches used in it provide a lot of puffiness and roughness that will be good for stain removal. It is just a simple project, as you can complete it in a few minutes. This crochet pattern dries earlier than the normal sponge and can be clean easily. If you are going to create this scrubby, you can make it easily in different colors.


Magnolia Dish Towel Crochet Pattern:

Magnolia Dish Towel Crochet Pattern

Make this magnolia dish towel crochet pattern for your use; it is useful and a magnificent gift for those who love handmade accessories. You can make this magnolia this superb crochet pattern as a towel, dish towel, dishcloth, or mug rug according to your choice. The white stripes make it more lovable and impressive. This project is really easy to make as it uses chain stitches, slip stitches, and some other crocheting stitches. So, bring your crocheting skills out and start doing this cool-looking project.


Tapestry Bee Potholder Crochet Pattern:

Tapestry Bee Potholder Crochet Pattern

Try this cute, simple, and quick tapestry bee potholder crochet pattern to decorate your dining table. Its beautiful fringes make it look more adorable and creative. The printed bee pattern adds a lot of beauty to this pattern. You can utilize the left-over yarn from other crochet projects for the construction of this superb idea.


Crochet Farmhouse Apron:

Free Crochet Farmhouse Apron

Are you looking for the best apron pattern for yourself? It would help if you tried to make this farmhouse crochet apron simple, quick, and useful for your kitchen works. Its pocket will help you to keep some kitchen accessories. You can wear this free crochet pattern; then, you wash your dishes and other pots. If you are looking to give your mom the best kitchen gift on the coming mother’s day, you will surely do this project.


French Press Crochet Jar Cozy Pattern:

French Press Crochet Jar Cozy Pattern

You can utilize this french press crochet jar cozy pattern to hold your hot coffee mug easily without hurting your hand. Actually, it can be used as a cover for your mug or jug. The different purple color chain texture adds a perfect beauty to it and makes it a fun project that you will surely not want to miss. This free crochet pattern makes your coffee mug soo beautiful as you want.


Mandala Crochet Placement Pattern:

Mandala Crochet Placement Pattern

Suppose you want to crochet a handmade wedding gift for your sister or friend. This mandala crochet placement pattern will be a superb unique choice for you to decorate and add to personalize your dining table. You can use it to grasp your pots on the table, but you can also use it for washing purposes. Its mixed color design makes it look more gorgeous and creative, this free crochet pattern is made in ten different colors of yarns, but you can use multiple colors from the stash box for it.


Eco Kitchen Cloth Pattern:

Free Crochet Eco Kitchen Cloth Pattern

Make this free crochet eco kitchen cloth pattern for cleaning your dining tables or other surfaces; it would be a perfect coaster to place hot plates and pans. This crochet project is quite beginner-friendly and also an interesting project for advanced crocheters. You can also wash these crochet clothes in your washing machine and can save your precious time. It looks superb in brown color, but you can also make it in your desired favorite color.


Crochet Kitchen Hand Towel Pattern:

Free Crochet Kitchen Hand Towel Pattern

If you have to wash your hands repeatedly in your kitchen, you will surely need this free crochet kitchen hand towel pattern. It is so quick and easy to make and looks so delightful and gorgeous. You can also use this pattern for your bathroom and hang it on your kitchen rod due to the button embellished in its center. Believe me, and it would be a wonderful handmade housewarming gift for you. You can easily customize its size according to your need by adding or decreasing the number of rows.


Round Kitchen Scrubby Pattern:

Free Crochet Round Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

If you are used to purchasing the Scrubbies from the market, then make this free crochet round kitchen scrubby pattern for your use by following this superb idea. It is handy and also quite easy to make. Its texture is just like usual spongy that has a scrubby side and a thick absorptive side. It will be too harsh for stains and gentle for your hands due to its lily sugar cream twist yarn. You can use the left-over yarn for the creation of this pattern.


Free Crochet Kitchen Rags Pattern:

Free Crochet Kitchen Rags Pattern

You can benefit from this free crochet kitchen rags pattern if you are looking for your sister’s best wedding gift or friend. This free crochet kitchen accessory is absolutely beginner-friendly and looks so gorgeous. You can use it to increase your dining table’s beauty and keep your dishes on this fabulous crochet pattern. Make it in different colors; you’ll surely love the beautification of it.


Pinwheel Kitchen Pad Pattern:

Free Crochet Pinwheel Kitchen Pad Pattern

Crocheting a pinwheel pad is a fun and easy summer project that uses only a few basic skills from your craft box. The pins are three-dimensional and have a built-in scrubber on one end for cleaning pots and pans. The specific pattern is included, or you can leave off your pinwheels to create simple scrubbers to use in the kitchen or bathroom.


Crochet Kitchen Towel Holder Pattern:

Crochet Kitchen Towel Holder Pattern

Do you want to make something special for your kitchen? With this crochet kitchen towel holder pattern, you don’t have to worry about it. It would decorate the kitchen and help you place the towels on the rack without any confusion.


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